How to create a Sustainable Budget with your Values in Mind

Using your personal values to craft a unique spending plan that is adaptable and low maintenance
How to create a Sustainable Budget with your Values in Mind
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How to create a Sustainable Budget with your Values in Mind

What you’ll learn

Identify your current top values
Understand your current flow of money
Create a plan for your spending that incorporates your values
Understand how to adapt the plan in the future

How to create a Sustainable Budget with your Values in Mind


Anyone can take this course at any time, no pre requisites required


Many people try to cut out all spending or stick strictly to a spreadsheet every month to control their spending. But it doesn’t have to be that hard! And it shouldn’t be. In order for anything to be sustainable, it must be easy and/or enjoyable. A spending plan that does not incorporate your personal values will feel restrictive. A budget that requires constant maintenance will get old.Instead, create a plan that supports the things that you value most so that you will always feel fulfilled and satisfied. Set it up so that it’s super easy to maintain and adapt so that you’ll actually keep using it.That’s what this course is about. Helping you identify your values and create a spending plan that will support them. A plan that is easy to maintain and adapt over time; that won’t leave you feeling restricted, and will empower you to make more confident money choices.In this course, we build awareness around our spending, and create a plan that supports what we care about most. We’ll also discuss how to set everything up so we don’t have to budget monthly anymore! We’ll reduce money anxiety, and build confidence in our spending.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Determining Your Values

Lecture 2 Values Exercise

Section 3: Looking at your Numbers

Lecture 3 Numbers

Section 4: Creating Your Plan

Lecture 4 Creating a Plan

Section 5: Living Out Your Plan

Lecture 5 Living out Your Plan

Section 6: Adapting The Plan

Lecture 6 Adapting The Plan

Section 7: Tips For Success

Lecture 7 Tips for Success

This course is for anyone who is struggling with spending and wants to create a sustainable plan for their spending.

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