HubSpot Onboarding

Hubspot 101: Learn about Quotes, Sequences, Marketing features and more!
HubSpot Onboarding
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HubSpot Onboarding

What you’ll learn

How to Setup your HubSpot Sales Hub
How to Setup your HubSpot Marketing Hub
Learn about HubSpot Sales Hub Features
Learn about HubSpot Marketing Hub Features
How to Setup your HubSpot fast
How to install HubSpot CRM
How to use HubSpot Sales Hub
How to use HubSpot Marketing Hub
Manage contacts in HubSpot Sales Hub
Manage contacts in HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Onboarding


No CRM or HubSpot experience needed. This comprehensive course will teach you about each tool HubSpot offers and provide strategies to incorporate those tools into daily business processes.
You’ll need a computer, Internet access, and all the willingness to learn all you need to know about HubSpot and how to use it like a Pro.


Learn HubSpot fundamentals fast. This course covers strategy, implementation and daily use of HubSpot CRM and is intended for brand new HubSpot implementation. The Hub features included are the Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub features at the Professional subscription level. Topics include basic setup, like adding users,  setting user permissions, security and org default settings. Then, the 11 unit course contains 15 lectures that cover all the main HubSpot CRM tools. The material includes both basic features, like Contacts, Company’s, Products, Deals and Quotes and evolves to provide understanding of more advanced HubSpot features like Playbooks, Snippets, Sequences, Workflows, Reports, HubSpot Payments, the App Marketplace and more! Learn what the tool is, why it may be useful to incorporate, if the tool has any limitations and how to use it! The final two units includes training materials for the daily users in HubSpot so they can hit the ground running in your new HubSpot org and lecture detailing different methods people use to incorporate HubSpot into daily processes.  Each unit is comprised of three different elements to enhance your learning: the lectures, step by step instructions for each part of HubSpot and interactive demos that allow you to try the steps in a risk free environment. The course also gains you access to Commercient Onboarding Office Hours, every Wednesday at 12 pm EST.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Unit 1: Initial HubSpot Setup

Lecture 2 Unit 1

Section 3: Unit 2: Importing Data

Lecture 3 Unit 2 – Part 1

Lecture 4 Unit 2 – Part 2

Section 4: Unit 3: Technical Set up

Lecture 5 Unit 3

Section 5: Unit 4: Templates and Automation

Lecture 6 Unit 4: Templates and Automation

Section 6: Unit 5: Tasks, Lists and Forms

Lecture 7 Unit 5: Tasks, Lists, and Forms

Section 7: Unit 6: Final Technical Setup

Lecture 8 Unit 6: Final Technical Setup

Section 8: Unit 7: Lifecycles and Personas

Lecture 9 Unit 7: Lifecycle and Personas

Section 9: Unit 8: Hub Specific features

Lecture 10 Sales Hub – 1

Lecture 11 Sales Hub – 2

Lecture 12 Marketing Hub – 1

Lecture 13 Marketing Hub – 2

Lecture 14 Marketing Hub – 3

Lecture 15 Service Hub

Section 10: Unit 9: Reporting and Dashboards in HubSpot

Lecture 16 Unit 9: Reports and Dashboards

Section 11: Unit 10: Implement your HubSpot into your business processes

Lecture 17 Unit 10: Incorporate HubSpot

Section 12: Unit 11: User Training

Lecture 18 Sales User Training Part 1

Lecture 19 Sales User Training Part 2

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Udemy | English | 4h 58m | 3.29 GB
Created by: Commercient SYNC

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