How to Deliver an Amazing Wedding Speech

Honor the newlywed, impress your friends & family, and grow yourself with an AMAZING 5 or 10 minute wedding speech!
How to Deliver an Amazing Wedding Speech
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How to Deliver an Amazing Wedding Speech

What you’ll learn

Write a wedding speech you can deliver the next day
Learn how to write and deliver a five or 10 minutes wedding speech that will blow away your friends and family
Learn the SIX things you SHOULD NOT DO to ensure you’ll avoid the pitfalls of bad wedding speeches
Learn the THREE things you can do to calm your nerves, and TWO super effective ways to rehearse and speak from the heart

How to Deliver an Amazing Wedding Speech


No public speaking experience necessary!


There is no better opportunity to honor your friends and family than speaking at their wedding, and no greater honor to received than being asked to do so!But, if you’re like most people, you’re scared…In fact, more people are more afraid of public speaking than of death!But you don’t have to be!With the right guidance, process, advice, and some panache, you can speak from the heart and elevate the greatest day of your loved ones’ relationship to another level of fun, love, gratitude, and specialness.You can do it!In this course, How to Deliver a Great Wedding Speech, you’ll learn how to write, revise, and rehearse a five to 10 minute wedding speech that will bring the house down with applause and send your friends into an instagramming frenzy to immortalize your words!Whether you’re the Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Officiant, or any other relation to the married couple, this course will teach you how to deliver an excellent performance.In fact, this is really TWO DIFFERENT COURSES IN ONE!Course One: A Crash Course in Wedding SpeechesIf you have to deliver a speech TOMORROW, this course will teach you how to write it and how to prepare for a five minute speech that will ensure you don’t drop the ball and in fact knock it out of the park.You’ll learn:The SEVEN steps you can take in the next 24 hours to give a great speechThe “fill in the blanks” worksheet that you can use to write your speechThe ONE key thing you can do to ensure you deliver the speech to the room, and not forget itCourse Two: Public Speaking 101If you have more than 24 hours, this course will teach you how to write a five to 10 minute wedding speech that will absolutely wow the room!You’ll learn:The SIX secrets of ancient greek orators that you can use to be world-class in no timeThe NINE pitfalls you should avoid to ensure you don’t make it awkwardThe THREE STEP PROCESS to write, revise, and rehearse a spectacular speechThe FOUR things you can do to handle your nerves and remain calm, grounded, and focused before you speakThe NUMBER ONE thing you can do to ensure your speech gets praise and joy from the newlywedsThe public speaking and speech writing lessons contained in this course go beyond just wedding speeches, but will help you develop a love of public speaking! Even if you’re someone who doesn’t normally speak up, or finds it difficult to even think about it, this course will help you find the confidence through a proven process.This course is taught by Brendon Lemon, a veteran of 23 years of standup comedy and improv who has spoken publicly on hundreds of different occasions. His five-star rated course How To Start Doing Stand Up Comedy is a best-seller on Udemy.Satisfaction guaranteed! If you don’t have fun, learn, and have full confidence in delivering an amazing wedding speech after this course, full refund!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction & What You’ll Find In This Course

Section 2: My Story

Lecture 2 My Story

Section 3: Crash Course in Wedding Speeches

Lecture 3 A Crash Course in Wedding Speeches

Section 4: Public Speaking 101

Lecture 4 Public Speaking 101

Lecture 5 Speaking from the diaphram

Lecture 6 Meditation

Section 5: What to Write

Lecture 7 What to Write – Intro

Lecture 8 What to Write – What’s the Point?

Lecture 9 What to Write – What NOT to Write

Lecture 10 What to Write – Content & Tone

Lecture 11 What to Write – Revision

Section 6: Rehearsing

Lecture 12 Rehearsing

Lecture 13 Internalizing the Words, and the Cheat Sheet

Section 7: The Day Of

Lecture 14 The Day Of – Intro

Lecture 15 The Day Of – How to Handle Nerves & Jitters

Lecture 16 The Day Of – What To Do

Lecture 17 The Day Of – Let’s Go!

Section 8: Good Luck!

Lecture 18 Good Luck!

This course is for anyone who has to effectively public speak in a high pressure situation. If you’ve been asked to talk at a wedding, or any formal event, this course will help you figure out what to write, how to write it, and how to rehearse and deliver it effectively.

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Created by: Brendon Lemon

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