How To Become The Best Teacher You Can Be

7 Steps to Becoming the Best Teacher You Can Be, Connect with Students, and Make a Positive Impact in Their Lives!
How To Become The Best Teacher You Can Be
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How To Become The Best Teacher You Can Be

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How To Become The Best Teacher You Can Be

How To Become The Best Teacher You Can Be




When we look back, we always remember those few amazing teachers that have made a positive impact in our lives. The term “favorite teacher” doesn’t mean you are always the popular teacher, but the teacher that the kids respect and remember for the positive impact that the teacher had on them.This book is written by a teacher who has impacted the lives of her students and has been termed the “favorite teacher” by many of her students. In this guide, you will learn how to become the best teacher you can be, impact the lives of students, and experience great fulfillment in your career of teaching.This book provides expert opinions, tips, and personal experiences on how to become a favorite teacher, including:What it means to really get to know your students by memorizing their names early on, showing an interest in what they do outside of school, and simply paying attentionHow to remind your students that you are a person – just like them! – who has real-world experience and a life beyond the classroomBeing in the right mindset to not only laugh with your students, but to be available when they need you and to be a model of politeness and kindnessWhat it means to keep in mind that you are teaching children who need role models willing to show them how to be a decent peopleCreating a democratic community of learners in which you are fair, consistent, and firm in your interactions with studentsHow to create lessons, assignments, and activities that are authentic and interest-based and which reflect the ways in which people actually function in the real worldAnd why it’s important to allow yourself time to engage in professional development and personal leave timeAbout the expert:Rachel Sawyer teaches middle-school language arts in the Pacific Northwest. She took a nontraditional route to teaching, first earning undergraduate degrees in English Literature and Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno before earning her BS in Secondary Education from Bowling Green State University.


Section 1: How To Become The Best Teacher You Can Be

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Part 1 – Get To Know Your Students

Lecture 3 Part 2 – Allow Your Students To Know You

Lecture 4 Part 3 – Attitude Is Key

Lecture 5 Part 4 – They’re Just Kids

Lecture 6 Part 5 – Be Democratic

Lecture 7 Part 6 – Lessons, Assignments And Activities

Lecture 8 Part 7 – It’s Okay To Take a Personal/Professional Day

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