How to Create Animated Videos with Powerpoint

Learn an easy way to create video animation with PowerPoint for business, marketing, online courses, YouTube and more
How to Create Animated Videos with Powerpoint
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How to Create Animated Videos with Powerpoint

What you’ll learn

Master animated video creation with PowerPoint
Understand the important principles of design
Be able to use additional audio and video editing software
Download 20+ PowerPoint video templates for Intros, Ads, YouTube and more

How to Create Animated Videos with Powerpoint


Having PowerPoint on PC/Mac (preferably the latest subscription-based version)


Welcome to the bestseller Powerpoint Video Course! Start creating animated videos now.Video creation skills are becoming more and more important these days. Video content is growing fast, people prefer this format, and marketers are jumping on this trend. And while there is a lot of complex video software out there, you can actually create pretty beautiful videos with PowerPoint only!The quality of PowerPoint videos is good enough for all kinds of informative/educational videos. These can be marketing videos for businesses, videos for online courses, for a YouTube channel or even for TikTok and Reels – Yes, you can also easily create animated vertical videos in PowerPoint as well. There are a lot of YouTube channels with millions of views which create their videos with PowerPoint only.So if you want to use video for business purposes, you don’t need fancy/complex software and long training anymore – You can use PowerPoint. And with the right techniques that I will teach you in this course, you can make beautiful videos which will definitely look like “real videos” and not PowerPoint presentations.This course is full practice, full hands-on. We will create 3 videos together completely from scratch, and every single step will be clearly explained. By the end of it you will master PowerPoint video creation and will be able to make animated videos at will. And with more experience you will become more efficient. It’s totally possible to create one video per day!And, as a bonus, you will be able to download more than 20 ready-made PowerPoint video templates for your Video Introductions, Facebook/Instagram Ads, YouTube End Screens and more! I create these templates myself and occasionally upload new ones to the course completely for free.Creating videos with PowerPoint is a great compromise between the quality of the video (in terms of “complexity”) and the time it takes to do it. You can create hours and hours of video relatively fast compared to most specific software.[Created by Business Disruptors]


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction – What you are going to learn in this course

Section 2: First Project – An Entrepreneur’s Story

Lecture 2 Video of the first project – The story of Zappos founders

Lecture 3 Setting the background for video

Lecture 4 Importing transparent pictures

Lecture 5 Getting icons

Lecture 6 Applying artistic effects to icons and arranging the order

Lecture 7 Finding and installing new fonts

Lecture 8 Grouping objects and precise positioning

Lecture 9 Inserting a curve and formatting it

Lecture 10 Playing with shapes – photo effect

Lecture 11 Playing with shapes – screen effect and others

Lecture 12 Rearranging the set

Lecture 13 Playing with shapes – custom 3D box

Lecture 14 Finalizing the end slide

Lecture 15 Animations – Entrance

Lecture 16 Animations – Exit

Lecture 17 Animations – Simultaneous Entrance & Exit

Lecture 18 Morph transition

Lecture 19 No transition and line animations

Lecture 20 Recording the times and Exporting the video

Lecture 21 Update – Exporting in 4K and 60 FPS

Lecture 22 A short interruption

Lecture 23 Project 1 File Download

Section 3: Second Project – Biography of a Genius

Lecture 24 Video of the second project – Elon Musk’s Biography

Lecture 25 Introduction to Project 2

Lecture 26 Choosing and Setting a consistent Color Palette

Lecture 27 Creating a Text-Shape Title

Lecture 28 Creating a fully custom shape

Lecture 29 Creating a fully custom shape – Part 2

Lecture 30 Creating a fully custom shape – Part 3

Lecture 31 Creating a fully custom shape – Part 4

Lecture 32 The boring but necessary detail rearrangements

Lecture 33 Animating the Text-Shape Title

Lecture 34 How to copy animations

Lecture 35 Preparing the trasition to bottom slide

Lecture 36 Creating fancy emphasis and exit animations

Lecture 37 Creating a Pan transition for “timeline” illusion

Lecture 38 Building the Snake Curve

Lecture 39 Populating the snake curve

Lecture 40 Animating the snake curve

Lecture 41 Continuing the timeline with a different curve

Lecture 42 Populating the second part of the timeline

Lecture 43 Animating the second part of the timeline

Lecture 44 Conclusion of Section 2

Lecture 45 Project 2 File Download

Lecture 46 Share your own video project!

Section 4: Third project – Astronomy Education

Lecture 47 Video of the third project – Astronomy Education

Lecture 48 Inserting and animating a 3D model

Lecture 49 Adding titles to animated 3D models

Lecture 50 Adding and animating multiple 3D models

Lecture 51 Project 3 File Download

Section 5: Technical – Editing the final video

Lecture 52 How to create the audio file of the voice-over script

Lecture 53 How to synchronize animations and transitions with the audio script

Lecture 54 How to import files inside a video editing software

Lecture 55 How to edit and arrange video and audio elements on the timeline

Lecture 56 How to add sound effects

Lecture 57 How to export the final video + Conclusion

Lecture 58 Extra – Creating Vertical videos for TikTok, Reels and Shorts

Section 6: The Theory Recap

Lecture 59 Design Quality VS Productivity

Lecture 60 Colors and Background

Lecture 61 Texts, Fonts and a great design learning resource

Lecture 62 Icons and Images

Lecture 63 Looping Video Backgrounds, Videos inside video, Screencasts and Screenshots

Lecture 64 Licences

Lecture 65 Top 7 Worst Video Design Practices

Section 7: Extra: Reverse-engineering .PPT videos from my YouTube channel

Lecture 66 Introduction & SpaceX video example

Lecture 67 Robinhood video example

Lecture 68 Telegram & TikTok video example

Section 8: Download my 20+ PowerPoint video templates + Bonus

Lecture 69 Download my 20+ PowerPoint video templates for Video Intros, Ads, YouTube & more

Lecture 70 Bonus Lecture

YouTubers who want to grow a YouTube channel,Online instructors who wish to improve the visual quality of their videos,Independent/Business owners who want to promote their products using video,Anyone wanting to learn how to create animated videos,Anyone wanting to add a new skill to their marketing skills portfolio,Creators who want to make animated Vertical videos for TikTok & Reels

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 34m | 3.19 GB
Created by: Paul Nekh. | Business | Innovation | Video

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