How to Create Epic Presentations Videos with Prezi

Create stunning presentations & videos with Prezi that will engage customers, boost sales and position you as an expert
How to Create Epic Presentations Videos with Prezi
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How to Create Epic Presentations Videos with Prezi

What you’ll learn

By the end of the course you will be able to create stunning looking presentations using Prezi!
You will also be able to create amazing videos using Prezi that will give you or your business a professional look to engage more customers and boost sales!

How to Create Epic Presentations Videos with Prezi


Computer with internet connection (However you can create these offline also)
Very easy to create anyone can do this!


Prezi Takeoff is the perfect course to show you how to create really professional and creative presentations and videos. It’s the ultimate video master mind for anyone looking to make presentations or videos. Easy to create, using free tools and creating masterpieces in less than 20 minutes. You can do it!


Section 1: Prezi Alpha – The Basics of Prezi

Lecture 1 Introduction to Prezi

Lecture 2 Using the canvas

Lecture 3 Adding images to Prezi

Lecture 4 Uploading videos to Prezi

Lecture 5 Customizing the theme

Lecture 6 3D Backgrounds

Section 2: Prezi Colossal – Creating a professional presentation

Lecture 7 Prezi Road Map – Planning your prezi

Lecture 8 Creating a professional layout

Lecture 9 Editing Images removing backgrounds

Lecture 10 Structuring your epic presentation

Lecture 11 Creating an introduction

Lecture 12 Using the camera in Prezi

Lecture 13 Creating a IPhone message

Lecture 14 Finishing off your Prezi

Section 3: Prezi Infinite – Creating your presentations into ultimate videos

Lecture 15 Video creation blueprint – Introduction

Lecture 16 Finding great backing tracks

Lecture 17 Creating your video with free software

Lecture 18 Creating your video with paid software

Section 4: Prezi Genius – The Ultimate Prezi Mastermind

Lecture 19 Introduction to Prezi Genius

Lecture 20 Genius resources

Lecture 21 Creating a Genius Prezi

Lecture 22 Creating a genius prezi part 2

Lecture 23 Prezi Genius – Omega

Lecture 24 Your Video

Section 5: Advanced Prezi Training

Lecture 25 Video 1

Perfect for businesses, school teachers, students, adult teachers, marketers, presenters and public speakers, website owners, video marketers, product creators, people who want to create a stunning udemy video course

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 9m | 1.87 GB
Created by: Josh Ratta

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