HubSpot Marketing Strategy Reach your goals with HubSpot

Build an end-to-end Marketing Strategy using HubSpot tools – Turn website visitors into customers with HubSpot!
HubSpot Marketing Strategy Reach your goals with HubSpot
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Thalita Milan | Marketing Automation & HubSpot expert


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HubSpot Marketing Strategy Reach your goals with HubSpot

What you’ll learn

Build a Marketing Strategy to reach your goals using HubSpot tools
Attract, nurture and convert leads using HubSpot Marketing tools & Automation
Reach your Marketing goals with the customized Marketing plan you are going to build for your business
Create HubSpot Workflows for Lead Segmentation, Lead Nurturing & Retention
Take full advantage of all features inside the HubSpot Marketing Hub
Improve your Marketing Strategy by mastering fundamental HubSpot Marketing Reports

HubSpot Marketing Strategy Reach your goals with HubSpot


You need to know HubSpot basics (At least how add contacts to the CRM, what are HubSpot properties, how to create lists and emails)
You need access to a HubSpot Marketing Professional plan. If you don´t have this, I can help you get access to a 14-day free trial. More info below.


Did you know that HubSpot is one of the few Marketing platforms that gives you features to tackle ALL stages of the Customer funnel? Most Marketing platforms out there help you communicate with your leads once they are inside your email list, but do a poor job of supporting you on the ATTRACTION phase of the funnel. It sounds a bit crazy, right? Your leads have to come from somewhere… How do you attract them and add them to your Customer funnel?HubSpot is one of the few platforms that helps you with your funnel from beginning to end:ATTRACTCONVERTNURTURETURN LEADS INTO CUSTOMERSRETAIN CUSTOMERSIn this course, you will build an END-TO-END MARKETING STRATEGY to reach your goals using HubSpot tools. Learn WHICH features to use, WHEN, and HOW! We will choose tactics and tools to support you at each stage of your buyer’s journey.Every HubSpot feature has a purpose. When combined the right way, all these features will help you achieve your business goals in an efficient way. –Quick course outline:1) THE STRATEGY:What is a Marketing Strategy, and how do you build oneWhat is the Marketing funnelWhat are the different Marketing funnel stages, and how do you make people go from website visitors to leads and then customers2) HUBSPOT FEATURES:Which HubSpot features can you use to ATTRACT potential customers to your business, and how to choose between them?SEO Strategy: Use HubSpot to do your keyword research and rank higher on Google using the Topic Cluster approachContent creation tools: Create different types of content pieces to attract potential customersAds: Create & Manage your paid ads from within HubSpot and monitor which ads are bringing you more leads and customersSocial Media: Automate Social Media scheduling and see how your posts impact contact conversion Which HubSpot tools can you use to CAPTURE potential customers´ email addresses and build your email list?Choose between different types of forms and capture the information you need from a customerUse Chatbots as a lead generation toolWhat are the two steps for turning a lead into a customer?What happens once you add someone to your CRM: Lead Categorization & Segmentation?Segment your contacts based on attributes & behaviorMeasure their level of interest and encourage them to take action!Learn tactics for categorizing contacts manually and on autopilotUse HubSpot Lifecycle Stages & Custom Properties for Lead SegmentationHow do you nurture them until they become paying customers: How to communicate with each audience group?Implement a Lead Nurturing Strategy from scratchCommunicate with different audience groups in an efficient wayBuild workflows to make people go down your funnel and become customersHow to leverage HubSpot tools to retain customers?How to track Sales inside HubSpot: a quick look at Deals!What are the four types of Marketing reports that every business needs to have?—ATTENTION:This course is NOT an introduction to HubSpot – If you need a HubSpot intro or a refresher course, check out my Instructor Profile. My courses HubSpot for Beginners & HubSpot for Marketing Professionals will get you on the right track!This course requires access to HubSpot Automation (Workflows) and Reporting – If you don’t have this, I can help you get access to a 14-day FREE trial for a HubSpot paid Account – just so that you can at least complete this course and take the assignments. Check out Lesson 1 inside of Section 1 for more info and the link to the trial.I am a certified independent HubSpot expert providing HubSpot account management and training services to companies and professionals from all over the world. I have 15+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and have been working exclusively with HubSpot since 2018. I love helping businesses and professionals grow by learning HubSpot.This is one of my student testimonials:I just completed the course – and my only reaction is: WOW! Super valuable for entrepreneurs, consultants (such as myself), and small businesses. Thalita successfully managed to transfer her rich knowledge in a meticulous manner. This course is easy to comprehend and incorporate into your business strategy. I honestly never knew what were the actual possibilities of the HubSpot platform and now I finally do! Thank you so much for this course! Tamara Biljman, Content Strategist- Feel free to check out my website for more testimonials.I take pride in assisting my students and coaching clients throughout the learning journey, so feel free to ask me any questions at any time during the course.–ThalitaThis course is an independently developed course offered by Thalita Milan and has not been created, endorsed, or verified by HubSpot, Inc. HubSpot, Inc. shall not have any liability with respect to this course offered by me, Thalita Milan.


Section 1: Intro – Build your Marketing Strategy with HubSpot

Lecture 1 You need access to a HubSpot Professional plan for this course – free trial link


Lecture 3 What you can expect from this course?

Lecture 4 What is a Marketing funnel?

Lecture 5 What are the Marketing funnel stages?

Lecture 6 Which HubSpot tools are going to help us in each stage?

Section 2: Attract potential customers with HubSpot (DISCOVERY stage)

Lecture 7 Attract customers with SEO – Do your SEO with HubSpot

Lecture 8 OPTIONAL – What do we mean by SEO keyword difficulty?

Lecture 9 Attract customers with SEO-optimized content in HubSpot

Lecture 10 OPTIONAL – Quick tips for your SEO & Content Strategy

Lecture 11 WORKSHEET ACCESS – Please make a copy

Lecture 12 WORKSHEET assignment: Complete exercises 1 and 2 inside section 1

Lecture 13 Attract customers with ads – Manage & monitor your ads in HubSpot

Lecture 14 Attract customers with Social Media – Manage your Social channels inside HubSpot

Lecture 15 WORKSHEET assignment – Complete exercises 3 and 4 inside section 1

Section 3: Capture leads and build your email list inside HubSpot (INTEREST stage)

Lecture 16 Capture leads with lead generation ads

Lecture 17 Capture leads with HubSpot forms

Lecture 18 Add your forms to HubSpot Landing Pages, Blog Posts and Website Pages

Lecture 19 Which forms should every business have on their website?

Lecture 20 OPTIONAL – Use chatbots as a lead capture tool

Lecture 21 WORKSHEET assignment – Complete exercises 1 and 2 inside section 2

Section 4: Segment your audience for targeted communication (CONSIDERATION/DECISION stages)

Lecture 22 What are the two steps for turning your contacts into customers?

Lecture 23 Identify your ideal customer – Lead segmentation based on Attributes

Lecture 24 WORKSHEET assignment – Complete exercises 1 and 2 inside section 3

Lecture 25 Identify behaviors that indicate interest – Lead segmentation based on Behavior

Lecture 26 A few words on HubSpot’s Lifecycle Stage property

Lecture 27 Check out my Lead Segmentation workflow examples {images}

Lecture 28 OPTIONAL – Quick tips on Lead Segmentation

Lecture 29 WORKSHEET ASSIGNMENT – Complete exercises 3 and 4 inside section 3

Section 5: Nurture your leads to turn them into customers (CONSIDERATION/DECISION stages)

Lecture 30 Move your leads down the sales funnel until they buy – Lead nurturing

Lecture 31 Lead Nurturing workflow examples {images}

Lecture 32 OPTIONAL – How do you make a sale inside HubSpot?

Lecture 33 What if people “skip stages”?

Lecture 34 WORKSHEET ASSIGNMENT – Complete exercises 1 and 2 inside section 4

Section 6: Keep your customers loyal and happy (RETENTION stage)

Lecture 35 Keep your customers loyal and happy

Lecture 36 WORKSHEET ASSIGNMENT – Complete exercise 1 inside section 5

Section 7: Monitor your performance and improve your strategy with HubSpot Reporting

Lecture 37 Monitor and track your Marketing performance with HubSpot Reporting

Section 8: BONUS section

Lecture 38 BONUS lecture

Marketing professionals using HubSpot,Anyone using HubSpot for Marketing purposes (Business Owners, Consultants, etc)

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 16m | 1.94 GB
Created by: Thalita Milan | Marketing Automation & HubSpot expert

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