High Ticket Coaching

It’s About Time For You To Learn High Ticket Coaching!
High Ticket Coaching
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High Ticket Coaching

What you’ll learn

Understand What It means to be a High Ticket Coach creating a high ticket program.
Develop a High Ticket Mindset and The skills needed to be a High Ticket Coach.
Choose a Niche Capable of supporting a High Ticket Program.
Set up your High Ticket program and attract the customers that are qualified for the program.

High Ticket Coaching


Willingness to take instruction and implement as directed.
Ability to confront personal fears.
Ethical business mindset providing real value to customers is mandatory.


The course I have produced is designed to bring a completely new student to high ticket coaching from zero knowledge and experience to being able to understand, develop and create a high ticket coaching program. To be successful you will neeed to understand, High ticket coaching can be a very lucrative service for you to offer clients that are willing to pay high prices for life transformation. In order to be a successful high-ticket coach you need to develop the right mindset and build the right skills.By using the techniques in this training, you can setup and launch your own successful high ticket coaching program. You will learn how to choose a profitable niche for your coaching program and how to set everything up properly so that you provide yourself with the maximum chance of success.We have worked hard to provide you with everything that you need to know to become a successful high-ticket coach. You will learn proven techniques to get the best results with high ticket coaching. You will learn about the mistakes you need to avoid so that you can provide your coaching services with total confidence and realize the biggest profits.At the end of the day to be successful you will need to accomplish three improtant factors with your coaching program which will be covered in greater detail as we proceed. They are You need to go the extra mile for your clients, Your branding needs to have product market match for high ticket coaching, and most importantly Provide a specific outcome or solution with your coaching program and deliver on the promise .


Section 1: High Ticket Coaching Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: High Ticket Coaching Explained

Lecture 2 Special report 20 profitable high ticket coaching niches

Lecture 3 Lesson 1: What is a High Ticket Coaching Program?

Lecture 4 Lesson 2: The Most Common Misconceptions about High Ticket Coaching

Section 3: Creating Your High Ticket Coaching Program

Lecture 5 Lesson 3: Developing A High Ticker Mindset

Lecture 6 Leeson 4: Developing The Skills You Need To Be A Successful High Ticket Coach

Lecture 7 Lesson 5: The Imposter Syndrome and What You Can Do To Overcome It.

Lecture 8 Lesson 6: How To Choose Your High Ticket Niche

Section 4: Setting Up Your High Ticket Coaching Program

Lecture 9 Lesson 7: Setting Up Your High Ticket Coaching Program

Lecture 10 Lesson 8: How to Attract Clients to Your High Ticket Coaching Program

Lecture 11 Lesson 9: High Ticket Coaching Best Practices

Section 5: High Ticket Coaching Conclusion

Lecture 12 Conclusion

Section 6: Additional; Resources

Lecture 13 Attracting High Ticket Clients

Lecture 14 Developing a High Ticket Coaching Mindset

Anyone looking to build a high ticket coaching program with a price point of $5000 plus.,Individuals with strong work ethic.,Anyone with a skill or ability that provides great value to a customer and the ability to teach it someone else.

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Created by: Peyton Eckman

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