How to install an Open Source LMS Part 1

Learn how to install an LMS such as Moodle, Claroline, Chamilo or Opigno on a Linux distribution.
How to install an Open Source LMS Part 1
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How to install an Open Source LMS Part 1

What you’ll learn

Install a Debian Linux distribution in VirtualBox
Set up a generic LAMP stack
Install Chamilo
Install Claroline Connect
Install Moodle
Install Opigno
Monitor Apache, PHP and MariaDB
Optimise performance with OPcache and Memcached

How to install an Open Source LMS Part 1


Basic knowledge of a Linux distribution
Basic usage of VirtualBox


E-learning for everyoneIn this training, you will learn how to set up an Open Source educational platform.Dissemination of knowledge has never been easier.Whether in a school, a company, an organisation, etc., install a Learning Management System (LMS) easily.Rem: This training is not a course on the use of these LMS, its sole purpose to help you install them and ensure their proper operation.This training is the english version of the french training entitled Comment installer un LMS Open Source – Part 1


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Training goals

Section 2: Setting up the lab

Lecture 2 Downloading the training tools

Lecture 3 Installing the training tools

Lecture 4 Checking and setting the tools

Lecture 5 Installing the VM in VirtualBox

Lecture 6 VM Preparation

Section 3: Generic LAMP stack

Lecture 7 Installing Apache

Lecture 8 Configuring Apache

Lecture 9 Secure your LMS with HTTPS

Lecture 10 Installing MariaDB

Lecture 11 Configuring MariaDB

Lecture 12 Installing PHP

Lecture 13 Configuring PHP

Section 4: Chamilo

Lecture 14 Installing Chamilo

Lecture 15 Quick overview of Chamilo

Lecture 16 Adding Fictional Characters

Lecture 17 Adding a Test Course

Section 5: Claroline

Lecture 18 Installing Claroline

Lecture 19 Quick overview of Claroline

Lecture 20 Adding Fictional Characters

Lecture 21 Adding a Test Course

Section 6: Moodle

Lecture 22 Installing Moodle

Lecture 23 Quick overview of Moodle

Lecture 24 Adding Fictional Characters

Lecture 25 Adding a Test Course

Section 7: Opigno

Lecture 26 Installing Opigno

Lecture 27 Quick overview of Opigno

Lecture 28 Adding Fictional Characters

Lecture 29 Adding a Test Course

Section 8: Monitoring and optimisation

Lecture 30 Monitoring Apache and MariaDB

Lecture 31 Monitoring OPcache and Memcached

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 32 Conclusion

Lecture 33 UPDATE 20191202

Teachers with basic knowledge of Linux,System and network Administrators,Anyone interested in Open Source

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Udemy | English | 4h 51m | 2.89 GB
Created by: DarwinOS OpenSharing

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