Heat massage with selfwarming massage shellsLavaShells

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Heat massage with selfwarming massage shellsLavaShells
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Heat massage with selfwarming massage shellsLavaShells

What you’ll learn

Back & Neck Massage
Leg massage
Foot massage
Hand massage
Décolleté massage
Get to know an alternative massage to the Hot Stone Massage
Learn about a heat massage with self-heating shells.
You will learn about the structure of the shell, the crown, the joint, the edge
You learn how to heat the shell with three different activators
You learn how to cool the mussel
You will learn the different massage techniques that can be performed with the shell.
You learn how to clean the shell and remove the material

Heat massage with selfwarming massage shellsLavaShells


Previous massage experience (training in massage, e.g. wellness masseur, masseur, physiotherapist, beautician with massage training).
No previous knowledge of LavaShells massage necessary


The LavaShell massage is a heat massage and the alternative to the hot stone massage. In just two simple steps you achieve the same warming effect as with a hot stone application. You don’t need any equipment or electricity, you only need the shell and the activator.You save time and money and offer your guests an extraordinary heat massage that is gladly booked.The advantages of the LavaShell massage to the hot stone massage are versatile. The shells are ready for use within a few minutes and the annoying pre- and post-processing time as with the Hot Stones is not necessary. The shells are filled with an activator and thus heat up over a period of 60 – 90 minutes. Through the massage, the heat of the shells is transferred to the guest’s body.Guests love this massage because the heat of the shells stays in the body much longer and relaxes and loosens the muscles. Due to the different grips with the shells, the temperature can be controlled very well by the user and the masseur can stay with the guest during the whole massage and does not have to worry about changing the stones, as with the hot stone massage. The unique shell shape provides lateral angles and edges, effectively mimicking techniques such as pressure point, lifting, draining and contouring. The warmth of the shells is soothing to the masseur’s hands. The shell can also protect the therapist from hand strain, as pressure can be applied through the shell rather than the fingers and hands. Masseurs love the LavaShell massage because this tool makes their massage easier and gives them more time with the guest.The LavaShell massage is perfect for use in institutes, spas and medical practices but also mobile masseurs benefit from the ease of use.The advantages for the guest are the improved blood circulation, the soothing warmth of the natural minerals and the full concentration of the masseur on his guest.The shell is ready for use in just a few steps.Open the shellFill in the activatorFill in warm tap waterCarrying out the massageRemoving the activatorUdemy Satisfaction GuaranteeUdemy has a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will get all your money back immediately! We look forward to welcoming you to the first lesson of this course!Birgit from Pacific Spirit


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Advantages compared to conventional hot stone massage

Lecture 2 Structure of the shell

Lecture 3 Types of activators for heating the mussel

Lecture 4 Activation of the mussel

Lecture 5 Cooling & heat management of the mussel

Section 2: Massage in prone position

Lecture 6 Back massage, shoulder and neck

Lecture 7 Leg Massage

Lecture 8 Foot Massage

Section 3: Massage in supine position

Lecture 9 Leg Massage

Lecture 10 Arm Massage

Lecture 11 Hand Massage

Lecture 12 Décolleté & neck massage

Lecture 13 Face Massage

Section 4: Cleaning the mussels

Lecture 14 Cleaning the shell

Self-employed wellness masseurs, physiotherapists, masseurs and beauticians, Thai massage therapists, Lomi Lomi users,Employed masseurs in spas, thermal baths, institutes, massage parlours and physiotherapy practices

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