Homemade Meals For Beginners Weekly Meal Plans in No Time

Save time, your health and the environment in your kitchen!
Homemade Meals For Beginners Weekly Meal Plans in No Time
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Homemade Meals For Beginners Weekly Meal Plans in No Time

What you’ll learn

The benefits of cooking at home
How to make smarter shopping choices when it comes to health and the environment
How to save time in the kitchen
How to create weekly meal plans

Homemade Meals For Beginners Weekly Meal Plans in No Time


Having some cooking experience could be useful but even if you’ve never cooked before, all the basics are covered!


In today’s world of 9-5 jobs and delivery food it’s harder and harder to find time for the kitchen. This course is for those who want to eat more home cooked meals but can’t find the time to do so. There are many benefits to cooking at home but this course will focus on nutrition and environment so students can learn how to make smarter shopping choices in order to combine the benefits of cooking at home, while picking up some beginner cooking skills along the way. The course will go through how to identify which foods you want to eat more of, how to make sure they’re sustainable and how to incorporate them into your own recipes. Although it’s not one of the courses priorities, some time will be spent on cooking skills so that you can make meals that aren’t only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also tasty. At the end of the course, the student should be able to start creating their own weekly meal plans that fit their schedule and needs. There will also be a series of recipes as templates for you to get some inspiration and begin your own journey of cooking at home!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Health

Lecture 3 Environment

Lecture 4 Cook Quick

Lecture 5 Cooking Skills

Section 2: Recipes and Additional Material

Lecture 6 Recipes Commentary

Lecture 7 Summary and First Steps

Lecture 8 Additional Material

Lecture 9 Recipes PDF

Anyone who wants to eat healthier home cooked meals but doesn’t have a lot of time

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