How To Make Viral Cartoon Animations For Beginners

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, Character Animator, and After Effects to make viral cartoon animations
How To Make Viral Cartoon Animations For Beginners
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How To Make Viral Cartoon Animations For Beginners

What you’ll learn

How To Identify A Popular Niche
How To Write Scripts, Record Audio, Draw, Animate, Compile & Upload To TikTok
How To Use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Character Animator & Adobe After Effects
How To Make Short, Viral & Funny Cartoons

How To Make Viral Cartoon Animations For Beginners


Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription


In this course, you’re going to learn how to make comedy cartoons that got me over 1 million views, almost 200K likes, and over 6000 followers on TikTok in just 2 months!My TikTok channel – ‘DRS Chicken’ – achieved those numbers by making short cartoons satirizing Formula 1 motorsport. My hope with this course is to help you achieve similar or even better numbers by making satire cartoons about a popular niche that people want to watch!By the end of this course, not only will you learn my workflow and pipeline for making cartoons at speed, but you’ll also put it into practice by recreating a satirical Itchy & Scratchy episode by substituting Itchy & Scratchy with 2 characters in your niche!In order to make this cartoon, I’m going to teach you how to:Find a niche to make content aboutWrite short video scripts for said nicheRecord the audio for your script using AudacityDraw characters, backgrounds, and inanimate objects using Adobe IllustratorAnimate & lipsync characters using Adobe Character AnimatorCompile it in Adobe After Effects, and finallyUpload it on to TikTokThis course is great if you’re new to animation, don’t know where to start, and just want to learn as quickly as possible how to produce cartoons and share them with the world.This course isn’t a comprehensive Adobe Illustrator course or a comprehensive After Effects course or a comprehensive course of anything really.The focus will be on how to make cartoons as quickly as possible, instead of how to be really good in each application. I’m more like…showing you how to use enough functionalities of each program to put a cartoon together, rather than showing you expert techniques in each application.My hope is, once you’ve applied the basics and created the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, you’ll feel confident and motivated enough to make your own cartoons about your niche that will consistently get you at least 10s of thousands of views per video, and eventually over 1 million total views in a couple of months.I hope to see you inside the course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 1.0 Intro

Section 2: Thinking Of A Niche

Lecture 2 2.0 Thinking Of A Niche (Intro)

Lecture 3 2.1 Passion

Lecture 4 2.2 Relevance

Lecture 5 2.3 Speed

Lecture 6 2.4 Sustainability

Section 3: Writing The First Scene

Lecture 7 3.0 Writing The First Scene (Intro)

Lecture 8 3.1 Thinking Of A Video Idea

Lecture 9 3.2 Demo – Thinking Of A Video Idea

Lecture 10 3.3 Writing A Script

Lecture 11 3.4 Writing Techniques

Section 4: Audio

Lecture 12 4.0 Record Audio (Intro)

Lecture 13 4.1 Record Your Voice

Lecture 14 4.2 Edit Audio

Lecture 15 4.3 Export Audio

Section 5: Drawing

Lecture 16 5.0 Drawing (Intro)

Lecture 17 5.1 Install Adobe Creative Cloud

Lecture 18 5.2 Install Adobe Illustrator

Lecture 19 5.3 Rectangle and Ellipse

Lecture 20 5.4 Selection & Direct Selection

Lecture 21 5.5 Pencil Tool

Lecture 22 5.6 Layers

Lecture 23 5.7 Pen Tool

Lecture 24 5.8 Type Tool

Lecture 25 5.9 Reflect

Lecture 26 5.10 Eyedropper

Lecture 27 5.11 Live Paint Bucket

Lecture 28 5.12 Pathfinder

Lecture 29 5.13 Outline Stroke & Offset Path

Lecture 30 5.14 Get Backgrounds & Objects

Lecture 31 5.15 Draw Objects From Any Angle

Lecture 32 5.16 Draw Face: Theory

Lecture 33 5.17 Draw Face: Demo

Lecture 34 5.18 Draw Body

Lecture 35 5.19 Draw Body (Update)

Section 6: Character Animation

Lecture 36 6.0 Character Animation (Intro)

Lecture 37 6.2 Quick Tour & Importing Your Character

Lecture 38 6.1 Install Character Animator

Lecture 39 6.3 Rigging: Head

Lecture 40 6.4 Rigging: Body

Lecture 41 6.5 Limb IK

Lecture 42 6.6 Camera Body Tracking

Lecture 43 6.7 Recording

Lecture 44 6.8 Walking

Lecture 45 6.9 Lip Sync

Lecture 46 6.10 Triggers & Swap Sets

Lecture 47 6.11 Motion Library

Lecture 48 6.12 Extra Tips

Lecture 49 6.13 Itchy and Scratchy Intro Pt 1

Lecture 50 6.14 Itchy and Scratchy Intro Pt 2

Section 7: Compiling

Lecture 51 7.0 Compiling (Intro)

Lecture 52 7.1 Install After Effects

Lecture 53 7.2 Application Tour & Importing Puppets

Lecture 54 7.3 Position, Scale, Rotation, Opacity

Lecture 55 7.4 Add Text & Shapes

Lecture 56 7.5 Pre-Composition

Lecture 57 7.6 Project & Timeline Structure

Lecture 58 7.7 Framing – Widescreen & Portrait Mode

Lecture 59 7.8 Export Video

Section 8: Upload

Lecture 60 8.0 Upload (Intro)

Lecture 61 8.1 Copy Video To Your Phone

Lecture 62 8.2 Tiktok Upload

Section 9: Thank-You

Lecture 63 9.0 Thank-You

Section 10: Project – Produce The Next Scene

Lecture 64 10.0 Project – Produce The Next Scene (Intro)

Lecture 65 10.1 Capture Episode Audio

Lecture 66 10.2 Draw The Nagging Character

Lecture 67 10.3 Animate The Nagging Character

Lecture 68 10.4 Animate Itchy & Scratchy

Lecture 69 10.5 Compile The Episode

Beginners who want to make cartoons & animations without the steep learning curve

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 48m | 3.34 GB
Created by: Edgecate Australia

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