IBM MQ Advanced Administration training in Redhat Linux

In depth concepts of IBM MQ
IBM MQ Advanced Administration training in Redhat Linux
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IBM MQ Advanced Administration training in Redhat Linux

What you’ll learn

IBM MQ advanced concepts
Dead letter queue, Clusters, Client server architecture, Security, channel authentication records etc…

IBM MQ Advanced Administration training in Redhat Linux


IBM MQ Administration basics course is mandatory for this. Without knowing the basics of IBM MQ this course would be very hard to understand


My intention of making this advanced course is, you should be in a position to handle any kind of critical issues in your working project on IBM MQThis is course is designed for the people who are looking for very in depth knowledge of IBM MQ. IBM MQ Administration basics training is mandatory for to understand the advanced concepts of IBM MQ. If you want to learn the basics of IBM MQ please enroll for my IBM MQ Administration basics course. I personally suggest without knowing about IBM MQ basics don’t go through this course.In this course, you are going to learn about the in depth concepts of IBM MQ such as1. Transaction Logs2.  Dead letter queue3. Clusters4. Client – Server architectureAfter taking this course, you will be excel in IBM MQ and gain very good knowledge and confidence to work in IBM MQ.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: MQ Configuration files

Lecture 2 Configuration file

Section 3: Transaction Logs

Lecture 3 Transaction logs and check point file introduction

Lecture 4 Types of transaction logs

Lecture 5 Circular log queue manager and Linear log queue manager

Lecture 6 Circular log queue manager and it’s behavior

Lecture 7 Linear Log queue manger and it’s behaviour

Lecture 8 Difference between Circular logs and Linear logs

Section 4: Dead letter queue

Lecture 9 Dead Letter Queue – Theory

Lecture 10 Dead Letter Queue – Practical Hands on

Section 5: Client-Server architecture

Lecture 11 Introduction-Client-server architecture

Lecture 12 Technical implementation of MQ client-server architecture

Section 6: Clusters in MQ

Lecture 13 IBM MQ Clusters-Introduction

Lecture 14 Setting up Full repositories in MQ cluster

Lecture 15 Setting up partial repositories in MQ cluster

Lecture 16 Working with clustered queues

Lecture 17 Work load balancing

Lecture 18 Removing a partial repository queue manager from the cluster

Section 7: IBM MQ Security

Lecture 19 SSL in IBM MQ

IT working professional who want to enhance their knowledge in IBM MQ in depth concepts,People who already trained on IBM MQ basics and looking to excel in their current profession by learning in advanced concepts of MQ

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 12m | 3.17 GB
Created by: Mohan Krishna

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