Hybrid Cloud The Complete Introduction

Your guide into your Cloud Computing Journey
Hybrid Cloud The Complete Introduction
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Ahmed Eldosoukey


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Hybrid Cloud The Complete Introduction

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing History from Foundations to Modern Era
Cloud Computing Fundamentals: Cloud Benefits, Cloud Service Models, Cloud Strategies, and more
Public Cloud Aspects and Public Cloud Market Leaders
Private Cloud Definitions and Different Cloud Stacks
How to Architect a Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud The Complete Introduction


Basic Knowledge about IT
… and A cup of Coffee


In this course, The Complete Introduction, we’ll discover together the foundations that we need to build and architect a Hybrid Cloud. It is not focused on a specific routine of services or vendors, but designed to answer the fundamentals questions.If you’re yet to start the cloud computing journey or you’re already in a middle of one track and need to discover what’s there on other tracks, this course is for you.With a basic knowledge about Information Technology, you’ll end up this course with a good level of knowledge about:Cloud Computing FundamentalsCloud Computing evolution from Mainframe time till the floating Public Clouds eraWhat’s the “as-a-Service” models with examples about each oneChoosing the right strategy for your customer/company; either Public, Private or Hybrid CloudWho’re the market leaders in the Public Cloud spaceWhat are the stacks that can be used to build a cloud on-premiseWhat are the main components needed to Architect a Hybrid CloudThis is the first course in a series to be developed about Hybrid Cloud domain, including more advanced architectural vendor-agnostic topics and knowledge. Hope this course is as fruitful as you expects, and waiting for your feedback 🙂


Section 1: Hybrid Cloud Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Overview

Lecture 3 What’s Cloud Computing

Lecture 4 Why to go to Cloud: Business

Lecture 5 Why to go to Cloud: Technical

Section 2: Cloud Fundamentals

Lecture 6 Cloud History: Foundations

Lecture 7 Cloud History: Modern Era

Lecture 8 Cloud Service Models

Lecture 9 Cloud Strategies

Section 3: Public Cloud

Lecture 10 What is Public Cloud

Lecture 11 Amazon Web Services

Lecture 12 Microsoft Azure

Lecture 13 Google Cloud Platform

Lecture 14 Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun)

Lecture 15 More Public Cloud Providers

Section 4: Private Cloud

Lecture 16 What is Private Cloud

Lecture 17 VMWare Cloud Foundation

Lecture 18 Redhat OpenStack & OpenShift

Lecture 19 More Private Cloud Vendors

Section 5: Hybrid Cloud

Lecture 20 Hybrid Cloud Architecture Overview

Lecture 21 Hybrid Cloud: Infrastructure

Lecture 22 Hybrid Cloud: Platforms

Lecture 23 Hybrid Cloud: Software

Lecture 24 Hybrid Cloud: Orchestration

Lecture 25 Hybrid Cloud: Management Platform

Section 6: Recap …

Lecture 26 Recap …

Cloud Computing Beginners,Systems Administrators,New Technologies Evangelists,IT Architects

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Udemy | English | 1h 15m | 399.67 MB
Created by: Ahmed Eldosoukey

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