How to Stop Procrastinating 20

Overcome procrastination, self sabotage and lack of motivation in 21 days or less
How to Stop Procrastinating 20
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How to Stop Procrastinating 20

What you’ll learn

Overcome procrastination in 21 days or less
Overcome self sabotage and laziness
Overcome fear and anxiety
Overcome lack of motivation and get things done

How to Stop Procrastinating 20


If you’re struggling with procrastination I’ve done all the hard for you in a since 8 step system.


HOW TO STOP PROCRASTINATING 2.0™ is a 21 day program designed to overcome procrastination, fear, self sabotage and lack of motivation. The value in this course compared to any other product or program on this topic is unmatched. We don’t have a “just do it” type of approach. That method never works! Furthermore, we don’t provide basic solutions such as “time management” tools. Actually, procrastinators are extremely efficient with their time. For example, cramming for a test (more on that later).How To Stop Procrastinating 2.0™ is not a bunch of recycled information you find in other “Stop Procrastinating” courses or products. You’ll learn techniques, tool and strategies that you won’t find in other products or programs on this topic. That’s because we dive deeply into the science behind true behavioral change, psychology and discipline behind single layer issues that other products address.This program is taught by an ex chronic procrastinator, so you’ll be able to relate to Vincent’s story and approach. He helps you understand yourself and why you constantly hit the road block of self sabotage, fear and lack of motivation. He teaches self reliance – deeper level principles about YOU and how your mind operates.This course addresses why you procrastinate and exactly what to do about it in a simple step by step process. Your job is to just follow the steps. He also talks about health and mindset hacks, goal setting hacks, how to become your greatest version and how to fully optimize yourself and your environment for higher chances of success. The level of detail in this course is why How To Stop Procrastinating 2.0™ is second to none.


Section 1: Step 1-8

Lecture 1 Video 1 (all videos are un-named so you’ll watch in order)

Lecture 2 Video 2

Lecture 3 Video 3

Lecture 4 Video 4

Lecture 5 Video 5

Lecture 6 Video 6

Lecture 7 Video 7

Lecture 8 Video 8

Lecture 9 Video 9

Lecture 10 Video 10

Lecture 11 Video 11

Lecture 12 Video 12

Lecture 13 Video 13

Anyone struggling with self-sabotage, fear and lack of motivation

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Created by: Vincent Santiago

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