How to Write AND Publish a Book in 30 Days

Best-Selling Author Teaches You How to Write A Book in 30 Days
How to Write AND Publish a Book in 30 Days
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How to Write AND Publish a Book in 30 Days

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to write a book in just 30 days from a best-selling author.
You will learn my best techniques for coming up with good book ideas that can be completed in as quick as 30 days.
The step by step process of professionally publishing a book: from editor and book design to publishing hardcover, paperback, ebookm and audio.
The Four Book Concepts that Will Give You INFINITE ideas for books you can write.
You will learn all the writing tips I have discovered in my 30 years of writing that have made my books and articles successful.
You will learn the techniques I use to avoid writer’s block.
Master the art of the start. What are best practices for starting your book. How to analyze the best first lines to being a book or story.
The art of story-telling. Understand the Arc of the Hero and how it is used in not only fiction, but non-fiction, article writing, and even a tweet.
Learn the methods for calculating the readability quotient of your book.
What are the best practices for marketing your book.
What are the best methods for making a post or book go viral.

How to Write AND Publish a Book in 30 Days


A computer for writing/ editing/ research
A bloodthirsty eagerness to find a creative outlet for your ideas.
No other experience required.


Writing a book, in addition to being an outlet for your creativity, is often the primary way to establish credibility in your industry. If two people are up for a speaking job, a consulting job, a podcast opportunity, or whatever, the one who has spent the time and effort writing a book will be chosen. There are many myths about writing that have kept people from the book that is inside them. And EVERYone has a book inside them. I made this course so people can write a book, and they can do it quickly – in just 30 days. Now, more than ever before in history, everyone must create their own opportunities. For me, writing books has opened doors into industries and opportunities I could not have imagined. I want everyone taking this course to experience what I have personally experienced. I have built community, businesses, and have had many adventures because of the directions writing has taken me. Additionally, it feels good to be creative. To write something you know others will benefit from. I have written 25 books (so far) over the past 21 years. And many of my friends and associates have asked for my help in writing their own books. So I began looking around to see if there were courses I could show them. I was getting frustrated that so many courses on writing were not written by published authors or bestselling authors. I have a theory of learning: plus, minus, equals:PLUS: learn from the best teachers you can.EQUALS: compare notes with others in the same position as you.MINUS: teach what you learn. You don’t really understand something unless you explain it simply to someone else.My published books range from non-fiction to memoir to fiction, a children’s book, and even a comic book. I have also written thousands of articles, many of which have had over 1,000,000 views.Several of my books have been Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestsellers including my books, “Choose Yourself!” and “The Power of No”. Additionally, my book, “Reinvent Yourself” was #1 in the entire Amazon store (in addition to being #1 in its various categories).Many people who have asked me for writing help are excellent entrepreneurs, scientists, athletes, students, and are masters at what they do. But they have not mastered the art of writing.Which is fine! They spent their lives being physicists or investors, or athletes, businessmen, etc. Of course they did not have time to learn the nuances of writing a book, the nuances of storytelling. It has been my greatest pleasure to have helped many people birth their dreams into a book.And when you are done with a book there the sheer pleasure of holding an actual physical book in your hands and saying, “I did this!”I want you have to that feeling.In this course you will learn: – Why you can you write a book in 30 days. – The art of good storytelling – How to come up with great book ideas that can be completed quickly. – How to write with an authentic voice by asking three key questions about yourself. – How to analyze a book’s readability quotient. – The keys to writing good first lines and cliffhangers, whether it is for a fiction book or a non-fiction book, or even a tweet. – Best practices for marketing your book. – How to avoid writer’s block. – My best tips and tricks for writing effectively. – How to make writing go viral. – How to find an editor, a cover designer, an interior designer, an audiobook producer. – Step by step how to publish your paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audiobook. Additionally, I have added bonuses of incredible value: 25 interviews I’ve conducted with writers ranging from Judy Blume, Ken Follet, Steven Pressfield, and many other fiction and non-fiction writers. With this course, you WILL learn how to write and publish your book in just 30 days. =====Some messages I have received from people about either my books or my advice on writing their own books. —“@jaltucherThank you for inspiring me to write my first book. How can I get you a copy to show my appreciation?”—“@jaltucher Our book made #1 Amazon Best Seller today! …. Thank you for your idea and book challenge! I am one step closer to helping 1 million myopic people like my children. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”—-@jaltucherthank you for the book “choose yourself”. It just quite literally saved my life—@jaltucher -thank you for writing #book#ChooseYourself! I am getting so much #motivation and great #ideas on #writing & #self-publishing!—I turned James Altucher’s @jaltucher idea and book challenge into a #1 new release book, Habits for Better Vision.. Thank you and feeling grateful from a choose-yourself mom!—-Really needed the reminder to let my ideas flow, thank you @jaltucher for consistently being one of my favorite thinkers. My 30 Day Book Challenge book is due 7/15 and I’ve got 3 more ideas from listening to one of your podcasts!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Who am I?

Lecture 3 Reason to write a book

Lecture 4 What do we cover in the course

Section 2: Best Way to Start writing a Book

Lecture 5 Introduction

Lecture 6 The three questions of Authenticity: Who are you, why are you, why now?

Lecture 7 Myths about writing.

Lecture 8 Time Management

Section 3: Arc of The Hero

Lecture 9 Introduction.

Lecture 10 The Arc of The Hero

Lecture 11 Star Wars

Lecture 12 Moses

Lecture 13 Walt Disney

Lecture 14 Common Tweet

Lecture 15 Romance Novel

Section 4: Craft of writing

Lecture 16 Can I really Write a book in 30 days

Lecture 17 Why?

Lecture 18 Is AI My competitor?

Lecture 19 How I learned about story telling the hard way.

Lecture 20 12 Best “first lines” of books one should study.

Lecture 21 How to write an introduction / The 6 Us

Lecture 22 The Warren Buffet 5/25 rule and how it applies to writers.

Lecture 23 Warren Buffet 525, can you master all of the 25 items.

Lecture 24 The F-K scores

Lecture 25 How to use the FK score system

Lecture 26 9 ways to overcome writer’s block.

Lecture 27 My best writing tips.

Lecture 28 Self Publishing vs traditional Publishing

Lecture 29 How to publish your book

Lecture 30 How to find roles on Fiverr

Lecture 31 How to Publish on Amazon/KDP

Lecture 32 How to Market your book

Section 5: The Four Book Concepts

Lecture 33 Introduction

Lecture 34 The 101 Technique

Lecture 35 The Habits Concept

Lecture 36 Jesus Diet

Lecture 37 How to steal from Academics Technique

Lecture 38 How to use Academic Research Papers

Lecture 39 Conclusion

Section 6: Resources & Bonuses: 25 downloadable interviews I have done with great writers.

Lecture 40 Additional content

Lecture 41 Other resources

Everyone who has every wanted to write and publish a book but always thought they couldn’t.,Blog writers who always wondered if they could take their writings and make a book.,People who want to write a book to establish more credibility in their field.,College and University Students,Students of all forms of Creativity.,People who want to brag to their friends that they’ve written a book (hey, that was my original reason)

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