Hypnosis to quit smoking

Complete method to quit smoking by the help of hypnosis
Hypnosis to quit smoking
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Camille Pacaut


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Hypnosis to quit smoking

What you’ll learn

Quit smoking
Learn hypnosis techniques
Cut the cigaret urge
Manage relapse
Establish sustainable change

Hypnosis to quit smoking


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Telling yourself that you want to stop is not enoughWhen I saw this statisticI understood better how the addiction to cigarettes worksAfter about 7 days without a cigaretteNo more nicotine addictionHowever, in the following weeksMore than 75% of abstainers will relapseFor what ?Smoking is an emotional problemWe don’t smoke again out of needBut because there is a pleasant emotion in itRelaxationPrivileged moment for yourselfor with friendsYou too may have relapsed several timesSo it’s time to do something elseAnd play the same gameGo find the emotions that will allow you to move forwardThese emotions that emerge when you answer questions:Why is it important for me to stop?What am I willing to put in place for that?To quit smoking permanentlyI’ve compiled my best tools to successfully quit cigaretThe goal is simple:From homeWithout chaining expensive sessionsQuit smokingIn fact it’s even betterMake a commitment to reduce nowI offer you youI will teach you effective self-hypnosis techniquesLearn exercises to cut the urgeAvoid fallsTo better deactivate them and establish lasting changeI don’t give you ready-made solutions but I teach you how to find it by yourselfIn order to find the tailor-made solution that will make you reach your goalAnd from now, invest your time in activities that you like rather than in cigaretSo, ready to take action?Some procrastinate and wait for the perfect solutionHere you have the opportunity to actJoin me if you think it’s time for a change


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The power of visualization

Lecture 3 Ritual to change

Lecture 4 Hypnosis to quit smoking

Lecture 5 Precision about relapse

Lecture 6 Conclusion

All people who want to quit or reduce cigaret consumption

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