Health Hacks An EvidenceBacked Guide to Optimal Living

Practical and credible overview of topics in health, nutrition, and fitness to help you achieve better health
Health Hacks An EvidenceBacked Guide to Optimal Living
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Joy Ismail, PhD


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Health Hacks An EvidenceBacked Guide to Optimal Living

What you’ll learn

Define the components of a healthy diet
Describe different types of diets and the benefits associated with each
Identify unhealthy and fad diets
Describe the importance of the microbiome and how it can be supported
Describe factors that are associated with prevention of chronic diseases
Explain the how, why, and what of regular physical activity

Health Hacks An EvidenceBacked Guide to Optimal Living


No experience or prior knowledge needed! Everyone can comprehend the concepts presented in this course.


We’re bombarded with information about health every day: “Eat this food and you’ll live longer! Do this type of exercise and you’ll lose weight in a week! Vegetarian diets are bad for you!” The bad news is that a lot of information surrounding health and nutrition is made up of myths and falsehoods. I’m a scientist with a background in nutrition, so I created this course to give you the basics and science-backed information that will empower you to distinguish between myths and facts, while clarifying a lot of hot topics in human health and providing you with key insights into lifestyle factors that will help or prevent you from being at your optimal health. This course includes lessons on basic nutrition, the healthiest (and unhealthiest) types of diets, how you can prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes, and why and how to engage in regular physical activity. Importantly, you’ll also learn about the truths behind recent ‘hot’ topics that you may be aware of, like probiotics, plant-based diets, whether gluten-free diets are for everyone, and why low-carbohydrate diets are dangerous. This course is suitable for everyone, so you don’t need to have any background in nutrition or science as I will cover all the basics.


Section 1: Basic Nutrition

Lecture 1 Components of a Healthy Diet 1

Lecture 2 Components of a Healthy Diet 2

Section 2: Different Types of Diets

Lecture 3 Healthiest Diets

Lecture 4 Unhealthy Diets

Lecture 5 Plant-Based Diets

Section 3: Health Optimization

Lecture 6 Disease Prevention

Lecture 7 Exercise

Lecture 8 Gut Health

People who would like to understand the science behind health-promoting factors,People who would like to optimize their health through integrating positive behaviors,People who would like to be able to distinguish between myths and facts about health

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Created by: Joy Ismail, PhD

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