HTML AND CSS COURSE With a full complete Project

Learn HTML and CSS basic and advanced topics like CSS grid, Flex-Box, Sass, become confident in developing layouts
HTML AND CSS COURSE With a full complete Project
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HTML AND CSS COURSE With a full complete Project

What you’ll learn

Basic introduction to HTML and CSS
Introduction to HTML DOM
Introduction to text editors
HTML Elements and tags forming them one after another
HTML styles and style tag
HTML Tables and structuring them
HTML Element attributes
HTML block and Inline elements
HTML FORM Elements and attributes
Writing an HTML document from scratch
HTML Links
HTML iFrames
HTML images and Image attributes
HTML id and class attributes
CSS basics
CSS Selectors, properties and values
Advanced CSS
CSS GRID and Flex Box
Practical CSS and HTML Project

HTML AND CSS COURSE With a full complete Project


The most important requirement is positive attitude towards programming and being passionate about learning programming.
I don’t have to remind you that you need a computer. Desktop or laptop. The operating system doesn’t matter


This course covers basic to advanced CSS and HTML topics like positioning, animations, and transformations, forms, tables, CSS Grid, Flex-box among other advanced topics. IT IS BACKED UP WITH A COMPLETE PROJECT! – Refer to the introduction video to see what the project will be. It’s a responsive HTML CSS website. From scratch. I will be covering SASS basics in the project phase and I will teach you a super-easy way of getting started with sass, and make use of its power like mix-ins, functions among others. I also want to make it clear that this is a free course for the first few (one hundred)  subscribers. Since it is my first course, it may not be perfect but I know it’s a high-quality course. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please let me know in the discussions sections and I will correct the mistake before rating the course badly! Give me room for improvement. Or at least acknowledge my recording time, please! Anyway, thank you and welcome to the course.  I will be updating this course frequently and if there is something I haven’t covered and you feel that I should make an update, please let me know in the Q and A section of the course. Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you in the course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 0 About the tutor

Section 2: Getting started

Lecture 2 What is HTML?

Lecture 3 HTML DOM and Document Structure

Section 3: HTML DOM Elements

Lecture 4 HTML Elements Writing Syntax

Lecture 5 The concept of Nesting HTML Elements

Lecture 6 Taking a look at HTML Elements-HTML Links

Lecture 7 HTML Links Continued

Lecture 8 HTML images and buttons

Lecture 9 HTML Complete Course- HTML Ordered and unordered lists

Lecture 10 HTML DIVs and attributes

Lecture 11 HTML Inline and Block Elements

Lecture 12 HTML Style attribute

Lecture 13 HTML Style Attribute Continuation

Lecture 14 HTML Styles Introduction

Lecture 15 HTMLExternal Styles and HTML Tables

Lecture 16 HTML Complete Course- HTML Class attribute, script tag and file patths

Lecture 17 HTML Head Element Plus nested elements

Lecture 18 HTML Comments

Section 4: HTML FORMS

Lecture 19 HTML Forms

Section 5: CSS

Lecture 20 Introduction to Cascading Styles Sheet(CSS)

Lecture 21 CSS styles Types

Lecture 22 CSS Styles- External Styles

Lecture 23 CSS Syntax

Lecture 24 CSS Type and ID selectors

Lecture 25 CSS Selectors ID and Class Selectors

Lecture 26 CSS Descendant Selectors

Lecture 27 CSS Adjacent Sibling Selectors

Lecture 28 CSS Adjacent Sibling Selectors

Lecture 29 CSS General Sibling Selectors

Lecture 30 CSS Pseudo Class Selectors

Lecture 31 CSS first-child pseudo Selectors

Lecture 32 CSS Comments

Lecture 33 CSS Cascading Concept

Section 6: PROJECT

Lecture 34 1

Lecture 35 2

Lecture 36 3

Lecture 37 4

Lecture 38 5

Lecture 39 6

Lecture 40 7

Lecture 41 8

Lecture 42 9

Lecture 43 10

Lecture 44 11

Lecture 45 12

Lecture 46 13

Lecture 47 14

Lecture 48 15

Lecture 49 16

Lecture 50 17

Lecture 51 18

Anyone who wants to begin learning programming or web development,Anyone who likes practical approach to learning programming, doing a complete practical project.,Anyone interested in learning the power of advanced css like CSS grid and Flex box for building respnsive HTML CSS templates.,Anyone who wants to harness the power of sass , like variables, mixins etc.,Anyone who would like to begin learning JavaScript or CSS HTML framework like bootstrap.,Both absolute beginners to programming and the intermediate level are accommodated in this course.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 21m | 4.19 GB
Created by: Simon Angatia

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