How to coach an Under 15 16 age group soccer team

Learn age appropriate soccer training exercises to coach 14 & 15 year old soccer players and soccer team.
How to coach an Under 15 16 age group soccer team
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How to coach an Under 15 16 age group soccer team

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to implement age appropriate training for your under 15 & under 16 age group soccer team.
Learn how to integrate age appropriate tactical components into your under 15 & under 16 soccer training sessions.
Learn how to set up dynamic soccer team warmup training session.
At the end of this course, you’ll know how to build an effective soccer training for your under 15 & under 16 age group soccer team.
Learn how to incorporate technical components into your soccer training sessions to help develop your players.

How to coach an Under 15 16 age group soccer team


No coaching experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know to coach an under 15 & under 16 age group soccer team.


The course will teach you how to set up an effective soccer training sessions for an under 15 & under 16 age group soccer team. You will learn about the four components of a soccer player (Physical, Technical, Tactical and Mental component). Explaining how to incorporate each component into your soccer team training creating an enjoyable and fun environment for your players to continue developing over the course of the season.Once you have completed this course you will be able to setup age appropriate warmup exercise, technical and tactical components that will flow progressively over your 90 minute team training sessions.Included in the course are age appropriate soccer team training exercises:5 soccer team warmup training exercises5 soccer team technical component training exercises5 soccer team tactical component training exerciseYou can use these training exercises in combination to create over 100 dynamic age appropriate 90 minutes team training sessions. Each training focuses on developing your players physically, technically, tactically and mentally. It will ensure that at the end of your season, your players have all the skill they need to progress at a high level to the next age group.Also covered in the course is the S.M.A.R.T. approach of soccer training that will compliment the players physical development and offering a modern training methology to help the players improve individual.


Section 1: Player & Team Development Season Goals

Lecture 1 Player & Team Development Season Goals

Section 2: Setting up your 90 minute training session

Lecture 2 90 minute training session with warmup, technical and tactical component.

Section 3: 5 x Soccer Team Warmup Exercises

Lecture 3 1st warmup component – Defensive 1v1 footwork exercise

Lecture 4 2nd warmup component – First Touch Control And Attacking Space Exercise

Lecture 5 3rd warmup component – Passing and receiving into space exercise

Lecture 6 4th warmup component – Overlapping Passing Exercise

Lecture 7 5th warmup component – Third player passing and movement exercise

Section 4: 5 x Soccer Team Technical Component

Lecture 8 1st technical component – Visual training using 2 goals

Lecture 9 2nd technical component – 3 Group crossing and finishing exercise

Lecture 10 3rd technical component – combination finishing from overlapping cross

Lecture 11 4th technical component – Passing and shooting from 5th pass

Lecture 12 5th technical component – 2 v 2 attacking with transition to 2 v 1

Section 5: 5 x Soccer Team Tactical Component

Lecture 13 1st tactical component – 3 team possession game

Lecture 14 2nd tactical componnent – 4v2 possession exercise with rotation

Lecture 15 3rd tactical component – 4v4 with 4 goal game

Lecture 16 4th tactical component – 3 team target forward game with 3 neutral players

Lecture 17 5th tactical component – Possession 4 goal game with outside player

Section 6: Soccer Animated Coaching Software

Lecture 18 Learn how to create animated soccer exercises using the soccer coaching software

This course if perfect for first time coaches or license coaches looking for additional resources to help you effective train your U15 & U16 soccer team.,Soccer parents who want to learn more about how to coach and train 14 & 15 year old soccer players.,This course is for recreational and licensed coaches.

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