HTML5 MasteryBuild Superior Websites Mobile Apps NEW 2023

Easily build 25 websites and apps (including Virtual Reality, iPhone and Android apps) with HTML5, CSS, & JavaScript
HTML5 MasteryBuild Superior Websites Mobile Apps NEW 2023
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Maximiliano Firtman


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HTML5 MasteryBuild Superior Websites Mobile Apps NEW 2023

What you’ll learn

Master HTML5 Web and App Development from beginner-level to expert
Create your own mobile web apps with hardware and offline access
Explore the newest HTML5 techniques for mobile-devices
Discover the worlds of Virtual Reality (VR) and social networks with HTML5
Reach a wider global audience creating Installed Progressive Web Apps

HTML5 MasteryBuild Superior Websites Mobile Apps NEW 2023


Before taking this course you should know how to browse the Web on the computer and on your mobile device.
In this course, I will help you install the necessary software on your computer. It will be helpful if you are comfortable with installing your own software.
The ideal student would be passionate about learning new technologies and diving into hands-on projects.


If you want to build cool stuff and are looking for a workshop-intensive experience to help you start on the path to becoming a web designer, web developer, or full-stack engineer, then this course is for you. This course introduces you to a solid foundation in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript before quickly ramping up your skillset to work with the most current technologies applied in today’s market. In over 25 projects, learn how to create your own websites and mobile apps while working with GPS, Voice Recognition, Camera, Offline, VR metaverse and 360 experiences, and many more features. In this course, you will:Learn the basics of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript APIsCode and publish your apps with cloud-based databases and storage for freeMaximize your phone’s hardware, including GPS, Voice Recognition, and the camera for your appsBuild your own Progressive Web Apps with an Installed Icon and offline immediate accessPublish your PWAs in the Google Play Store for Android and AppStore for iPhone and iPad, create desktop appsUse social networks and sharing sites for embedding and sharing viral contentCreate websites, apps, and VR experiences while coding your own projectsIntegrate your work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, YouTube, and Google MapsA Unique HTML5 Course Using Only Cutting Edge Mobile-First TechniquesThe challenge with learning HTML5 today is that most courses focus only on theory and cover every tag without seeing the big picture. However, in my course, you will code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in more than 25 real-world projects that you can adapt to your needs, creating infinite combinations for your ideas, customers, or company. Additionally, you will have access to more than 50 exercises with working files, images and code ready to use and publish with your own content or services. In a special deal just for students in this course, I also provide a free service where you’ll be able to test your HTML5 code in your mobile phone without setting up any server or special configuration. You will be able to install a mobile app on your phone in just a few minutes!Work alongside me on over 50 exercises and 25 real-world projects where you will build: An Instagram-like Social Photo Sharing NetworkA Yelp-like Business Locator using Geolocation and MapsA Pokemon-Go-like Game with an Offline Installed Icon on Android and iPhoneA QR Code Reader, a Gravity Game, and Your Personal Activity Screen LauncherAn E-commerce Site with a Shopping CartYour Personal Portfolio WebsiteA 360 viewer and a VR experience for Oculus, Daydream, Cardboard, and HololensA Restaurant Menu App, a Hands-free Cooking App for Phones and Tablets, and a BlogThis course will cover topics that aren’t found in other HTML5 courses out there.  Learn with me as I discuss the components a successful HTML5 solution must have, including mobile optimizations, integration with social networks and native apps, offline access for poor cellular connections, database access, installed icons on iOS and Android and much more.Why Learn from Me In this course, you’ll only focus on Web and mobile solutions that are optimized for the best possible conversion and reach. That’s because I’ve been teaching these technologies for more than 20 years while creating real-world apps and websites for small and big companies around the world. I specialize in Mobile HTML5, Swift, Kotlin, iOS and Android development, Progressive Web Apps, and Web Performance, and I’ve led professional training sessions for companies such as Apple, PayPal, LinkedIn, Cisco, Intel, and HP. I’ve spent years distilling the knowledge I’ve written about in my published books, which are available in more than 13 translations in 100 countries. Teaching people technical concepts is my life’s work, and I’ve uniquely designed this course so that you’ll create apps using only what’s important to actually know—not what the outdated books say and not covering legacy techniques that nobody uses anymore. You’ll get up and running with HTML5 in just a few hours, and you will be able to create and test your own apps on your mobile phone in the first few minutes of the course. When you finish this course, you will receive a verifiable certificate of completion and peace of mind knowing that you have mastered the most cutting-edge HTML5 techniques through hands-on learning and real-world projects. Join me on this adventure today!  I’ll see you inside the course.


Section 1: Welcome!

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 OPTIONAL: Set up your Coding Environment

Lecture 3 OPTIONAL: How This Course Is Structured

Lecture 4 OPTIONAL: What Can You Do With HTML5?

Lecture 5 PROJECT: Your First HTML5 Project

Lecture 6 Test on Your Mobile Phone in Seconds

Lecture 7 Create a VR Experience with HTML5

Lecture 8 Finish Your First Mobile App

Section 2: Get Started with HTML

Lecture 9 Introduction

Lecture 10 Code HTML with Valid Syntax

Lecture 11 Validate Your Code

Lecture 12 PROJECT: Create a News Article

Lecture 13 Render Text with Block Elements

Lecture 14 Specify Semantics for Words and Phrases

Lecture 15 Relate Your Data with Lists

Lecture 16 Group Elements in Containers

Lecture 17 EXERCISE: Create Semantic HTML5 Content


Lecture 19 Recap

Section 3: Add Images, Videos & Rich Content

Lecture 20 Introduction

Lecture 21 PROJECT: Create an Album for Your Social Event

Lecture 22 Prepare Your Images for the Web

Lecture 23 Render Photos and Images

Lecture 24 Create an Audio Player

Lecture 25 Create a Video Player

Lecture 26 Customize a Video Player

Lecture 27 Render Data Tables

Lecture 28 Recap

Section 4: Style and Design with CSS

Lecture 29 Introduction

Lecture 30 PROJECT: Create Your First Blog

Lecture 31 Apply Basic Styles

Lecture 32 Target HTML Tags with Selectors

Lecture 33 Add Margins and Borders

Lecture 34 Style Text and Colors

Lecture 35 Layout Images and Tables

Lecture 36 Layout Lists with Flexbox

Lecture 37 Add Background Images

Lecture 38 Recap

Section 5: Add Links, Actions & External Content

Lecture 39 Introduction

Lecture 40 PROJECT: Create a Company Website

Lecture 41 Links Explained

Lecture 42 URLs Explained

Lecture 43 Advanced Link Options

Lecture 44 Embed Videos and Content

Lecture 45 PROJECT: Create Your Personal Activity Home Screen

Lecture 46 Open Native Apps on Mobile Devices: Maps and Navigation

Lecture 47 Open Messaging, Phone Call and Social Apps

Lecture 48 Recap

Section 6: Publish Your Work

Lecture 49 Introduction

Lecture 50 Select a Provider and a Public URL

Lecture 51 Track Your Visits with Analytics

Lecture 52 Publish on Firebase for Free

Lecture 53 Publish on an FTP Server

Lecture 54 Distribute QR Codes & Physical Web Beacons

Lecture 55 Recap

Section 7: Add Interaction with Social Networks

Lecture 56 Introduction

Lecture 57 PROJECT: Make a City Guide

Lecture 58 Make Your Content Shareable

Lecture 59 Integrate with Facebook

Lecture 60 Integrate with Twitter

Lecture 61 Work with WhatsApp & Other Social Networks

Lecture 62 Recap

Section 8: Optimize for Mobile Devices

Lecture 63 Introduction

Lecture 64 PROJECT: Create a Restaurant Menu App

Lecture 65 Code Basic Mobile Optimizations

Lecture 66 Optimize for iPhone and iPad

Lecture 67 Optimize for Android

Lecture 68 Add Sticky Headers

Lecture 69 Work with High-Resolution Displays

Lecture 70 Recap

Section 9: Create Interactive Forms

Lecture 71 Introduction

Lecture 72 PROJECT: Create an E-commerce Site

Lecture 73 Design the Basic Form Layout

Lecture 74 Add Validation and Styles

Lecture 75 Use Advanced Input Types

Lecture 76 Add Drop Down Menus

Lecture 77 Send the Form

Lecture 78 Recap

Section 10: Add Interactivity with JavaScript

Lecture 79 Introduction

Lecture 80 PROJECT: Create a Shopping Cart

Lecture 81 Program Your HTML with JavaScript

Lecture 82 Handle Events with Listeners

Lecture 83 Manipulate Elements and Styles

Lecture 84 Recap

Section 11: Animate Your Content

Lecture 85 Introduction

Lecture 86 PROJECT: Design Your Own Ad Banners

Lecture 87 Work with Visibility

Lecture 88 Create Basic Transitions

Lecture 89 Add 2D Transformations

Lecture 90 Create Keyframe Animations

Lecture 91 Recap

Section 12: Use Geolocation and Maps

Lecture 92 Introduction

Lecture 93 PROJECT: Create Your Own Yelp-like Business Locator

Lecture 94 Geolocation Explained

Lecture 95 Acquire User’s Location

Lecture 96 Display a Map with Markers

Lecture 97 Calculate Distances

Lecture 98 Recap

Section 13: Use Responsive Web Design

Lecture 99 Introduction

Lecture 100 PROJECT: Create Your Personal Portfolio

Lecture 101 Adaptive Web vs. Responsive Web

Lecture 102 Use Basic Media Queries

Lecture 103 Apply Media Queries for Mobile Devices

Lecture 104 Add Responsive Images

Lecture 105 Recap

Section 14: Use Mobile Sensors, Touch and Voice

Lecture 106 Introduction

Lecture 107 PROJECT: Create a Digital Compass

Lecture 108 PROJECT: Play with a Gravity Level App

Lecture 109 PROJECT: Create a Cooking App

Lecture 110 Read Battery Level

Lecture 111 Work with Touch

Lecture 112 Vibrate the Phone

Lecture 113 Talk to the User

Lecture 114 Recap

Section 15: Use the Camera

Lecture 115 Introduction

Lecture 116 PROJECT: Generate a QR Code Reader

Lecture 117 Take Still Pictures and Videos

Lecture 118 Stream Video From the Camera

Lecture 119 Recap

Section 16: Create Virtual Reality and 360 Experiences

Lecture 120 Introduction

Lecture 121 VR Headsets and Browsers

Lecture 122 PROJECT: Create a 360 Viewer

Lecture 123 Take 360 Pictures and 360 Videos

Lecture 124 Embed 360 Content in HTML5

Lecture 125 PROJECT: Create a VR Photo Album

Lecture 126 Introduction to WebVR

Lecture 127 Create a VR World Using A-frame

Lecture 128 Recap

Section 17: Save Data Locally

Lecture 129 Introduction

Lecture 130 PROJECT: Create an Auto-Save Form

Lecture 131 Store and Retrieve Data

Lecture 132 Persist Data with LocalStorage

Lecture 133 Auto-Save a Form

Lecture 134 PROJECT: Create a Secret Data Vault

Lecture 135 Use Databases with IndexedDB and Dexie

Lecture 136 Read Data from a Data Store

Lecture 137 Update and Delete Data

Lecture 138 Recap

Section 18: Save Data Remotely

Lecture 139 Introduction

Lecture 140 PROJECT: Create Your Own Instagram App

Lecture 141 Set Up Google Firebase

Lecture 142 Authenticate Your Users

Lecture 143 Save Data in the Cloud

Lecture 144 Store Objects in the Cloud

Lecture 145 Retrieve Data

Lecture 146 Recap

Section 19: Consume Data from Services

Lecture 147 Introduction

Lecture 148 PROJECT: Create Your Own Weather Application

Lecture 149 AJAX Explained

Lecture 150 Fetch Data from a Remote Service

Lecture 151 Parse Data with JSON

Lecture 152 Recap

Section 20: Create Progressive Web Apps

Lecture 153 Introduction

Lecture 154 Progressive Web Apps Explained

Lecture 155 PWA Examples in Action

Lecture 156 PROJECT: Create a Pokémon Go-like App

Lecture 157 Create the Web App iOS Meta Tags

Lecture 158 Create the Web App Manifest

Lecture 159 Validate Your PWA with Lighthouse

Lecture 160 Recap

Section 21: Serve Users While Offline

Lecture 161 Introduction

Lecture 162 PROJECT: Make an Offline SketchGo Experience

Lecture 163 Detect Offline and Network Status

Lecture 164 Service Workers Explained

Lecture 165 Prepare Assets for Offline Support

Lecture 166 Recap

Section 22: Conclusion

Lecture 167 What’s Next?

People who are interested in publishing their own websites and mobile apps,People interested in hands-on learning and writing their own solutions,Designers who have not worked with the Web for more than 5 years,This course is best suited for beginner-level students interested in the latest developments in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Advanced-level web designers or developers creating their own web apps today will not be suited for this course.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 14h 33m | 8.06 GB
Created by: Maximiliano Firtman

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