Hello React React Training for JavaScript Beginners

The Simplest Way to Learn React for Beginners – Line by Line with No Steps Skipped
Hello React React Training for JavaScript Beginners
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Hello React React Training for JavaScript Beginners

What you’ll learn

Know the fundamentals of ReactJS
Unidirectional Dataflow in React
ES6 Classes
Functional Components
Ajax Requests
Lifecycle Methods

Hello React React Training for JavaScript Beginners


Atom text editor or another of your choice
At least six months using HTML/CSS/JavaScript


Welcome to Hello React. This is aimed towards those who are new to JavaScript development and while you may not have mastered JavaScript you want to learn more about using the React library. React has a steep learning curve for new developers. If you have found yourself quickly overwhelmed by the React Docs or other React tutorials then this is the course for you. This isn’t the only React course you should take but it should be your first.If you are an experienced developer. This course is too easy for you. Please don’t take it. This course is for people who are new to programming. This isn’t for experienced coders changing from one coding language to another or for experienced JavaScript developers looking to pick up a new framework.
Here is what I will provide for you:A React course you can actually finish. A React course you can actually understand. A React course that moves step by step with no steps skipped.Reviews. Lot’s of reviews.Challenges. Lot’s of challenges.Mini-projects. Lot’s of mini-projects.This course assumes a light knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, if you have been using any of those technologies for at least a couple months you will be in good shape for this course.To steal the words from Zoolander. This is a React course for “those who don’t code good.”Here is why this course stands out:
This will be the slowest moving React course you will find.This will focus on the basic fundamentals that could be of great help in future React courses you might take or understanding the React Docs.This is not a “zero to hero” course. Those don’t really work. This is a “zero to 20mph” kind of course.I will take for granted as little as possible in teaching sections and reinforcing what we have learned.This isn’t a code along course alone. Through lots of challenges and repetition you will be able to take everything we learn and build with it. You won’t wide up with an elaborate project for your portfolio that you don’t understand.I will filter through and synthesize large and complex React concepts and break them down to a practical beginner level.We will build slow, but you will understand what we are doing.We aren’t going to build one big app but many smaller applications where you learn key concepts.Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. We will repeat things a lot.My first attempt to learn React was when I had been coding for just about six months. I bought several books and paid for several online subscriptions but those resources quickly reached a level that I found myself just typing in the code I was seeing without any comprehension in regards to what was going on or how I could replicate this myself.Even the docs went over my head and so did many of the use cases. I spent hours and hours trying to sort through material that would allow me to get a hold of concepts at my level. I couldn’t, so I gave up.I want to spare you the hours and hours of research you might invest only to hit constant dead ends and have material presented to you with too much assumed knowledge.That’s why I created this course for you!
It’s time to say “Hello World” in React!


Section 1: React Environment

Lecture 1 Getting Started From Scratch

Lecture 2 Course Code

Lecture 3 Challenge – Using JSX

Lecture 4 Code Refactor

Lecture 5 Get Out of Tutorial Hell

Lecture 6 Rendering One Element

Lecture 7 Outputting Multiple Elements

Lecture 8 Babel and React

Lecture 9 How to Land Your First Developer Job

Section 2: Components in React

Lecture 10 Creating Stateless Functional Components

Lecture 11 Stateless Functional Components Practice

Lecture 12 Creating Class Components

Lecture 13 Class Components Practice

Lecture 14 Dealing with Time Management and Impostor Syndrome

Section 3: Styling in React

Lecture 15 Styling Stateless Functional Components

Lecture 16 Styling within Component

Lecture 17 Styling Class Components

Section 4: Capstone Project – FriendLy

Lecture 18 Building Your First Complex Component

Lecture 19 Setting Up the Project

Lecture 20 Building Our Components

Lecture 21 Styling Our Components Part One

Lecture 22 Styling Our Components Part Two

Section 5: JavaScript Review – Objects

Lecture 23 Object Literal Notation

Lecture 24 Object Literal Notation Lab

Lecture 25 Accessing Values with Dot and Bracket Notation

Lecture 26 Accessing Values with Dot and Bracket Notation Lab

Section 6: Section 5: Props

Lecture 27 Props part 1 – Stateless Functional Component

Lecture 28 Props part 2 – Class Components

Lecture 29 Props part 3 – Color Spectrum Refactor

Lecture 30 Codepen Challenges

Lecture 31 Codepen challenge 1

Lecture 32 Codepen challenge 2

Lecture 33 Codepen challenge 3

Lecture 34 Codepen challenge 4

Lecture 35 Codepen challenge 5

Lecture 36 Capstone Project – Image Links

Lecture 37 Props Project

Section 7: Functional Programming

Lecture 38 Functional Programming – Filter

Lecture 39 Filter Lab

Lecture 40 Map

Lecture 41 Map Lab

Section 8: Iterating Through Lists

Lecture 42 Iterating Through Lists

Lecture 43 Iterating Through Lists part 2

Lecture 44 Filter and Map Method on an Array

Lecture 45 Rendering Two Filtered and Transformed Lists to the DOM

Lecture 46 Codepen challenge 1

Lecture 47 Codepen challenge 2

Lecture 48 Color Spectrum Refactor

Section 9: Capstone Project One – Refactor

Lecture 49 FriendLy App Refactor with Map Method

Lecture 50 FriendLy – Filter and Map Two Lists to the DOM

Section 10: Bonus

Lecture 51 Further React Learning

Section 11: React Events

Lecture 52 Useless Note Taker – Intro to React Events

Lecture 53 Events Part 2

Section 12: This & Bind

Lecture 54 This & Bind Lecture

Lecture 55 This & Bind Lab

Section 13: State

Lecture 56 Guess My Age – Intro to React State

Lecture 57 Meal Voter

Lecture 58 React Forms

Section 14: Ajax Requests and Lifecycle Methods

Lecture 59 Ajax Requests and the Fetch API

Section 15: BONUS

Lecture 60 Bonus Content

New developers,Those who are newer to development trying to overcome the steep learning curve of React

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 3m | 2.47 GB
Created by: Rob Merrill

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