How to Be Assertive and Likable

Learn How to Challenge, Assert, and Lead with Empathy
How to Be Assertive and Likable
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How to Be Assertive and Likable

What you’ll learn

Identify the typical patterns that sabotage assertive and likable communications and develop tactics for moving around them
Master assertiveness skills like setting boundaries, interrupting, giving and receiving feedback and saying no with confidence
Learn key skills for communicating with greater likability and warmth, like listening deeply, asking curious questions, leading with empathy and vulnerability
Determine the difference between being assertive and being aggressive, as well as learn how to listen while being assertive and stand your ground no matter what

How to Be Assertive and Likable


A desire to improve your leadership skills with quick, actionable tips; experience working in a team environment and managing others a plus


In our world today, coming across as assertive and likable can often feel like an impossible paradox.Maybe you often avoid conflict, finding yourself looking for solid tools to navigate tricky conversations. Maybe you struggle to set boundaries, say no, have courageous conversations and stand up for yourself with confidence. Or maybe you people experience you as aggressive, self-interested or bullying as you are failing to put the relationship at the center of your interactions.Whatever your challenge, this user-friendly, engaging course will help you refine the skills you need to be an effective communicator in your life.This course will help you to become more assertive while continuing to be likable in the face of personal and professional challenges with confidence and ease.Welcome to How to be Assertive and Likable! In this course, I’ll provide lectures to help you drill in on the dimension you need to develop – fast, so that you can immediately apply it to your work or life. The videos in this course are standalone. That means you don’t have to watch in any particular order, though they build off each other over time. Each lecture is short and focused, so if you’re searching for a specific skill or topic that’s relevant for you, take a look through the tips to find the knowledge you need when you need it.I created this practical Udemy course for you—filled with my unique insights from coaching leaders at Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and government agencies around the world for over 10 years. This course is packed with the most practical, real world training that has been requested by my clients again and again, and it’s built specifically to demystify assertiveness and get you acting with more confidence and intentionality today.This course is built specifically for any professional in any industry at any level who wants to get targeted, quick, practical help to respond with assertiveness and likability in a variety of situations.Oh and did I mention that we laugh a lot in this course? Failure requires a sense of humor, and if we’re not having fun while we’re practicing, it’s not working.In this course, we will cover:Setting boundaries to overcoming old patterns of self-sabotage that get in the way of assertivenessAsking for what you want and deliver clear nosGetting more honest by practicing the skill of telling on yourselfDelivering hard feedback early and often – with confidenceHow to interrupt skillfully to build more inclusivityIncorporating vulnerability into your communicationsBuilding trust by putting the relationship at the center and saying the hard thingEmpathy 101Delivering acknowledgment and appreciationEach section deepens your ability to train in being likable and assertive in a variety of situations.In the first section, we’ll tackle the question of how to be more assertive: Key behaviors that will help you set clear boundaries, ask for what you want and deliver hard news -fast- in a variety of situations. The second section will help you cultivate likability by working on skills of empathy, curiosity, vulnerability and acknowledgement to come across as warm and likable with your audience. And finally, we’ll look at bringing these skills together and applying them with groups as well as the dangers of going too far in either direction.All of these skills help you navigate tricky situations to assert yourself and come across as likable – all with energy and confidence.So what are you waiting for? Jump in today to see how even one of these lectures can change your life, giving you a competitive edge to help you advance in your job and personal life. I’m thrilled to help guide you as you expand your skills and become more likable and assertive today.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Diagnostic: How assertive and likable are you?

Section 2: How to Be More Assertive

Lecture 3 Overview: What is Assertiveness?

Lecture 4 How to Set and Uphold Boundaries

Lecture 5 How to Confidently Deliver a No (and Hold to It)

Lecture 6 How to Get More Honest

Lecture 7 How to Deliver Hard Feedback – Quickly

Lecture 8 How to Interrupt Skillfully

Lecture 9 Navigating Inclusivity and Assertiveness: Putting the Relationship at the Center

Section 3: How to Be More Likable

Lecture 10 Overview: What is Likability?

Lecture 11 How to Be More Empathetic

Lecture 12 How to Incorporate Vulnerability in Your Communications

Lecture 13 How to Lean into Curiosity to be More Likable

Lecture 14 How to Acknowledge Others

Lecture 15 Navigating Likeability and Trustworthiness: Saying the Hard Thing

Section 4: Practicing Assertiveness and Likability Together

Lecture 16 Overview: How to Practice Assertiveness and Likability Together

Lecture 17 I’m a Pushover: The Dangers of Too Much Likability

Lecture 18 I’m a Bully: The Dangers of Too Much Assertiveness

Lecture 19 Navigating Group Dynamics

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 20 Conclusion

Individuals at various levels searching for quick tools to help them get better at resolving conflict,Individuals who struggle to set boundaries, say no, have courageous conversations and stand up for themselves with confidence,Career professionals who are longing to be more effective at navigating tricky conversations with the right level of empathy,People in any industry who are ready to overcome the barriers to communicating assertively and nicely — no matter what,This course is NOT a crash course in conflict management or a deep dive into negotiation tactics. Students looking for an immersion in conflict tactics should look to other courses.

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