How to create a plugin for Moodle using PHP

Step by step, detailed instructions taking you through the complete process from zero code to functioning plugin.
How to create a plugin for Moodle using PHP
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How to create a plugin for Moodle using PHP

What you’ll learn

How to create a plugin for the Moodle Learning Management System

How to create a plugin for Moodle using PHP


A basic understanding of PHP, JavaScript, HTML
Access to a Moodle server


This course will take you through the complete process of developing your first Moodle plugin.It is highly recommended that you have PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS experience before attempting to create a plugin in Moodle but it is not essential that you have worked in Moodle before.This course will teach you the basic structure and requirements of a plugin, then take you through the actual process of:creating the pluginadding the core filesmanaging versionsadding templatesadding JavaScripta new database table for your plugincreate, read and update data using formsprovide data to templatesaccess the Moodle databaseExport data to CSV and PDFSecure your pagesBy the end of this course you will be ready to answer that question….”Can Moodle do THIS?”And you will be able to answer…”Sure, let me write a plugin that will do it.”The plugin process is recorded using Moodle 3.9 but the code can be used in Moodle 3.7.2+This course does get deep into coding but I am sure you will enjoy it and learn so much that will save you searching for days on the internet to find the solution to creating your own first plugin.I will see you in the course.Chris Richter


Section 1: Getting started

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Setting up your Moodle platform for development

Lecture 3 What is a plugin?

Lecture 4 Download the plugin

Section 2: Get stuck into the code

Lecture 5 Create the version.php file

Lecture 6 Create the language file

Lecture 7 Create the index file

Lecture 8 Installing the plugin

Lecture 9 Creating templates

Lecture 10 Adding JavaScript

Section 3: Adding functionality

Lecture 11 Sending data to a template

Lecture 12 Getting access to the database

Section 4: New database table and data entry forms

Lecture 13 Creating a new database table

Lecture 14 Creating a form to view, add, edit data

Section 5: Adding to the plugin

Lecture 15 A new grader details page – part 1

Lecture 16 A new grader details page – part 2

Lecture 17 Grade results summary

Lecture 18 Export data to CSV and PDF

Lecture 19 Securing pages

Section 6: Complete

Lecture 20 Thank you

Moodle administrators,PHP developers that need to learn how to develop for Moodle

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 15m | 884.98 MB
Created by: Chris Richter

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