How to Price Consumer Products FMCGCPG

Learn how to Price Consumer Goods and understand the Financial impact of your decisions. Includes advanced templates.
How to Price Consumer Products FMCGCPG
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How to Price Consumer Products FMCGCPG

What you’ll learn

Create and document a winning Pricing Strategy for Consumer Products
Have a sound understanding of the 6 key factors that influence a Consumer Pricing Strategy
Understand how key elements of the Pricing Strategy impact a Product P&L

How to Price Consumer Products FMCGCPG


Simple Mathematics
Basic Marketing Principles


This course will equip you with a good understanding of how large consumer brands (FMCG/CPG) set and manage product pricing in the real world. If you are looking for detailed academic theory then this course may not be for you. Please view the “Course Overview and Structure” and “What is a Consumer Pricing Strategy?” free course videos before purchasing this course so you are clear on what you are about to purchase. The course showcases in simple english the concepts behind pricing a consumer product, and then puts them to practical use with a detailed example. If you are not comfortable with the English language and basic Mathematics, then this course may not be for you.You can download the P&L and Category Analysis Grid templates in Excel, which you can then customize for your brand or business.In about 60 minutes of video you will gain from my 20+ years of senior marketing and category management experience with some of the biggest consumer brands in the world across both developed and emerging marketsWhether you work for a large consumer product business or are a small business competing against the global brands or you are a start up in the food and consumer product space, this course will add to your understanding and capability on pricing and category management, while helping you be in control of your P&L.


Section 1: Course Structure, Sequence and definition

Lecture 1 Course Overview and Structure

Lecture 2 What is a Consumer Pricing Strategy ?

Section 2: The 4 Key Components or Decision points of a Pricing Strategy

Lecture 3 The 4 Key Components / Decision Points of a pricing strategy

Section 3: 6 Key Factors that influence a Pricing Strategy

Lecture 4 Part 1 of the 6 key factors that influence a Pricing Strategy

Lecture 5 Part 2 of the 6 key factors that influence a Pricing Strategy

Section 4: OLA – Example of writing a Pricing Strategy

Lecture 6 Part 1 OLA – Brand Strategy and Positioning

Lecture 7 Part 2 OLA – Product Cost

Lecture 8 Part 3a OLA – Category & Competition Pricing

Lecture 9 Part 3b OLA – Conclusion of Category & Competition Pricing

Lecture 10 Part 4 OLA – Product Substitutability

Lecture 11 Part 5&6 OLA – Financial Position & Brand Role

Lecture 12 OLA Final Recommendation, P&L Check and Documentation

Section 5: P&L Sensitivity to the 4 Key Components of a Pricing Strategy

Lecture 13 The OLA P&L sensitivity

Section 6: Bonus Section

Lecture 14 Bonus Lecture

Students and Professionals who aspire to or already work in marketing, brand management, category management or sales with a consumer product organisation,Start ups, business owners and managers who sell any kind of consumer products,Finance, Operations & Supply Chain professionals who want to understand a how marketing arrive at and implement a Price Strategy,Experienced professionals looking to revisit fundamentals and implement new Pricing methodologies and processes in a consumer product organisation

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Created by: FMCG Academy

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