How To Become A Shopify Expert From Zero To Hero

In 2023, secure your financial future, and become a Shopify expert (the most in demand ecommerce platform on the planet)
How To Become A Shopify Expert From Zero To Hero
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How To Become A Shopify Expert From Zero To Hero

What you’ll learn

At the end of this course you will have an in-depth knowledge of Shopify, one of the most in-demand software solutions on the planet.
This knowledge will allow you to build a financially secure future for yourself.
The course will give you the skills to become a Shopify consultant, developer or even to create your own ecommerce business.
You will learn recession proof skills that will last a lifetime

How To Become A Shopify Expert From Zero To Hero


No prior knowledge of Shopify is necessary.
No prior technical skills are necessary – If you can use a browser you can do this course.
A willingness to learn and a desire to build a financially secure future.
As part of the course you will build and host a website using Shopify.


Learn how to become a Shopify expert and make over $100/hour!Welcome to ‘How To Become a Shopify Expert (From Zero To Hero)’ – last update OCTOBER 2023!, the best-selling course that teaches you how to become a Shopify Expert in no time at all from scratch! You don’t need any prior knowledge of Shopify or any technical skills – if you can use a web browser, you are good to go!Make no mistake, Shopify skills are in super-hot demand, and by the time you’ve finished this course you will have a very valuable skill set which could allow you to make over 100USD/hour!My name is Tim Sharp and I’ve been a successful online entrepreneur since 2004 and I’m one of the most successful ecommerce lecturers here on Udemy. Over the years, I’ve built successful businesses in eCommerce, Shopify, Affiliate Marketing and Web and Database Development.  I have extensive knowledge of the complete business cycle and a wealth of real world experience. But the best part is I’ve been able to live the Internet lifestyle, making great money working from anywhere and having the flexibility to do what I want when I want. And that’s what I’m going to teach you !At the end of this course you will have an in-depth knowledge of Shopify.  This knowledge could help you supplement your existing income or transform your life by giving you the opportunity to become a Shopify consultant or developer OR build your very own online business that could even allow you to escape the 9 to 5 altogether.   It’s entirely up to you, your commitment, your determination !So what are you waiting for, let’s get started right now on building YOU a financially secure future!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Why This Course Has The Potential To Change Your Life!

Lecture 2 Essential #1 (Part 1) – Setting Up Your FREE Shopify Account

Lecture 3 Essential #1 (Part 2) – Setting Up Your FREE Shopify Account

Lecture 4 Essential #2 – How This Course WILL Make You Money

Section 2: Let’s Start Building!

Lecture 5 The Admin Sytem

Lecture 6 Themes – An Overview

Lecture 7 Getting Started With The Dawn Theme

Lecture 8 Your Logo

Lecture 9 Adding A Hero Image

Lecture 10 Contact Me

Lecture 11 Preferences

Lecture 12 Your Expertise!

Lecture 13 Navigation

Lecture 14 You Are Not Alone

Lecture 15 Next Steps

Section 3: Time To Start Building A Real Business!

Lecture 16 A Giant Leap Forward

Lecture 17 Removing The Password Protection

Lecture 18 Choosing A Domain Name – The 2 Options

Lecture 19 Registering A Domain Name With An External Host (Part 1)

Lecture 20 Registering A Domain Name With An External Host (Part 2)

Lecture 21 Connecting Your Domain To Shopify

Lecture 22 Setting Up Your Email

Section 4: Ecommerce – Building Your Store

Lecture 23 Locations

Lecture 24 Adding A Simple Product

Lecture 25 Adding A Variable Product

Lecture 26 The Theme Editor Product Page

Lecture 27 Gift Cards

Lecture 28 Collections

Lecture 29 A Featured Collection

Lecture 30 Importing, Inventory & Transfers

Lecture 31 A Couple More Policies

Section 5: Ecommerce – Time To Checkout!

Lecture 32 What Shopify Gives Us For Free

Lecture 33 Payment Providers

Lecture 34 Shipping & Delivery

Lecture 35 Taxes and Duties

Lecture 36 Markets

Lecture 37 Brand

Lecture 38 Customizing The Cart & Checkout

Lecture 39 Notifications

Lecture 40 The Customer Purchase Procedure

Lecture 41 Orders and Customers

Lecture 42 Taking A Phone Order

Lecture 43 Abandoned Checkouts

Lecture 44 Analytics & Marketing

Lecture 45 Discounts

Section 6: Apps

Lecture 46 Section Intro

Lecture 47 Marketing App 1

Lecture 48 Marketing App 2

Lecture 49 Marketing App 3

Lecture 50 Sales App 1

Lecture 51 Sales App 2

Lecture 52 Sales App 3

Lecture 53 Operations App 1

Lecture 54 Operations App 2

Section 7: Where To Now – The Sky’s The Limit!

Lecture 55 Updating Your Expertise Pages

Lecture 56 A Look At The Huge Opportunities You Now Have

Lecture 57 A List Of Fantastic Resources!

Lecture 58 Final Thoughts And Thank You!

Section 8: Bonus Section

Lecture 59 BONUS LECTURE – Don’t miss out!

Complete beginners who have a willingness to learn and a desire to build a financially secure future.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 6m | 1.26 GB
Created by: Tim Sharp

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