Identity and Access Management Oracles OIM Configuration

Step by Step Approach [Part 2] [Unofficial] [2023]
Identity and Access Management Oracles OIM Configuration
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Identity and Access Management Oracles OIM Configuration

What you’ll learn

Integrating OIM with various Target System.
Setup Reconciliation, Provisioning etc…
Configuring Node Manager
Understanding Use Case on Reconciliation
Generic Technology Connector
DBAT Connector
ICF Based Connector
Configuring IT Resource, Resource Object etc.
Installing LDAP Directory Product
Configuring Directory with OIM for Provisioning
Use Cases

Identity and Access Management Oracles OIM Configuration


Need to Complete part 1 of the Series


Welcome to the Course where you will learnSetup ReconciliationConfiguring Node ManagerUnderstanding Use Case Generic Technology ConnectorDBAT ConnectorConfiguring IT Resource, Resource Object etc.Installing LDAP Directory ProductConfiguring Directory with OIM for ProvisioningUse CasesTroubleshooting Pre requisite: Need to Cover Identity & Access Management :OIM ImplementationSystem Requirement RAM: 8 GB +OS : 64-bitProcessor: 2 core ProcessorHard Disk : 100+ GBQ)What is Oracle Identity Manager?Ans: Oracle Identity Management, a software suite marketed by Oracle Corporation, provides identity and access management (IAM) technologies.The name of the software suite closely resembles the name of one of its components, Oracle Identity Manager.Oracle Identity Management enables organizations to effectively manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources, both within and beyond the firewall and into the cloud. The Oracle Identity Management platform delivers scalable solutions for identity governance, access management and directory services.Student’s Reviews:Amit Rai : if you really want to learn OIM , just go through this course. AmazingAntonio Romero Elvira : It’s a great course. I like so much because this course teach me how to configurate my VM to install OIM 11gR2. Not much courses teaches to install OIM from zero. I like itBenjamin Nelson :Just the information I needed. Very thorough.Amol:Amazing course Loved It. Instructor is knowledgeable and explain every topic in depth.


Section 1: Understanding Reconciliation

Lecture 1 Introduction to Reconciliation

Lecture 2 Understanding Use Case

Section 2: Connectors Basic

Lecture 3 Connectors Basic

Section 3: Configuring Node Manager

Lecture 4 Configuring Node Manager

Section 4: Setting Up Trusted HRMS System

Lecture 5 Setting up HRMS Source

Section 5: Configuring Connector for Reconciliation [GTC Technology]

Lecture 6 Installing Connector, Configuring Connector, Reconciling User

Lecture 7 Post Reconciliation Analysis Part 1

Lecture 8 Post Reconciliation Analysis Part 2

Section 6: Setting Up Active Directory Target System

Lecture 9 Downloading Windows Server

Lecture 10 Installing Windows Server

Lecture 11 Installing Guest Edition

Lecture 12 Configuring server and firewall

Lecture 13 Installing Active Directory

Lecture 14 Downloading,Installing,Configuring apache Directory Studio

Lecture 15 Understanding Domain Controller and Active Directory

Section 7: Connector Implementation

Lecture 16 Downloading the connectors

Lecture 17 Placing the connectors and understanding Connector Default Directory

Lecture 18 Installing and Configuring Connector Server

Lecture 19 Installing Active Directory Connector

Section 8: IT Resource,Resource Object, Application Instance Configuration

Lecture 20 Understanding IT Resource,Resource Object

Lecture 21 Configuring IT Resource

Lecture 22 Running Schedule Jobs to bring OUs from AD to OIM Lookups

Lecture 23 Steps to Create Process Form

Lecture 24 Creating Application Instance

Section 9: Configuring Provisioning for Active Directory Target System

Lecture 25 Steps to Configure and Provision user to AD

Lecture 26 Entitlement or Group provisioning

Section 10: Creating Custom Adapter Task

Lecture 27 Understanding Adapters and Types of Adapter

Lecture 28 Creating Prepopulate Adapter for AD Process Form

Section 11: Miscellaneous

Lecture 29 All Tables analysis used in provisioning

Lecture 30 Industrial Use Cases, Issues and Fixes

OIM Developers,IAM Developer,Someone new to Identity and Access Management domain,Someone want to skill up with OIM tool

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 27m | 1.95 GB
Created by: Sandip Jha

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