How to Build Confidence and a Positive Mindset for Success

Be kind to yourself, so you can accomplish your goals!
How to Build Confidence and a Positive Mindset for Success
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Ayana Labossiere Burks


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How to Build Confidence and a Positive Mindset for Success

What you’ll learn

Understand how our minds and thoughts work, and how our thoughts impact our happiness
Understand how being mean to yourself sabotages your professional and personal success
Learn how to overcome your negativity and self-doubt so you can take steps towards your dreams
Learn how to grow your confidence, by being kinder and more forgiving to yourself
Learn tools and techniques to change your mindset, so you can be resilient in the face of challenges!
Learn how to feel happier with yourself and your life

How to Build Confidence and a Positive Mindset for Success


No requirements or prerequisites!


Looking to get to that next level in your personal or professional life? Do you sometimes struggle to stay consistent with your goals? We all have goals we want to accomplish, but we all have an inner-critic that talks us out of going after our dreams. It’s a devastating feeling to look up at your life and feel like you aren’t where you want to be yet.The research shows that the most critical thing we can do to ensure success –personally and professionally–is to grow our confidence levels, build a positive mindset, and be more forgiving to ourselves. In this course, you will learn all about how our thoughts, self-talk and beliefs contribute to us sabotaging ourselves. You will learn about how our minds work, and how our mindsets are critical to our success or failure. You will learn different external things and internal things that get in the way of our success. Most importantly, this revolutionary course you will help you break the shame you feel around not meeting certain goals, not staying consistent, and where you are in life, so you can move forward. You are a human being who is imperfect and has come really far and together, we will work learn, grow and evolve, so you feel good about yourself and you are able to fight for your dreams!


Section 1: Getting Started!

Lecture 1 Welcome to this Course!

Lecture 2 Overview of the Course

Lecture 3 Important Information about Assignments!

Section 2: Why Mindset and Confidence Levels are Critical for Success

Lecture 4 Intro to Section 2

Lecture 5 What is Self-talk and How Does it Affect Your Mindset?

Lecture 6 How Does Self-Talk Affect Mental Health

Lecture 7 How Does this Affect your Success?

Lecture 8 Section 2 Conclusion

Section 3: Sneaky Things that Sabotage Confidence & Success

Lecture 9 Intro to Section 3

Lecture 10 EXTRA: Learned Helplessness

Lecture 11 What are Expectations?

Lecture 12 How Society and Culture Affect Expectations

Lecture 13 How our Upbringing Contributes to Negative Mindset

Lecture 14 “Comparison is the Thief of All Joy”

Lecture 15 Section 3 Conclusion

Section 4: Changing Your Mindset First!

Lecture 16 Intro to Section 4

Lecture 17 Whose Expectations are You Living By?

Lecture 18 Self-acceptance and Self-compassion

Lecture 19 Self-Acceptance and The Four Agreements

Lecture 20 Redefining Your Value

Lecture 21 Learned Optimism

Lecture 22 Thoughts, Only Thoughts

Lecture 23 Growth Mindset

Lecture 24 Section 4 Conclusion

Section 5: Do the WORK to Transform Yourself!

Lecture 25 Intro to Section 5

Lecture 26 The Power of Coaching and Therapy

Lecture 27 Write Yourself a Forgiveness Letter

Lecture 28 Write Your Big Wins List

Lecture 29 Write Your Big Gratitudes List

Lecture 30 Section 5 Conclusion

Section 6: Regular Mindset Maintenance

Lecture 31 Section 6 Intro

Lecture 32 Affirmations

Lecture 33 Challenging Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)

Lecture 34 Power Journaling

Lecture 35 How to Replace Your Negative Thoughts (Replacement Thoughts)

Lecture 36 Section 6 Conclusion

Section 7: Goal Setting and Final Reflections

Lecture 37 Intro to Goal Setting Assignment

Lecture 38 Final Video: Please comment and share!

For people wanting to get to the next level professionally or personally, but struggle to stay consistent with goals,For people who struggle with imposter syndrome,For people who put too much pressure on themselves to achieve their goals perfectly,For people who feel like they want to be further ahead than they are right now in life,People who beat themselves up (are mean to themselves) when they make mistakes,For perfectionists

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Created by: Ayana Labossiere Burks

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