How to build a fully Gamified Moodle Course

Use exsiting Moodle content and create an online gamified course for your students!
How to build a fully Gamified Moodle Course
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How to build a fully Gamified Moodle Course

What you’ll learn

How to build a fully gamified Moodle course
How to download and build a Moodle server on their home PC
How to configure and use Moodle Quizzes, Gradebook and User Reports in a Gamified context
How to create, edit and set criteria for Site and Course Badges
How to add a quizventure plugin to Moodle and how to configure it
How to use completion progress block and how to configure it
How to integrate H5P into your gamifed course
How to integrate H5P games into your gamifed course
How to install, configure and use the Stash Plugin

How to build a fully Gamified Moodle Course


A basic understanding of Moodle
You should be able to use a PC at a beginner level
You should be able to use the Internet and Web Browsers at a beginner level


This course has been specifically designed to show learners how to create a fully gamified course called Planet Learn, using existing Moodle content!I’m going to begin the course by showing learners how to create their own Moodle instance on their own computer. This will be used throughout the course so that you can test and try all of the things I teach you.I will explain what gamification is, the concept of the course and how to effectively plan and map Moodle courses.The tools required section looks at installing all the Moodle Plugins you will require for the Planet Learn game, including the Stash Plugin, the Stash Availability Plugin, the Course Completion Plugin, the Quizventure Plugin and the Sharing Cart.Next, I will show learners how to create a new course in Moodle, how to add animations and graphics and configure course topics to convert them to levels of the Planet Learn Game.Then the fun begins, with the three sections which look at creating the Planet Learn game itself.The Farm Introduction section is first, and in this section I will show learners how to configure the Moodle topic with content, activity completion, restrict access criteria, Stash items, Stash trade items, animations and graphics, badges and even show learners how to test the game so far.The next two topics, the Ice Planet and the Fire Planet are setup in a similar way, showing learners all the tips and tricks they require to setup and configure the Planet Learn game and associated levels.The Final Thoughts section completes the course, where we shall look into extra levels, accessibility, uploading your own content, alternative level configurations and course completion.So, if you want to inspire your students and revolutionise their online learning, why not sign up today?


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Weclome and Introduction to the Course

Lecture 2 What is Gamification?

Lecture 3 Concept of the course

Lecture 4 Planning and Mapping

Section 2: Tools Required (Optional)

Lecture 5 Introduction to Tools Required

Lecture 6 Installing Moodle on your own PC

Lecture 7 Installing Moodle on your own computer – 2023

Lecture 8 Installing the Stash Plugin

Lecture 9 Installing the Stash Availability Plugin

Lecture 10 Installing the Shortcode Filter Plugin

Lecture 11 Installing the Quizventure Plugin

Lecture 12 Installing the Course Completion Block

Lecture 13 Installing the Sharing Cart Plugin

Section 3: Initial Course Configuration

Lecture 14 Introduction to Initial Course Configuration

Lecture 15 Creating Planet Learn Course

Lecture 16 Adding Stash Block, Course Completion Block and Course Banner

Lecture 17 Adding an Introduction Video and Topic Renaming

Lecture 18 Adding Game Instructions

Section 4: The Introduction Section (The Farm)

Lecture 19 Introduction to the The Farm Section

Lecture 20 Section Map

Lecture 21 Importing Content

Lecture 22 Animations and Graphics

Lecture 23 Setting up the Stash

Lecture 24 Stash Items – Locations

Lecture 25 Stashing Items

Lecture 26 Initial Quiz, Gradebook and User Report Configuration

Lecture 27 Activity Completion

Lecture 28 Restrict Access

Lecture 29 Stash Trades – Farmers Market and Rocket Factory

Lecture 30 The Launch Section

Lecture 31 Section Badges

Lecture 32 Student View of Course + Section Testing

Lecture 33 Final Edits, Tweaks and Additions

Section 5: Level 1 – The Ice Planet

Lecture 34 Introducton to the Ice Planet

Lecture 35 Section Map

Lecture 36 Adding Content

Lecture 37 Animations and Graphics

Lecture 38 Setting up the Stash

Lecture 39 Stash Items – Locations

Lecture 40 Quiz and Gradebook Configuration

Lecture 41 Activity Completion

Lecture 42 Restrict Access

Lecture 43 Stash Trades

Lecture 44 The Launch Section

Lecture 45 Section Badges

Lecture 46 Student View of Course + Review

Section 6: Level 2 – The Fire Planet

Lecture 47 Introduction to the Fire Planet

Lecture 48 Section Map

Lecture 49 Adding Content

Lecture 50 Animations and Graphics

Lecture 51 Setting up the Stash

Lecture 52 Stash Locations and Adding Items

Lecture 53 Quiz, Quizventure and Gradebook Configuration

Lecture 54 Activity Completion

Lecture 55 Restrict Access

Lecture 56 Stash Trades

Lecture 57 The Return to Earth Section

Lecture 58 Badges

Lecture 59 Section Testing

Section 7: Final Thoughts

Lecture 60 Introduction to the Final Thoughts Section

Lecture 61 Course Completion

Lecture 62 Using your Content, Alternative Configurations

Lecture 63 Extra Levels

Lecture 64 Accessibility

Lecture 65 Resources, Images and Videos – Attribution

Lecture 66 Thank you and Goodbye

Administrators, Managers, Course Creators seeking to enhance Moodle courses,Teachers looking to enhance their exsisting Moodle courses,Professionals interested in enhancing Moodle online courses for Staff Training and Professional Development,Professionals that use Moodle on a day to day basis and want to enhance Moodle for their students!,Anyone interested in Learning Technology and how it can be used to enhance student learning

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Created by: Ben Audsley

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