HowExpert Guide to Music Festivals

101 Tips to Survive, Thrive, and Have the Most Epic Music Festival Experience
HowExpert Guide to Music Festivals
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HowExpert Guide to Music Festivals

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Music Festivals

HowExpert Guide to Music Festivals




If you want to learn how to survive, thrive, and have an epic music festival experience, then get HowExpert Guide to Music Festivals. This guide is written by Lydia Endel, who has real-life knowledge, passion, and experience in exploring many different music festivals.This book will educate people who are new to the music festival scene on how to survive and thrive at their next festival. The music festival world can be a little bit intimidating at first glance, so this guide is specifically for anyone looking to learn from someone with real-life experience and knowledge to feel more confident about booking their next festival ticket.This book is split into 101 most essential tips for any festival goer to consider before booking their next festival. In Part 1, you will discover how to choose your festival and ticket type, choose your accommodation and airfare, how to pack, and how to prepare your mind, body, budget, and game plan. In Part 2, you will learn how to make the most of every moment, how to act right, how to settle in and make friends, and how to keep you and your friends safe. In Part 3, you will get essential tips on healing your body and mind after the festival. By the end of this book, you will be fully prepared to confidently book your next festival ticket and immerse yourself in the beautiful, unique culture of the music festival world.Get “HowExpert Guide to Music Festivals” today!About the ExpertLydia Endel attended the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, at which she graduated with a BA degree in English Literature. She now lives in Honolulu, Hawai’i, and spends her time writing, traveling the world, and attending as many music festivals as possible along the way.


Section 1: HowExpert Guide to Music Festivals

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Chapter 1: Choosing Your Festival and Ticket Type

Lecture 3 Chapter 2: Choosing Airfare and Accommodation

Lecture 4 Chapter 3A: Packing

Lecture 5 Chapter 3B: Packing

Lecture 6 Chapter 4: Preparation of the Mind, Body, Budget, and Game Plan

Lecture 7 Chapter 5: Make the Most of Every Moment

Lecture 8 Chapter 6: Act Right

Lecture 9 Chapter 7: Settling in and Making Friends

Lecture 10 Chapter 8: Keeping yourself and your Friends Safe

Lecture 11 Chapter 9: Heal your Body

Lecture 12 Chapter 10: Heal Your Mind

Lecture 13 Conclusion

Lecture 14 About the Expert

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