How to Store Food Water for Emergencies

Ultimate guide to learn how to store food and water
How to Store Food Water for Emergencies
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How to Store Food Water for Emergencies

What you’ll learn

How to be prepared with food and water

How to Store Food Water for Emergencies


The desire to be prepared


Have you been interested in preparedness but not sure where to start? Food and water are good places to start! I designed this course so you wouldn’t have information overload. This course guides you through the process of storing food and water in the best way possible. I want you to succeed so I’ve given as much detail as possible, while trying not to overwhelm you.In this course you’ll learn: How to set a time and money budget for your food and water storageFiguring out the types of foods available for food storage purposesHow to figure out what to buy firstExactly how to store food for long termWhere to store food to keep it as fresh as possibleTons of food storage recipesHow to inventory your foodVarious alternative cooking optionsHow to find and grow your own food in addition to storing itHow much water should you store?Where exactly to store said waterHow to find and haul waterHow to purify waterThis truly is the ULTIMATE emergency food and water storage guide.You could certainly search through the internet for all of this information.Or sign up for this online course and have access to the necessary information all in one place.I’m always here for support, contact me at any time during the course.Take this course at your leisure, there’s no time limit. In fact, I highly recommend that you accomplish each action before moving onto the next lesson.


Section 1: Storing Food & Water

Lecture 1 Setting a Budget

Lecture 2 Types of Food to Store

Lecture 3 What to Buy First

Lecture 4 How to Store Food

Lecture 5 Where to Store Food

Lecture 6 Food Storage Recipes

Lecture 7 Inventorying

Lecture 8 Alternative Cooking Options

Lecture 9 Finding/Growing Food

Lecture 10 How Much Water to Store

Lecture 11 Where to Store Water

Lecture 12 Procuring Water

Lecture 13 Purifying Water

Beginner’s who are interested in being prepared for emergencies and disasters

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Created by: Morgan Rogue

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