How To Make A Melee Combat System In Unreal Engine 5

Learn how to make a third person souls like action RPG melee combat system in Unreal Engine 5
How To Make A Melee Combat System In Unreal Engine 5
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How To Make A Melee Combat System In Unreal Engine 5

What you’ll learn

Build a melee combat system from complete scratch with directional rolling, blocking and more
Create enemy A.I with ranged and melee attacks using behaviour trees
Learn how to create a dynamic targeting system
Develop your understanding of Unreal Engine’s Animation system
Learn how to create a combo system
Learn how to create a Boss Enemy with a projectile and melee attack
Learn how to use Unreal Engine’s Animation system

How To Make A Melee Combat System In Unreal Engine 5


A PC Capable of Running Unreal Engine. Have a basic understanding of Unreal Engine. Know how to move around the viewport and how to create blueprint classes.


This Course In A NutshellI’ve put everything you need to build a melee combat system in one place!This course will go from A-Z on how to build a melee combat system with enemies, a combo system, a stamina system, health bars, dodging and more.Course OverviewAfter taking this course you’ll have the complete roadmap to build a melee combat system in Unreal Engine 5.This course will contain multiple chapters which will cover a range of topics:How to make a dynamic targeting system.How to create a melee combat system like the classic souls like games. You will learn how to make a combo system, health bar, stamina bar which will be drained when the player does actions, such as sprinting, blocking, attacking, and dodging.By the end of the course you should have a good understanding on how to make enemy A.I using behaviour trees.First we will code a skeleton enemy which will do melee attacks and then we will make a Troll Boss which will be able to do both long range projectile attacks and close range melee attacks.What’s Inside1.Introduction2.Creating A Targeting System3.Setting Up The Combat System4.Creating A Skeleton Enemy5.Player Character Systems6.Creating A Boss7.Adding Polish To The GameWhat will you learn in this courseDevelop Your Understanding of Unreal EngineIn this course we use a variety of tools inside of Unreal Engine to help build this game project, by taking this course you will get a better understanding of how you can use different tools to help you build your game. Unreal Engine 5 can be used for a variety of things not for just high end graphics for games.What are you waiting for, scroll up and enrol in the course today!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Setting Up The Project

Lecture 2 Download Resources

Section 2: Creating A Targeting System

Lecture 3 Replacing The Default Third Person Character

Lecture 4 Creating A Targeting System

Lecture 5 Breaking The Lock On

Lecture 6 Camera Lag

Lecture 7 Player Locomotion

Lecture 8 Switching Lock On Targets

Section 3: Setting Up The Combat System

Lecture 9 Giving The Player A Sword

Lecture 10 Creating A Combo System

Lecture 11 Creating A Trace System For The Weapon

Lecture 12 Creating A Stamina Bar

Lecture 13 Making The Player’s Attack Drain The Stamina

Lecture 14 Making A Sprint System

Section 4: Creating The Skeleton Enemy

Lecture 15 Importing The Skeleton Files

Lecture 16 Creating The Skeletons Blueprints

Lecture 17 Damaging The Skeleton Enemy

Lecture 18 Updating The Lock On System

Lecture 19 Creating A Behaviour Tree For The Skeleton

Lecture 20 Creating A Patrol System

Lecture 21 Creating An Attack System

Lecture 22 Giving The Skeleton A Weapon

Lecture 23 Making The Skeleton Rotate Towards The Player

Lecture 24 Finishing Up The Skeleton Enemy

Section 5: Player Character Systems

Lecture 25 Applying Damage To The Player

Lecture 26 Player Death System

Lecture 27 Giving The Player A Health Bar

Lecture 28 Fixing Some Bugs

Lecture 29 Setting Up The Shield

Lecture 30 Blocking Attacks

Lecture 31 Directional Rolling System

Lecture 32 Enemy Health Bar

Lecture 33 Enemy Fixes

Section 6: Creating A Boss

Lecture 34 Importing The Boss Files

Lecture 35 Setting Up The Boss Blueprints

Lecture 36 Creating The Boss Behaviour Tree

Lecture 37 Creating The Boss Projectile Attack

Lecture 38 Creating The Boss Melee Attack System

Lecture 39 Updating The Rotation System

Lecture 40 Clearing The Bosses Attacks

Lecture 41 Boss Death System

Lecture 42 Creating A Boss Health Bar

Lecture 43 Creating A Helmet For The Boss

Lecture 44 Fixing Bugs With The Boss

Section 7: Polishing The Game

Lecture 45 Adding Blood Particle Effects

Lecture 46 Adding Camera Shake

Lecture 47 Adding Sound Effects

Lecture 48 Fixing some bugs

Lecture 49 Final touches

A beginner or intermediate game developer who is interested in learning how to make a melee combat system in Unreal Engine

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Udemy | English | 5h 6m | 4.74 GB
Created by: Uisco Dev

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