How to Train a Puppy

Train your puppy the right way with Dr. Ian Dunbar. Includes 13 videos, 4 books, and 16 behavior blueprints.
How to Train a Puppy
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How to Train a Puppy

What you’ll learn

Train a new dog old tricks
Understand the basics of what to do before and after you get your puppy
Apply the SIRIUS method of puppy training
Apply the SIRIUS method of adult dog training
Manage biting and fighting dogs
Apply practical games and exercises

How to Train a Puppy


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The Complete Dr. Dunbar Collection (This course is NOT approved for continued education credits) 4 books, 13 videos & 16 Behavior Blueprints by world-renowned dog trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar. Dr. Dunbar has been a pioneer in the world of pet dog training where he has been instrumental in popularizing dog-friendly, fun and games training that is fast, effective and enjoyable for the whole family. 4 Books: How to Train a New Dog Old Tricks (192 pages), Dr. Dunbar’s Good Little Dog Book (144 pages), Before You Get Your Puppy (104 pages) & After You Get Your Puppy (160 pages) 13 DVDs: SIRIUS® Puppy Training Classic (90 minutes) & Redux (40 minutes), SIRIUS® Adult Dog Training (95 minutes), Training Dog with Dunbar (65 minutes), Dog Training for Children (85 minutes), Every Picture Tells a Story (25 minutes), Who Trains Whom (120 minutes), Dog Aggression: Biting (90 minutes) & Fighting (90 minutes) & Training The Companion Dog (Set of four 60 minute DVDs): 1 Socialization & Training, 2 Behavior Problems, 3 Walking & Heeling, 4 Recalls & Stays 16 Customizable Behavior Blueprints: Cat Manners, Come-Sit-Down-Stay, Destructive Chewing, Digging Problems, Dogs & Children, Excessive Barking, Fear of People, Fighting with Dogs, Home Alone, Housetraining, Hyper Dog, New Adult Dog, New Puppy, Puppy Biting, Puppy Training & Walking on Leash All of these books & DVDs are also available for purchase online at James & Kenneth Publishers. Purchased separately this collection would cost $416.80.


Lecture 1 Thanks for signing up for this course

Section 1: Books

Lecture 2 Dr. Dunbar’s Good Little Dog Book

Lecture 3 How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks

Lecture 4 BEFORE You Get Your Puppy

Lecture 5 AFTER You Get Your Puppy

Section 2: Videos

Lecture 6 Video Preview

Lecture 7 SIRIUS® Puppy Training Classic

Lecture 8 SIRIUS® Puppy Training Redux

Lecture 9 SIRIUS Adult Dog Training Part 1

Lecture 10 SIRIUS Adult Dog Training Part 2

Lecture 11 Training Dogs With Dunbar

Lecture 12 Dog Training For Children

Lecture 13 Every Picture Tells A Story

Lecture 14 Biting Dogs

Lecture 15 Fighting Dogs

Lecture 16 Who Trains Whom

Lecture 17 TCD1 Socialization & Training

Lecture 18 TCD2 Behavior Problems

Lecture 19 TCD3 Walking & Heeling

Lecture 20 TCD4 Recalls & Stays

Section 3: Behavior Blueprints

Lecture 21 Cat Manners

Lecture 22 Come Sit Down Stay

Lecture 23 Destructive Chewing

Lecture 24 Digging Problems

Lecture 25 Dogs & Children

Lecture 26 Excessive Barking

Lecture 27 Fear Of People

Lecture 28 Fighting With Dogs

Lecture 29 Home Alone

Lecture 30 Housetraining

Lecture 31 Hyper Dog

Lecture 32 New Adult Dog

Lecture 33 New Puppy

Lecture 34 Puppy Biting

Lecture 35 Puppy Training

Lecture 36 Walking On Leash

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Udemy | English | 25h 11m | 4.61 GB
Created by: Ian Dunbar

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