HWS Swift Coding Challenges Real Problems Real Solutions

Get iOS interview ready and ace the whiteboard test – Or level up your current Swift skills (Updated to Swift 5)
HWS Swift Coding Challenges Real Problems Real Solutions
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HWS Swift Coding Challenges Real Problems Real Solutions

What you’ll learn

Increase your iOS problem solving skills by working through real world Swift coding challenges
Take the whiteboard test with confidence after completing this course and secure that iOS job

HWS Swift Coding Challenges Real Problems Real Solutions


You should have at least 6 months of Swift training under your belt
You should have built some of your own Swift apps, or taken the Hacking with Swift course before starting this coding challenge course


Swift Coding Challenges is produced from the “Hacking with Swift” series of tutorials, which are written and authored by the award winning Swift programmer, Paul Hudson, and these videos were made with his permissionand support. You can always be guaranteed you’re learning the latest and greatest Apple technologies in the HWS tutorials. Hacking with Swift is one of the most popular Swift tutorial series online, which uses an approach that teaches you Swift programming incredibly quickly, and you end up with a huge library of finished projects that are yours to develop further, or ship to the App Store. Paul has received high praise from the creator of the Swift language, Chris Lattner, for his outstanding method of teaching, and series of Swift tutorials. And working together with iOS developer Steve DeStefano, the Hacking with Swift series of programming training videos are simply the fastest way to learn how to code in the Apple eco-system. Note: Section 2 has the Swift 5 update for all the challenges, questions and answers.Check out all of Paul Hudson’s Swift tutorials and books at HackingWithSwift This course is designed to get you ready for your iOS job interview, and for that whiteboard test. All these challenges are real world examples that you can expect to see in an actual iOS interview. And if your not looking for a job, than these challenges are a great way to level up your current iOS skills, and get a great library of coding solutions for your reference to boot.You’ll be presented with various challenges to solve, and I’ll be helping you along with hints, as well as the solutions and explanations for each of the challenges. I also provide a complete transcript of each lecture (solution included) for you to download as a text file.And, this course is called Swift Coding Challenges because you will be challenged.
There is no learning without struggle, so if you don’t take the time to watch each challenge and
try it for yourself in Xcode, you’ll never know how you would have fared. Note: This course is not for Swift beginners, so you should have at least six months of Swift
behind you…preferably a year. If you’ve completed Paul Hudson’s Hacking with Swift instructional tutorials at HackingWithSwift dot com, you should to be able to handle the
Easy challenges, and some of the Tricky ones. If you’ve completed his Pro Swift, then you should be able to
handle most of the Taxing problems too. If you consistently struggle with challenges, then you should definitely watch Paul’s Pro Swift
videos too. See all his tutorials and books at HackingWithSwift What will be covered:Course content from the award winning Swift programmer Paul Hudson’s book- Swift Coding ChallengesThe latest Swift is used – Swift 5Prepare for iOS interviews and ace the whiteboard testTest yourself against your friends and level up your skillsHints are given in for each challenge to help if you get stuckThree skill levels: Novice – Intermediate – Senior developerSolutions are given for all challenges – many challenges will have multiple solutions givenMost challenges can be done in a playground – the rest will use a mac command line projectDeep explanations as to how the code worksAll the lectures are downloadable as a text file transcript – for your own coding libraryChallenge yourself with Strings – Numbers – Files – Collections – Algorithms Multiple choice challenges – Novice – Intermediate – Expert levels


Section 1: Introduction – What will i learn in this course?

Lecture 1 Introduction to Swift Coding Challenges – All Swift 5 Source code download here

Section 2: Extra Resources to help you on your SwiftUI Journey

Lecture 2 SwiftUI Resources

Section 3: Strings

Lecture 3 Challenge 1- Are the letters unique?

Lecture 4 Challenge 2- Is a string a palindrome?

Lecture 5 Challenge 3 – Do two strings contain the same characters?

Lecture 6 Challenge 4 – Does one string contain another?

Lecture 7 Challenge 5 – Count the characters

Lecture 8 Challenge 6 – Remove duplicate letters from a string

Lecture 9 Challenge 7 – Condense whitespace

Lecture 10 Challenge 8 – String is rotated

Lecture 11 Challenge 9 – Find pangrams

Lecture 12 Challenge 10 – Vowels and consonants

Lecture 13 Challenge 11 – Three different letters

Lecture 14 Challenge 12 – Find longest prefix

Lecture 15 Challenge 13 – Run-length encoding

Lecture 16 Challenge 14 – String permutations

Lecture 17 Challenge 15 – Reverse the words in a string

Section 4: Numbers

Lecture 18 Challenge 16 – Fizz Buzz

Lecture 19 Challenge 17 – Generate a random number in a range

Lecture 20 Challenge 18 – Recreate the pow() function

Lecture 21 Challenge 19 – Swap two numbers

Lecture 22 Challenge 20 – Number is prime

Lecture 23 Challenge 21 – Counting binary ones

Lecture 24 Challenge 22 – Binary reverse

Lecture 25 Challenge 23 – Integer disguised as string

Lecture 26 Challenge 24 – Add numbers inside a string

Lecture 27 Challenge 25 – Calculate a square root by hand

Lecture 28 Challenge 26 – Subtract without subtract

Section 5: Files

Lecture 29 Challenge 27 – Print last lines

Lecture 30 Challenge 28 – Log a message

Lecture 31 Challenge 29 – Documents directory

Lecture 32 Challenge 30 – New JPEGs

Lecture 33 Challenge 31 – Copy recursively

Lecture 34 Challenge 32 – Word frequency

Lecture 35 Challenge 33 – Find duplicate filenames

Lecture 36 Challenge 34 – Find executables

Lecture 37 Challenge 35 – Convert images

Lecture 38 Challenge 36 – Print error lines

Section 6: Collections

Lecture 39 Challenge 37 – Count the numbers

Lecture 40 Challenge 38 – Find N smallest

Lecture 41 Challenge 39 – Sort a string array by length

Lecture 42 Challenge 40 – Missing numbers in array

Lecture 43 Challenge 41 – Find the median

Lecture 44 Challenge 42 – Recreate index(of)

Lecture 45 Challenge 43 – Linked lists

Lecture 46 Challenge 44 – Linked list mid-point

Lecture 47 Challenge 45 – Traversing the tree

Lecture 48 Challenge 46 – Recreate map()

Lecture 49 Challenge 47 – Recreate min()

Lecture 50 Challenge 48 – Implement a deque data structure

Lecture 51 Challenge 49 – Sum the even repeats

Lecture 52 Challenge 50 – Count the largest range

Lecture 53 Challenge 51 – Reversing linked lists

Lecture 54 Challenge 52 – Sum an array of numbers

Lecture 55 Challenge 53 – Linked lists with a loop

Lecture 56 Challenge 54 – Binary search trees

Section 7: Algorithms

Lecture 57 Challenge 55 – Bubble sort

Lecture 58 Challenge 56 – Insertion sort

Lecture 59 Challenge 57 – Isomorphic values

Lecture 60 Challenge 58 – Balanced brackets

Lecture 61 Challenge 59: Quicksort

Lecture 62 Challenge 60 – Tic-Tac-Toe winner

Lecture 63 Challenge 61- Find prime numbers

Lecture 64 Challenge 62 – Points to angles.rtf

Lecture 65 Challenge 63 – Flood fill

Lecture 66 Challenge 64 – N Queens

Section 8: 90 Multiple Choice Questions – Novice – Intermediate – Expert

Lecture 67 Multiple Choice questions – Novice

Lecture 68 Multiple Choice – Intermediate

Lecture 69 Multiple Choice – Expert

Section 9: Frequent Flyer Club – Hacking With Swift Coding Challenges

Lecture 70 Frequent Flyer Club – Coding Challenges

Section 10: Tour of Paul Hudson’s Hacking With Swift site

Lecture 71 Tour of Paul Hudson’s Hacking With Swift site

This course is for developers who want to prepare for an iOS interview – Or to simply level up your current Swift skills,If you are a novice coder with about six months of Swift training, then you’ll gain a lot more knowledge and benefit by taking this course

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 38m | 1.94 GB
Created by: Stephen DeStefano

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