IELTS 9 Speaking Mastery

Superpower Your IELTS Speaking Score by Mastering Advanced Conversation Skills
IELTS 9 Speaking Mastery
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Misa Zhang


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IELTS 9 Speaking Mastery

What you’ll learn

Discover how to boost your IELTS speaking score to the highest level
Improve your chances of successfully living and working abroad
Learn from Misa Zhang, a top sales executive and non-native speaker who achieved a band 9 in the IELTS speaking test
Discover not only the “technical skills” demanded in the IELTS scoring criteria, but also the critical and less obvious “people skills”

IELTS 9 Speaking Mastery


The student must have at least 3000-5000 vocabulary and have basic grammar covered


Boost your IELTS speaking score by learning advanced conversation skillsSecrets shared by Misa Zhang, an IELTS 9 speaker, originally from ChinaMisa has worked in sales for top global firms, including Reuters, Dow Jones and The Wall Street JournalCurriculum has been co-designed with Shani Raja, one of Udemy’s top instructorsNOTE: This is not a comprehensive IELTS training course, but one focused on mastering the speaking part only “This course is excellent. Took my test last week and my result is out. I got an 8! I got a friggin 8!” — Ede Omokhudu, Udemy student”I was expecting it to be a stereotypical tutorial course but it turned out to be a lot more than that. The course touched on other aspects of speaking English in general that I would have otherwise missed if I had not taken the course. The course is concise and really helpful for those looking to add a bit of that natural essence and flair in your English.” — Rahil Rajbhandari, Udemy student”Fabulous insights, not just for achieving higher IELTS bands but also to improve your overall communication skills and leave an impact on the other person. Recommended to everyone.” — Mit Sheta, Udemy studentEvery year, millions of people around the world dream of making it big in English-speaking countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.For many, IELTS is the magic ticket to getting accepted into universities, landing their perfect job and obtaining residency.But many people from places like India, China, Brazil, and other countries where English isn’t the first language, fail to score high enough marks in the IELTS examination to achieve their ambition.Hi, I’m Misa Zhang, and a few years ago I scored an overall 8.5 out of 9 in the IELTS test. In the speaking part, I obtained a band 9, the highest possible score.That result got me permanent residency in Australia, where I’ve built a successful career in sales working for top-tier global companies, including Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, Wood Mackenzie and Thomson Reuters. I got my exceptional IELTS speaking score by using a combination of “technical” and “people” skills that I teach in this program.IELTS has four components: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Of those four, most people struggle with writing and speaking, because those rely less on easily learnable rules and more on creative ability and language mastery.While things like grammar, vocabulary and other technical elements are important, those who focus solely on those lose sight of a whole universe of conversation and people skills that are less tangible and often neglected. Learning those skills could boost their speaking score to well above the minimum requirement — all the way up to the maximum 9. *****NOTE: This course does not cover the basics of grammar and pronunciation, as there is plenty of material covering those topics, and it’s assumed you have obtained such fundamental  knowledge before taking this program.*****The official IELTS scoring guide defines success as competence in vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and fluency. Such technical skills are, no doubt, of critical importance.But what made the biggest difference, in my case, were the “people” skills many IELTS teachers and students aren’t even aware of. Those skills — things like mindset, body language, the ability to stir emotions, showing cultural sensitivity and avoiding verbal and other landmines — helped set me apart from other candidates.Using those techniques, developed through years of working as a sales professional, I managed to create an instant connection with my examiner, answer difficult questions while maintaining an upbeat vibe, and leave a strong impression by projecting a positive personality throughout the interview.What’s more, I was able to demonstrate a high degree of cultural awareness, while neutralising my accent to the extent that the examiner couldn’t hide her surprise and even asked where I learned my English from. Few of those people skills are taught in other IELTS courses, but they’re essential for survival in the sales industry, where clients don’t give you a second chance if you fail on the first impression. Take this course and you too will discover the techniques that will make you stand out and sparkle in the speaking examination, including:* How to evolve from a 6 to a 9* How to grasp the basic requirements of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, accent, and fluency* How to make your answers relevant* How to be interesting, logical and genuine* How to master speech structures that help your answers seem coherent and convincing * How to come up with appropriate things to say* The right mindset for displaying confidence * How to create a good first impression through appearance, body language, facial expressions, and small talk* How to give powerful answers that will stir emotions* The importance of curiosity* The value of displaying humor* Other superior qualities to portray, and which to avoid * How to prepare for the speaking test in the long-term and short-term* How to overcome nerves in the exam, buy yourself time, and leave a glowing final impressionIf you can grasp the essence of this course, practice diligently and internalize these skills, you’ll likely walk into the examination room with an air of confidence that will set you apart.But the benefits of learning what I’m going to teach you go well beyond the initial objective you have of passing the IELTS test.They’ll help you, as well, to improve your social experience overseas, to get your voice and opinion heard, to be recognised and respected for your unique personality and talent, to make fabulous friends at university, to find well paid jobs, to build a successful business, to make a tremendous social impact, to develop a high-quality network, to get into to a desired social circle, or simply to enjoy yourself at any party.This is not black magic, it is simple and plain fact – communications skills at a higher level is directly correlated to the success in all above areas. And any improvement counts, even just a little, especially in the beginning when you’re trying to get the direction right. Of course, your own dedication in practicing in the long term makes the rest of the difference.The course was co-designed with Shani Raja, one of the most successful instructors on the Udemy platform, whose courses are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.


Section 1: The Path to IELTS Speaking Mastery

Lecture 1 Why listen to me?

Lecture 2 What to expect

Lecture 3 How the course is structured

Lecture 4 Evolution from 6-9

Section 2: Technical Skills

Lecture 5 The four pillars of success

Lecture 6 Vocabulary and grammar

Lecture 7 Pronunciation and accent

Lecture 8 Fluency

Lecture 9 Effective answers

Lecture 10 Be interesting

Lecture 11 Be interesting (Part 2)

Lecture 12 Be logical

Lecture 13 Be genuine

Lecture 14 Mastering speech structures

Lecture 15 Coming up with things to say

Section 3: People Skills

Lecture 16 What other IELTS courses won’t tell you

Lecture 17 The correct mindset

Lecture 18 First impressions: Appearance

Lecture 19 First impressions: Body language & facial expressions

Lecture 20 First impressions: Small talk

Lecture 21 Stirring emotions

Lecture 22 Creating curiosity

Lecture 23 Humour

Lecture 24 Humour (Part 2)

Lecture 25 Key qualities to portray

Lecture 26 Landmines to avoid

Section 4: Plan of Attack

Lecture 27 Long-term vs short-term preparation

Lecture 28 During the exam: Three phases of the interview

Lecture 29 During the exam: Overcoming nerves & buying time

Lecture 30 Final impressions

Lecture 31 Congratulations!

Lecture 32 Where Next?

Those who wish to improve on their IELTS speaking score and verbal English communication in general

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Created by: Misa Zhang

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