How to Motivate Employees So That Productivity Increases

Proven Ways to Motivate by An Award Winning MBA Prof, Venture Capitalist, Author, Ivy MBA Grad & Successful Entrepreneur
How to Motivate Employees So That Productivity Increases
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Chris Haroun


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How to Motivate Employees So That Productivity Increases

What you’ll learn

#1 Best Selling Motivation Course on Udemy!​
Significantly increase the productivity and motivation of employees
Free 175 page downloadable copy of the book version of this course, which retails for $19.99 plus many free downloadable online resources
Analyze employee feedback in order to understand how to improve employee motivation, engagement and productivity
Give the best non-cash based incentives
Nurture and help employees grow and achieve their goals
Improve office communications and transparency
Create team-based motivational goals
Inspire employees by giving inspirational speeches
Improve the office physical environment
Improve the team’s culture through many team building exercises
Increase the “fun/enjoyment” in the office
Analyze the best firms and CEOs that motivate their employees
Increase employee motivation & productivity through many individual and team based exercises

How to Motivate Employees So That Productivity Increases


Some experience managing individual contributors and/or teams is good to have, though not required
Some basic experience with Microsoft Excel & Word, though not required


#1 Best Selling Motivation Course on Udemy! If you want to significantly increase the productivity and motivation of an employee or a team of employees, then this course is for you.
“How to Motivate Employees (So That Productivity Increases)!” introduces you to the process of what, why and how to motivate an employee or employees using many proven motivational lessons used by Chris Haroun, who is a seasoned and successful entrepreneur, an accomplished business author, an award winning MBA professor and the author of #1 best selling business courses on Udemy, called “An Entire MBA in 1 Course.” Chris has successfully managed and motivated many employees in small and large companies, including companies that he has founded.
He is the author of “101 Crucial Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Business School,” which Forbes calls “1 of 6 books that all entrepreneurs need to read right now.”
Students that purchase this course will get instant access to a download of the 175 page book version of this course; the free downloadable book is also called “How to Motivate Employees (So That Productivity Increases)!” and retails for $19.99.
By the end of this course you will learn how to increase employee motivation & productivity by:
Giving the best non-cash based incentivesNurturing and helping employees grow and achieve their goalsHiring the right employees (and vice versa)Embracing a more equal/flat team-based hierarchyImproving the office physical environmentCreating team-based motivational goalsMany team building exercises (which also improves the team’s culture)Giving back to the communityImproving the work/life balance of your teamIncreasing the “fun/enjoyment” in the officeImproving office communications and transparencyInspiring employees by giving inspirational speechesAnalyzing the best firms and CEOs that motivate their employeesIncrease employee motivation & productivity through Word and Excel based templates that Help you understand/analyze employee feedbackEmbracing innovation and risk takingProviding encouragement and increasing employee confidence
This course includes 15 exercises, a Motivation Exercise Book, a free book version of this entire course and many additional resources in order to make your employees much more productive by significantly increasing how motivated they are to outperform. By the end of this course you will be able to confidently motivate a team so that the productivity of your employee(s) significantly increases! Join me on this career optimizing journey and take your employee(s)’ productivity and motivation to the next level!
30 day 100% money back guarantee.


Section 1: Course Introduction & Increasing Motivation by Giving and Receiving Feedback

Lecture 1 Thank You Message from Chris

Lecture 2 Course Introduction, Free Book & What We Will Learn in this Course

Lecture 3 How to Take This Course

Lecture 4 Motivating by Approval: Praising “EVEN MORE” & “ONLY” Criticizing in Private

Lecture 5 Exercise #1: Providing Encouragement

Lecture 6 How to Ask me Questions in the course and on my Weekly Webcast (Includes Zoom)

Lecture 7 Exercise #2: Asking for Feedback

Lecture 8 Exercise #3: Analyzing the Data from the Feedback Surveys

Lecture 9 Motivating by 360 Degree Team Based Reviews

Lecture 10 Motivating by Appreciating Part-Time Employees & Contractors (If Applicable)

Lecture 11 Motivating by Getting to Know Employees (Better)!

Section 2: Increasing Motivation Through Team Building Exercises (Improves Team’s Culture)

Lecture 12 Introduction to Team Building Exercises (What, Why & How of this Section)

Lecture 13 Exercise #4: 2 Passive Ways to Get Employees to Know Each Other Better

Lecture 14 Exercise #5: Innovation Team Building Game

Lecture 15 Exercise #6: Additional Games to Help Everyone Learn More About Each Other

Lecture 16 Exercise #7: Changing (or Reinforcing) Your Team’s Culture

Lecture 17 Exercise #8: Annual Fun “Team Appreciation Week”

Lecture 18 Exercise #9: Creating A Simple Motivational Team Based Goal Together

Section 3: Increasing Motivation by Giving Non-$ Incentives, Giving Back & Giving Autonomy

Lecture 19 Intro to Non-$ Incentives,Giving Back+Autonomy (What, Why & How of this Section)

Lecture 20 Motivating by Gifts that Are Not Expensive (But Are Worth Their Weight in Gold)

Lecture 21 Exercise # 10: Non-Cash Based Incentives that Will Motivate Employees

Lecture 22 Motivating by Equity Ownership &/Or Stock Options

Lecture 23 Motivating by Giving Autonomy & Understanding What Drives Employees!

Lecture 24 Motivating by Giving Back

Section 4: Increasing Motivation by Nurturing & Hiring the Right Employees (& Vice Versa)

Lecture 25 Intro to Nurturing +Hiring the Right Employees (What, Why & How of this Section)

Lecture 26 Motivating by Increasing Employee Exposure & Confidence

Lecture 27 Motivating by Education & Mentoring

Lecture 28 Exercise #11: Helping Employees Achieve Their Goals/Reach Their Full Potential

Lecture 29 Motivating by Hiring the Right Employees (and Vice Versa)

Lecture 30 Motivating by You Not Coming to Work On Certain Days…(Yes!)

Section 5: Increasing Motivation by Embracing Innovation, Equality & Risk Taking

Lecture 31 Intro to Innovation, Equality & Risk Taking (What, Why & How of this Section)

Lecture 32 Motivating by Embracing Innovative Thinking

Lecture 33 Motivating by Treating Everyone An Equal

Lecture 34 Motivating by Encouraging Risk Taking “and Being OK With Failure”

Lecture 35 Exercise #12: Embracing Innovation, Destroying Walls & Encouraging Risk Taking

Section 6: Increasing Motivation by Improving the Office, More Fun +Quality of Life Balance

Lecture 36 Motivating by Being Flexible & Encouraging Work/Life Balance

Lecture 37 Motivating by Improving the Physical Office Environment

Lecture 38 Motivating by Making Work More Fun, Keeping it Light & Being Self Deprecating

Lecture 39 Motivating by Celebrating Success & Milestones

Lecture 40 Exercise #13: Changing/Improving the Office Environment, Fun & Work Life Balance

Section 7: Increasing Motivation by Improving Communications (Listening, Transparency+More)

Lecture 41 Motivating by Listening & Explaining Why (Not Just What)

Lecture 42 Motivating by Being Transparent

Lecture 43 Exercise #14: Increasing Transparency, Explaining Why+Booking More 1×1 Meetings!

Lecture 44 Increasing Motivation by Giving An AWESOME Inspirational “FIRE THEM UP” Speech!

Section 8: Analyzing The Best Motivating Firms and Motivation Best Practices

Lecture 45 Motivating by Studying How the Best Companies Motivate!

Lecture 46 What 5 Things De-Motivated Me & What 5 Things Motivated Me in My Career?

Lecture 47 Exercise #15: Motivating Best Practices: Self Reflection/Your Influencers

Section 9: Course Conclusion and Additional Resources

Lecture 48 Course Conclusion & Thank You!

Lecture 49 Side Note: Motivation by Inspirational Coach Methods by Studying Vince Lombardi

Lecture 50 Side Note: Motivating by Positive Attitudes & Studying Bill McDermott from SAP

Section 10: Bonus Materials

Lecture 51 Bonus Items

New managers who want to improve their team/employee management motivations skills (so that productivity increases),Tenured managers who have some experience with motivating teams/employees and want to brush up on their skills (especially with how to motivate younger employees and Millennials so that productivity increases)

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 23m | 875.82 MB
Created by: Chris Haroun

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