HVAC Psychrometry Air Handling System and Duct Selection

Build your knowledge systematically, from building cooling load estimation, to sizing and selection of AHU and ductings
HVAC Psychrometry Air Handling System and Duct Selection
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HVAC Psychrometry Air Handling System and Duct Selection

What you’ll learn

HVAC Air-side components, selection and sizing
Assess various air-treatment processes in the air handling system using Psychrometric Chart
Duct Sizing using Equal Friction Method
Space cooling load estimation

HVAC Psychrometry Air Handling System and Duct Selection


Some engineering or field knowledge in HVAC is preferable but not mandatory. All the concepts are explained in depth using an easy to understand language to allow students to build their knowledge from the ground up


Welcome to one of Udemy’s top-rated HVAC courses! If you’re new to the HVAC industry or looking to expand your knowledge in a complex and often perplexing field, you’ve come to the right place.My training approach focuses on simplifying critical concepts so that they’re easy to grasp. In this course, I delve extensively into building air conditioning systems’ air side, guiding you step-by-step to competency in evaluating, selecting, and sizing Air Handling Units (AHU) and Air Ducts.By applying fundamental mechanical engineering concepts such as thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics, you’ll learn how to translate theories into practical knowledge applicable to the HVAC industry. Topics covered include psychrometry, equal friction method for duct sizing, analyzing heat gain in space, and even control applications using BMS!Enroll in this course to gain a head start in your HVAC career!Learning Outcomes and Content1) Introduction to Air Handling SystemsExplain the working principle of air handling and fan coil unitExplain the controls for pressure dependent and pressure independent VAVInterpret duct drawings and BMS graphics for air-side2) Space Cooling LoadDescribe the three mechanisms of heat transfer Identify the heat gains in a buildingEstimate the cooling loads of a building3) PsychrometryDefine the thermo-physical properties of airAnalysis of various air treatment processes by applying the psychrometric chartExplain air conditioning processes in the building4) AHU and Duct SelectionDefine the components of pressure loss in an air distribution systemExplain the use of the equal friction method on the sizing of air distribution duct workApply the procedure for determining pressure losses in air distribution duct workSome 5 stars reviews from the students:Once again, I take the course about HVAC at mike academy. This course is a really good, detailed explanation, and it’s easy to understand.It’s an excellent course, and I really enjoyed the course. The concepts are detailed and clearly explained so that I could get a lot of valuable information. Very Good Job, Mike!This course is great! It goes in depth for understanding how to use psychrometry and what it means in a real life system. Learning a lot!Great course overall! As a HVAC Operations Engineer in the Pharmaceutical Industry, this course was a really good refresher for some basic but really important aspects and content of the HVAC Industry. Thanks Mike!Excellent course. All important concepts in related to the topic are presented in a manner it is easier to understand. Highly recommended course for building operation and maintenance professionals and techs.


Section 1: Introduction to Air Handling Systems

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Air Handling and Fan Coil Unit

Lecture 3 AHU room Site Tour

Lecture 4 Variable Air Volume (VAV) Temperature Control

Lecture 5 Drawings and BMS Graphic Interpretation

Section 2: Space Cooling Load

Lecture 6 Mode of Heat Transfer

Lecture 7 External Heat Gain in a Building

Lecture 8 Solar Heat Gain through Glass

Lecture 9 Conduction Heat Gain through Building Envelope

Lecture 10 Internal Heat Gain in a Building

Section 3: Psychrometry

Lecture 11 Properties of Air

Lecture 12 Psychrometrics

Lecture 13 Sensible Heating, Cooling Humidification and Dehumidification

Lecture 14 Air Mixing Process

Lecture 15 Air Treatment Process

Lecture 16 Worked Example – Air Treatment Processs

Lecture 17 Air Conditioning Process in a Building

Lecture 18 Worked Example 1 – Air Conditioning Process

Lecture 19 Worked Example 2 – Air Conditioning Process

Lecture 20 Worked Example 3 – Air Conditioning Process

Section 4: AHU and Duct Selection

Lecture 21 Types of Air Ducting

Lecture 22 Equal Friction Method for Duct Sizing

Lecture 23 Worked Example – Duct Sizing

Lecture 24 Using Online Ductulator (Duct Calculator)

Lecture 25 AHU Selection Considerations

Lecture 26 External Static Pressure Loss Calculation

Lecture 27 Worked Example – Duct and AHU Fan Selection

Section 5: Downloadable PDF Practice Tutorial Questions

Lecture 28 Introduction to Air Handling Systems Practice

Lecture 29 Space Cooling Load Practice

Lecture 30 Psychrometry Practice

Lecture 31 AHU and Duct Selection Practice

Section 6: Downloadable PDF materials

Lecture 32 Topic 1 to 4 Summary, Useful Charts and Formula List for download

Lecture 33 PDF password

Section 7: Bonus Lecture

Lecture 34 Bonus

HVAC practitioner,Air Conditioning Engineer,Building Engineer,Facilities Manager

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Created by: Mike Lo

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