How to Backpack Europe on a Budget

Your step by step guide on How to Backpack Europe on a Budget
How to Backpack Europe on a Budget
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How to Backpack Europe on a Budget

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How to Backpack Europe on a Budget

How to Backpack Europe on a Budget




Have you dreamed about backpacking through Europe but feel like you don’t have the money? In this course, you will learn tips and trick about how to backpack in Europe without breaking the bank. From hostels to restaurants to packing your bag, there are ways to save money and experience all the wonders of a continent that has a deep and rich history. Don’t put off your dream. Make it a reality by doing some research and being responsible with your money. The experiences and memories will make all the prep-work worth it. If you want to go to Europe, this book will help you plan and budget your way through the trip of a lifetime!About the ExpertKacey Andreacola graduated from the University of Arizona with an English degree after getting married the previous weekend. She and her husband then spent 4 months backpacking Europe as the first step in fulfilling their dream of adventure. They loosely planned out their trip but made plenty of adjustments as they learned along the way.Kacey and her husband moved from Tucson, AZ to Seattle, WA where she now writes, edits and works at a non-profit that ships medical supplies overseas. She loves reading, blogging, drinking coffee, planning new adventures and enjoying the natural beauty all around her.


Section 1: How to Backpack Europe on a Budget

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Part 1 – Introduction

Lecture 3 Part 2 – Set Your Budge

Lecture 4 Part 3 – Packing

Lecture 5 Part 4 – Traveling to Europe

Lecture 6 Part 5 – Travelling in Europe

Lecture 7 Part 6 – Lodging in Europe

Lecture 8 Part 7 – Sightseeing

Lecture 9 Part 8 – Eating

Lecture 10 Part 9 – Extra spending

Lecture 11 Part 10 – Conclusion


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