How to Eat Dairy When Lactose Intolerant

How to Eat Dairy When Lactose Intolerant
How to Eat Dairy When Lactose Intolerant
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How to Eat Dairy When Lactose Intolerant

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How to Eat Dairy When Lactose Intolerant

How to Eat Dairy When Lactose Intolerant




Have you been suffering by yourself from Lactose Intolerance? Do you have horrific stomach pain that keeps you from enjoying life and yet you can’t seem to put down the Ice cream? Well I am here to introduce you to the next big thing when it comes to being lactose intolerant.I have the best tips and tricks to being able to eat all of those amazing dairy treats you love so much, but without the added pain and frequent trips to the restroom. Best of all, these tricks work for the entire family! Yep that’s right no age restrictions on my tips. After reading my book you will be able to eat ice cream, cheese and save money on that expensive Lactaid milk and buy the regular stuff again. I am not trying to sell you another pill or a pro-biotic that you need to take daily. Following my tips, you can get back to living a normal and healthy life with no pills and very little change to your lifestyle!About the ExpertBrandi is a stay at home mom and wife with a passion for nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. After getting her Bachelors in Business Administration she found that raising a family was her true calling. Later in life, she found out that her entire family had become lactose intolerant, which motivated her to find out why they had this deficiency and what could be done to overcome it. She decided to take a Diet and Nutritional Advisor course in order to learn more about the body and how to feed it properly.This, in addition to thousands of hours of research and trial and error, gave her the knowledge to overcome this issue and get her family back to living a normal life. In her free time she blogs about Nutrition and ways to keep your body healthy, the natural way. Brandi enjoys time with her family and also enjoys reading, cooking and healthy living.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Chapter 1: What is Lactose Intolerance?

Lecture 3 Chapter 2: Over the counter Medicine for Lactose Intolerance

Lecture 4 Chapter 3: Lactose Free Products

Lecture 5 Chapter 4: Lactase Drops

Lecture 6 Chapter 5: Going the Extra Mile

Lecture 7 Chapter 6: Why Is This Necessary?

Lecture 8 Chapter 7: How Will It Change Your Life?

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