Homebyme the complete course

Interior design create 2D plans and 3D renders with Homebyme
Homebyme the complete course
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Nicolas Forgue


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Homebyme the complete course

What you’ll learn

Master dashboard
Manage designs
Master navigation
Edit parameters
Work with 2D and 3D views
Use plan
Create walls
Create rooms
Create room separation
Add doors
Add windows
Add decorations
Edit floor materials
Edit wall materials
Create furnitures
Add presentation elements
Create renders
Export views
Create room design
Create house design
Create garden design

Homebyme the complete course


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HomebymeHomebyme is a software that allows you to create a 2D plan and obtain a 3D rendering in real time. This software is specialized for interior design, but it is also possible to expand on exterior design with features. The software allows to optimize all interior designs thanks to the click and drop system with preset sizes. Indeed, it is ergonomic to add doors, windows, or even furniture thanks to its vast library. Homebyme offers a very advanced library of furnitures, decorations or appliances. The change to the 3D view is very powerful with a real time view of the plan rendering. Thus, we can move around the rooms to see its layout. There is also a feature to create furnitures. Then, it is possible to export the views. Homebyme is free for all features. On the other hand, to be able to export renderings in high quality, it will be necessary to have the pro version or to buy credits. Who is the software for?- Individuals who want to create a rendering of their future apartment, house or simply design a room.- Entrepreneurs who want to work for interior design. This ergonomic tool makes it possible to make presentations and renderings for clients, both in 2D and 3D views.- Real estate agencies who want an ergonomic tool to give ideas to clients and create renderings of projects.Training courseIn this training you will learn how to use the Homebyme online tool. Step by step, you will be able to create your room, house or apartment designs efficiently . Use of the dashboard, navigation management, mastery of the various tools to be able to create walls and rooms. You will see how to perfectly add doors and windows, choose and position furnitures. You will also see how to work with materials. You will learn how to extend the design to a terrace and garden layout. Manage camera and export views. A complete project with the creation of a house will allow to apply all the features seen in the course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Start with Homebyme

Lecture 2 Start with software

Lecture 3 Manage projects

Lecture 4 Create project

Lecture 5 Start with dashboard

Lecture 6 Master navigation

Section 3: Create the structure

Lecture 7 Add wall

Lecture 8 Add room

Lecture 9 Add room separation

Lecture 10 Add exterior

Section 4: Add doors and windows

Lecture 11 Add doors

Lecture 12 Add windows

Section 5: Add furnitures

Lecture 13 Add furnitures part 1

Lecture 14 Add furnitures part 2

Lecture 15 Add decorations part 1

Lecture 16 Add decorations part 2

Lecture 17 Create collections

Lecture 18 Brand corner

Lecture 19 Community content

Section 6: Create furnitures

Lecture 20 Create furnitures part 1

Lecture 21 Create furnitures part 2

Section 7: Edit materials

Lecture 22 Edit materials part 1

Lecture 23 Edit materials part 2

Section 8: Add floors

Lecture 24 Add floors

Lecture 25 Add stairs

Section 9: Create exterior

Lecture 26 Create garden part 1

Lecture 27 Create garden part 2

Section 10: Create renders

Lecture 28 Create screenshots

Lecture 29 Create realistic images

Lecture 30 Create animations

Section 11: Add annotations

Lecture 31 Add annotations

Section 12: Add measures

Lecture 32 Add measures

Section 13: Project

Lecture 33 Project create walls

Lecture 34 Project add doors

Lecture 35 Project add windows

Lecture 36 Project add furnitures living room

Lecture 37 Project add furnitures first room

Lecture 38 Project add furnitures second room

Lecture 39 Project add furnitures bathroom

Lecture 40 Project add decorations

Lecture 41 Project add appliances

Lecture 42 Project edit materials floor

Lecture 43 Project edit materials walls

Lecture 44 Project render interior

Lecture 45 Project create garden

Lecture 46 Project create terrace

Lecture 47 Project add trees

Lecture 48 Project render exterior

Lecture 49 Project edit informations

Individuals who want to create their house or room design,Designers who want ergonomic tool to create projects and create presentations,People who want efficient tool for interior design,Real estate agencies

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Udemy | English | 6h 6m | 4.52 GB
Created by: Nicolas Forgue

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