How to Write a Novel

A beginner’s guide to writing your first novel
How to Write a Novel
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Rosamunde Bott


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How to Write a Novel

What you’ll learn

How to create and develop ideas for a novel
How to develop a synopsis and structure for your novel
How to create believable and interesting characters
How to build conflict and tension
The technicalities of writing: pace, exposition, descriptions, dialogue, sub-text etc.
How to write a great ending
How to edit

How to Write a Novel


A burning desire to write and finish your first novel


For anyone who has a novel in them waiting to be written, but lack the confidence to start it.  This is a detailed step-by-step course in how to write your first novel from an experienced novelist who has 5 star reviews on Amazon.  You will receive several hours of videos, using extracts from well known writers, examples from my own experience and the strategies and structures that great writers have used for centuries.  Unlike other courses, this is fully comprehensive, taking you from the first steps of getting your initial ideas, right through to ending your novel and the editing process.  Along the way, you will learn how to build relatable characters, create drama and tension, interesting sub-plots – and many more writing strategies to keep your readers turning the page.  You will also be given exercises to help you build your own story as you go along.  By the end of the course, you should have at least a synopsis, created your main characters, and perhaps even written your first few chapters.Rosamunde Bott is a self-published author who has been writing novels for over 30 years.  She has written six full length novels, including a children’s fantasy story.  Her multi-timeline, metaphysical and historical novels consistently get 5 and 4 star reviews on Amazon, and her books are often described as great page-turners.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What Story to Write?

Section 2: Section 2: Building a Structure

Lecture 3 Introduction

Lecture 4 Synopsis

Lecture 5 Conflict

Lecture 6 Sub-Plots

Lecture 7 Research

Section 3: Section 3: Characters

Lecture 8 Introduction

Lecture 9 Back Story

Lecture 10 Flawed Heroes & Attractive Villains

Lecture 11 Purpose & Driving Need

Lecture 12 Points of View

Section 4: Section 4 – Building Tension and Drama

Lecture 13 Introduction

Lecture 14 Frustrate Your Characters

Lecture 15 Cliffhangers

Lecture 16 Breadcrumbs and Red Herrings

Lecture 17 Raising the Stakes

Section 5: Section 5 – Writing Your Novel

Lecture 18 Introduction

Lecture 19 Your First Chapter

Lecture 20 Introducing Your Characters

Lecture 21 Exposition

Lecture 0 Pace

Lecture 0 Show, Don’t Tell

Lecture 0 A Sense of Place

Lecture 0 Dialogue

Lecture 0 Subtext

Lecture 0 Introduction

Lecture 0 Building Tension

Lecture 0 The Twist Ending

Lecture 0 Resolutions

Lecture 0 Introduction

Lecture 0 Spelling & Grammar

Lecture 0 General Editing

Lecture 0 Bonus Lecture

Anyone with an idea for a novel, but lacking the confidence to actually write it,Beginner writers looking to develop the art of storytelling,Anyone who has started a novel, but is struggling to complete it,Anyone who wants to write but is unsure how to start

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Udemy | English | 3h 16m | 3.46 GB
Created by: Rosamunde Bott

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