Health Masterclass How To Transform Your Health Life

Master The 3 Surprising Steps That Can Finally Transform Your Health In The Next 30 Days
Health Masterclass How To Transform Your Health Life
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Health Masterclass How To Transform Your Health Life

What you’ll learn

1. By the end of this course, you will be able to make powerful changes to your diet
2. You will bust the 3 biggest myths that hold most people back
3. You will ELIMINATE the “healthy” foods that wreak havoc in your body
4. You will have greater clarity on what to eat every day
5. You will also get access to worksheets and tools to master everything you learn

Health Masterclass How To Transform Your Health Life


1. You Must Be Willing To Challenge Most of What You Think You Know About Health & Nutrition
2. You should be open to trying new methods and techniques – some of which are the opposite of what you’ve learned (and may push you out of your comfort zone)
3. You need to promise yourself you’ll use what you learn. If you have any questions about the course, please contact me before purchasing the course so that I can make sure it’s right for you


In this course, I’ll show you the 3 Steps you can use TODAY to dramatically change your health, and your life.
Because if you’re tired of following traditional advice…And still don’t look how you’d like to look, weigh what you’d like to weigh or feel how you’d like to feel…
I Made This Course For You.

After wondering why my family followed their doctor’s advice but still had to take pills for the rest of their lives, I set out to find the answer.
I read 31 books on health and nutrition and boiled it ALL down into perhaps the most simple, straight to the point system you can use in your life today to transform your health and nutrition.
Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn inside:
1. Why The 3 Things We Believe Most About Health Are Completely Wrong [LECTURE 2]
2.Simple Ways To Add More Life-Giving Foods To Your Diet Today [LECTURE 12]
3. Why Counting Calories Is Not Only Pointless, But May Harmful [LECTURE 4]
4. The ONE Thing You MUST Do If You’re Serious About Transforming Your Health (HINT: It’s the one, and maybe only, thing no one argues about) [LECTURE 13]5. The Food Ingredient That’s Probably Harming Your Health More Than Anything Else (& that NO ONE is talking about!) [LECTURE 8]6. The “Insider Daily Drink” — Drink This Antioxidant-Rich Drink Every Day & Watch As Your Body’s Inflammation Drops and Your Immunity Improves [LECTURE 14]7. Why Most People Are Secretly Eating The Equivalent of BOWLS of Sugar (& what to do about it) [Lecture 9]8. 3 Simple Ways To Multiply The Nutrition of Every Meal [Lecture 15]And much, much more…
You’ll also get access to three cheat sheets to take action on everything we cover today.
To master your health and your nutrition, click the “buy now” button and I’ll see you inside the course.
To your success!
-Brandon Hakim


Section 1: INTRODUCTION: Insider Health

Lecture 1 How This Course Can Transform Your Health (and your life)

Section 2: PART 1: The 3 Monster Health Myths

Lecture 2 Why You Need To UNLEARN What You Know About Health

Lecture 3 Myth #1: The “It’s Their Fault” Myth

Lecture 4 Myth #2: The “I Gotta Count Calories” Myth

Lecture 5 Myth #3: The “I CAN’T Believe That” Myth

Lecture 6 The Simple Secret To Transforming Your Health and Your Life

Section 3: PART 2: Eliminate These “Dead Foods” You’re Probably Eating All The Time

Lecture 7 Avoid Dead Food and Change Your Life

Lecture 8 Dead Food #1: The “Silent Killer” That’s Secretly In EVERYTHING You Eat​

Lecture 9 Dead Food #2: The “Fake Carbs” You’re Probably Without Even Knowing It!

Lecture 10 Dead Food #3: The Food Group No One’s Talking About That Causes A LOT of Harm

Lecture 11 How To Eliminate These “Dead Foods” From Your Life For Good

Section 4: PART 3: Eat “Alive Food” & Transform Your Health

Lecture 12 How To Transform Your Health and Nutrition By Eating Alive Food

Lecture 13 The Insider Daily Bowl

Lecture 14 The Insider Daily Drink

Lecture 15 The 3 Alive Food Multipliers


Lecture 16 What To Do Now

Lecture 17 Download Your Course Cheat Sheet

Lecture 18 BONUS: Want More?

1. This course is for you if you follow the traditional health advice and aren’t happy with the results,2. Ideal for people who are willing to make changes to how they eat,3. You know you’re capable of greater health than what’s considered “normal”

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 6m | 2.63 GB
Created by: Brandon Hakim

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