How To Make A WordPress Website with the Divi Theme

Create a professionel website using the premium theme Divi
How To Make A Wordpress Website with the Divi Theme
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How To Make A WordPress Website with the Divi Theme

What you’ll learn

Install WordPress on your local computer so you can learn without paying for a domain and webhosting.
How to create a website form scratch using WordPress and the DiviTheme
How to become an Divi Editor Expert. Create beautiful pages, post and portfolio items using this amazing editor.
How to become an WordPress expert!

How To Make A WordPress Website with the Divi Theme


You need a computer with an internet connection and a browser.
You need a working internet connection to watch the video’s or download them to your device.
You don’t need to have any coding or programming skills.
You will learn how to create a website on your own computer but if you want to get a domainname and webhosting there are some costs involved.
You need $ 80.- for the Divi theme we use in this course


Create an amazing website using the Divi theme! In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to create a website using the Divi Theme. An amazing theme that contains a front end editor that makes creating websites easier and faster than ever before! Disclaimer: The Divi theme costs money.
First I will show you how to get a domain name and webhosting. After getting that I will show you how to install and configure WordPress and get the Divi theme. After installing the Divi theme we will create the homepage using the Divi Builder.
The Divi builder is a front end editor that shows the result of your editing immediately. The Divi Builder works with Sections. In those sections you can place rows. Rows can have different amount of columns, and in those columns you can place modules. Modules like images, gallery, text, counter, contact form and more. Using Sections, Rows and Modules you can create your website with ease and save a lot of time im comparison with other themes and builders and editors.
Divi also has the possibility to import premade pages with a few clicks. That is a real timesaver! So just look at what kind of page you want to create, import a page like that and adjust it.
Besides the Divi theme you will get access to 80 other themes and a few amazing plugins! You can use the themes and plugins on unlimited websites and even can pay a one time fee so you can use all the themes and plugins inlimited times for the rest of your life! A great choice for webbuilders!
This is what other people say about me and my courses:
“Ferdy, thanks so much for this! It has helped me put my entire website together :)”
“Hello Ferdy, I would thank you for all your shared videos. You’re a very kind person (we can see it through your videos). … In all cases, your videos make me progress … Don’t change anything of you and everybody must remember that above courses which gave you a basic way, lot of personal work is the key of success. BRAVO Ferdy. Take care Ferdy.”
“Ferdy, Your videos have taught me and guided me so much! I’ve watched the enfold and mail chimp all the way through as I’ve gotten started! You are an excellent teacher, and I am so grateful that my search led me to you and your videos. I’m inspired by you already, and you have made a huge difference in my life! I respect your drive and devotion to be excellent in what you do. I want that too! Your English is definitely understandable on the videos. I have never struggled to hear or interpret what you say and mean, and because you enunciate so well, your Dutch accent does not hinder your message. But I respect you for wanting to continue to improve! Keep going! I’m so excited about your next videos and tutorials!”
“Ferdy, I really like your tutorials and of course the way you deliver things to people. Please keep going on.”
“Man,you are the best..if feels like you have so much positive energy and want to share it with us the beginners. All the best!!”


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 1.2 ServerPress vs Hostgator

Lecture 3 1.3 Install Serverpress

Lecture 4 1.4 Install WordPress with Siteground

Lecture 5 1.5 Clean Up And Configure Your Website

Section 2: The Divi Theme

Lecture 6 2.1 Install The Divi Theme

Lecture 7 2.2 Download The Course Files

Lecture 8 2.3 Create Pages and the Menu

Lecture 9 2.4 Configure the WordPress Settings

Section 3: Create The Homepage

Lecture 10 3.1 Sections, Rows and Modules

Lecture 11 3.2 The Fullscreen Slider

Lecture 12 3.3 The Blurb Module

Lecture 13 3.4 Create a New Section

Lecture 14 3.5 Client Section

Lecture 15 3.6 Import Templates Within Divi

Lecture 16 3.7 The Theme Options

Lecture 17 3.8 The Theme Customizer

Section 4: The About Page

Lecture 18 4.1 The About Page

Section 5: The Blogpage

Lecture 19 5.1 Create Your First Blogpost

Lecture 20 5.2 Create Your Second Blogpost

Lecture 21 5.3 Configure the Blogpage

Lecture 22 5.4 Sidebar Widgets

Section 6: The Portfolio Page

Lecture 23 6.1 Create A Portfolio Item

Lecture 24 6.2 Create A Second Portfolio Item

Lecture 25 6.3 Create The Latest Projects Page

Lecture 26 6.4 Use Custom CSS

Lecture 27 6.5 Place Blogpost and Project on Homepage

Lecture 28 6.6 Footer Widgets

Section 7: The Services Page

Lecture 29 7.1 Create The Services Page

Section 8: The Contact Page

Lecture 30 8.1 Create The Contact Page

Lecture 31 8.2 Make The Homepage Header Transparent

Anyone who wants to learn how to make a website

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Created by: Ferdy Korpershoek

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