How to Budget and Forecast for Your Business

by Tim Berry, Business Planning Expert
How to Budget and Forecast for Your Business
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How to Budget and Forecast for Your Business

What you’ll learn

The difference between startup and ongoing expenses
How expenses vs. assets are treated for tax purposes
How to create a sales forecast for your business
How to create an expense budget for your business
The important difference between profits and cash
How your legal setup can affect your taxes
Types of business expenses to deduct from your taxes
Online resources for tax questions

How to Budget and Forecast for Your Business




Section 1: Welcome Orientation

Lecture 1 Introducing Tim Berry

Lecture 2 Course Objectives

Section 2: Basic Financials – Overview and Startup Plan

Lecture 3 Objectives

Lecture 4 Basic Financials, Part 1

Lecture 5 Basic Financials, Part 2

Lecture 6 Basic Financials, Part 3

Lecture 7 Starting Costs, Part 1

Lecture 8 Starting Costs, Part 2

Lecture 9 Starting Costs, Part 3

Lecture 10 Starting Costs, Part 4

Lecture 11 Starting Costs, Part 5

Lecture 12 LESSON Starting Costs

Section 3: Basic Financials – Forecast Sales & Expenses

Lecture 13 Objectives: Sales & Expenses

Lecture 14 Forecasting Sales, Part 1

Lecture 15 Forecasting Sales, Part 2

Lecture 16 LESSON: Sales Forecast

Lecture 17 Expense Budget and Payroll, Part 1

Lecture 18 Expense Budget and Payroll, Part 2

Lecture 19 Expense Budget and Payroll, Part 3

Lecture 20 LESSON: Personnel Plan and Profit & Loss

Section 4: Cash and Taxes

Lecture 21 Objectives – Forecasting Your Cash Flow

Lecture 22 Cash and Taxes, part 1

Lecture 23 Cash and Taxes, Part 2

Section 5: Next Steps

Lecture 24 Next Steps

Section 6: Optional Downloads

Lecture 25 Business Plan Financials

Lecture 26 Minimum Business Plan Outline

Lecture 27 Business Plan Pro Template

Lecture 28 Slide Notes Basic Financials

Lecture 29 Slide Notes Starting Costs

Lecture 30 Slide Notes Forcasting Sales

Lecture 31 Slide Notes Expense Budget & Payroll

Lecture 32 Slide Notes Forecasting Cash Flow

Lecture 33 Glossary of Terms

Starting your own business,Running or growing an existing business,Managing the accounts for a business,Writing a business plan,Having difficulty with the financials of your business plan,Forecasting sales for your business

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