How To Produce Modern Day G Funk Future Funk in Ableton

Learn the key elements of G Funk in this simple to follow tutorial
How To Produce Modern Day G Funk Future Funk in Ableton
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How To Produce Modern Day G Funk Future Funk in Ableton

What you’ll learn

How to produce drum patterns in the G Funk genre
How to play basslines in the G Funk genre
Learn Arrangement skillls
Be able to complete their own production in this style once the course is complete

How To Produce Modern Day G Funk Future Funk in Ableton


A basic understanding of Ableton Live


Welcome to the G Funk course where you will learn how to produce a track and also develop your skills as a producer. You will learn how to arrange a track, select the right sounds that are genre specific to G Funk and to mix your track to a high level. Also in this tutorial you will be able to apply the skills you learn to other genres such as Nu-Disco and Hip Hop, so the opportunities to take from this course are not limited to this one style.The course requires you to download some 3rd party plug ins which are free to do so and also the drum files and midi files are also included for you to use should you need them.  Everything is here for you to produce a full track in the G Funk style taking influence from artists such as XL Middleton and old skool acts such as Zapp from the early 1980’s.Once the track is arranged you will then perform a detailed mix down of the recording in which you will learn how to apply the correct plug ins within Ableton such as compression, grouping tracks, Saturation and delay and reverb.The key elements in this course are1. Drum programming.2. Arrangement skills3. Bass line performance and programming.4. Chord playing and structure.5. Mixing skills.6. Prepping your track for mastering.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction, Drum Programming & Resource download

Lecture 2 Bassline Production

Lecture 3 Synths & Bells

Lecture 4 The Intro Arrangement

Lecture 5 The Arrangement Continued

Lecture 6 Final Arrangement

Lecture 7 The Final Mixing Session

Beginner to Intermediate

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 15m | 816.88 MB
Created by: Rob Webster

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