Icon Animation in After Effects Animate Vector Icons

Animate a vector icon within After Effects! A complete project workflow in After Effects
Icon Animation in After Effects Animate Vector Icons
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Icon Animation in After Effects Animate Vector Icons

What you’ll learn

Create a full Motion Graphics Icon Animation in After Effects
Understand and Apply proper techniques while working with motion graphics
Be able to animate a vector icon they downloaded or created

Icon Animation in After Effects Animate Vector Icons


Basic knowledge of Adobe programs and After Effects will be useful, but is not a deal breaker
Know a tiny bit about vector graphics, what icons are, basic graphic design


Icon animation is one of the best looking motion graphic pieces you can prepare, and After Effects is the perfect software to create such animations. With the techniques I teach you will be able to either create the icon yourself or use a ready vector you already have to properly prepare it in Adobe Illustrator. Then you will have no problems using that file to create the icon animation from scratch until a ready and finished proejct.
In the class you will learn:

an entire icon animation workflow and AE tricks,how a Illustrator to After Effects workflow looks likehow to create, prepare and use a vector within after effects,how to package, prepare, export and use it anywhere we like!Become better at motion graphics by creating a design that is in demand and trending
I prepared this short course to show you a complete Adobe After Effects workflow, from finding, selecting or creating the icon to completing the entire animation. You will learn a few basics about the software and definately have fun creating the project itself, since it involves a lot of useful tricks.
The course is project based and straight to the point to both teach you the tools & software and let you create real-life after effects projects right away together with me. It doesn’t require any prior deep knowledge of After Effects at all – but it will be helpful if you know a little about Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects in general or are familiar with other Adobe softwares.
Don’t get me wrong, learning After effects cc or even the newest after effects cc 2017 version from scratch, tool by tool, handle by handle, element by element is an amazing journey and I also have recorded a comprehensive After Effects course in that fashion, but some of you who are already a bit familiar with video editing, animation or motion graphics (fade in, fade out, keyframes, graph editor) would like to start right away.
This course is perfect for students, who want to start learning a little bit about After Effects on the go, from the animation / motion graphics side to create fun proejects for you or your clients. This course will  be optimal for people who just want to get a basic grasp of the motion graphic possibilities After Effects provides!
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Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Basics you must know about After Effects

Section 2: PROJECT 1: Let’s prepare our icon in Adobe Illustrator!

Lecture 3 How to get a free icon to use

Lecture 4 Prepare the Illustrator file for work

Lecture 5 Create the vector icon yourself in AE

Section 3: PROJECT 1: Let’s get into Adobe After Effects!

Lecture 6 Prepare your After Effects Composition

Lecture 7 Animate and parent the entire icon

Lecture 8 How to animate the objects (Part 1)

Lecture 9 How to animate the objects (Part 2)

Section 4: PROJECT 1: Neccesary project adjustments

Lecture 10 How to make a seamless loop

Lecture 11 How to render a transparent video

Lecture 12 How to export a looping GIF

Lecture 13 Useful adjustments to know about

Lecture 14 Thank you for finishing Project 1!

Section 5: PROJECT 2: Design

Lecture 15 What are we going to create

Lecture 16 Designing our phone (Part 1)

Lecture 17 Designing our phone (Part 2)

Lecture 18 Prepare icons you will use

Lecture 19 Creating the BEAM connection

Lecture 20 Creating the WIGGLE animation

Section 6: PROJECT 2: Adjustments and finishing moves

Lecture 21 Connecting all icons

Lecture 22 Adjusting and finalizing the composition

Lecture 23 Add a color control Layer

Lecture 24 Thank You for finishing Project 2!

Section 7: PROJECT 3: Badge Animation

Lecture 25 Creating and importing the icon

Lecture 26 Flipping the background

Lecture 27 Animating the little star

Lecture 28 Animating the stripes

Lecture 29 Finishing Touches

Section 8: PROJECT 4: Animate a Flat Band Aid Icon

Lecture 30 Introduction

Lecture 31 Design the Band Aid

Lecture 32 Animate the First One

Lecture 33 Animate the Second One

Section 9: BONUS SECTION: Course Updates & Little Design Challenges for Curious Users!

Lecture 34 Bonus: Creating a pattern over another object with Repeater

Lecture 35 Simple One Line Title Animation

Lecture 36 Crop Composition to any size with Region of Interest

Lecture 37 Motion elements with CC Cylinder

Lecture 38 Trails animation

Lecture 39 Change amount of edges in shapes

Lecture 40 Dividing, multiplying and adding values

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 41 Bonus lecture

Anyone wanting to learn Icon Animation in After Effects,People interested in motion graphics & animation wanting to learn a complete workflow,Students who want to raise their design and animation skills,People who want to get familiar with After Effects

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 36m | 1.30 GB
Created by: Andrew Pach

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