iGCLC Certified Systems Thinking Practitioner

Beyond NLP Master Practitioner iGNLP™ iGCLC™ Certified training in System Thinking and 4D coaching techniques
iGCLC Certified Systems Thinking Practitioner
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Matthew Barnett


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iGCLC Certified Systems Thinking Practitioner

What you’ll learn

Coaching skill that go beyond Master Practitioner in NLP to expand your awareness.
You will learn the NLP skills and Systems Thinking techniques that have influence my Entropy 4D™ coaching methodology.
My secret NLP tools for assisting clients in making rapid and lasting change in peoples lives.
If you are an NLP coach you will learn the best skills for working with others that my Black Star™ coaching clients enjoy.
Discover the magical emergent properties of systems so that you can quite literally evoke results that come from ‘nowhere’.
Understand the true nature of cause and effect and the causal loops so you can identify leverage opportunity through systems thinking.
Dig deeper into the concept of systems thinking feedback, so that you can enhance behaviour and get faster and better results.
Learn my secret strategies for helping my NLP coaching clients with the techniques I use daily.

iGCLC Certified Systems Thinking Practitioner


It might be useful to study my NLP training first although it is not required.
You may find a pen and paper handy so that you can take notes as you go through the course.
An open-mind and a willingness to learn will help you to get the best out of the course.
You will need to be able to concentrate at times so a quite area with few distractions would be good.


“A few years back I had a life-changing experience that opened my eyes to the way everything works together for a greater whole. This study is the closest description of the foundation of that understanding. My entire coaching business and philosophy has been born from these principals” Matt Barnett If you have studied personal or professional development to any level in the past, you will get incredible benefits from this course on Systems Thinking. In this course, Matt Barnett International Coach and Entrepreneur take you on a journey beyond Master Practitioner in NLP and CBT to the world of systems thinking. Where everything exists as a connection or interaction with everything else. Where a cause is an effect and an effect may be a cause. To a world where the world is more than the sum of its parts. Where magical emergent properties can be witnessed and where incredible rapid results can be achieved through the holistic understanding of systems, leverage and feedback.   Plus this course meets all the requirements for certification with my institute and membership with the iGPPA.This course is truly eye-opening and might well change the way you look at life forever. Understand what systems thinking is – so that you can view situations from a new perspective.Discover the concept of feedback and feedback loops so that you can consistently achieve results.Understand the science of failure and success – so that you can adapt your approach to life and win consistently. Understand limits and ceilings so that you can push through them or adapt to them.Learn to think in circles – to identify leverage cause and effect.Discover the magic of emergence and the unpredictable outcomes of an operating system.


Section 1: Explaining systems thinking

Lecture 1 Why Take This Course

Lecture 2 What is Systems Thinking

Lecture 3 The Benefits Of Systems Thinking

Lecture 4 The Issue With Habitual Thinking

Section 2: Defining systems and circular thinking

Lecture 5 System vs Heap

Lecture 6 The Variety Of Systems

Lecture 7 Emergent Properties

Lecture 8 Analysis vs Synthesis

Lecture 9 Complexity Of Systems

Lecture 10 The Webs Of Complexity

Lecture 11 Stability vs Change

Lecture 12 System Behaviour

Lecture 13 The Impact Of Change

Lecture 14 Feedback Loop

Lecture 15 Examples Of Feedback Loops

Lecture 16 Reinforcing Feedback

Lecture 17 Negative Reinforcement

Lecture 18 Balancing Feedback

Lecture 19 Reaching Goals Through Accurate Measurement

Lecture 20 Feedforward

Lecture 21 The Importance Of Understanding Cause And Effect

Lecture 22 Dealing With Time Delays

Lecture 23 Solutions For Time Delays

Lecture 24 Section 1 Summary

Section 3: Mental models, cause and effect and logic

Lecture 25 Explaining Mental Models

Lecture 26 How We Use Mental Models

Lecture 27 Making Mental Models – Deletion and Construction

Lecture 28 Making Mental Models – Distortion and Generalisation

Lecture 29 The System Of Mental Models

Lecture 30 Reinforcement Of Negative Beliefs

Lecture 31 Applying Knowledge Of Misleading Factors

Lecture 32 Systems Thinking And Mental Models

Lecture 33 Introducing Cause And Effect

Lecture 34 Misconceptions About Cause and Effect

Lecture 35 Systems Chaos And Sensitivity

Lecture 36 Types Of Complexity

Lecture 37 Ordered States

Lecture 38 What is Logic?

Lecture 39 What Logic Lacks?

Lecture 40 Paradox Avoiding Mental Models

Lecture 41 Preventing Limiting Mental Models

Lecture 42 Mental Models Leading To Systems Change

Lecture 43 Section 2 Summary

Section 4: Learning and perspective

Lecture 44 Introducing Learning

Lecture 45 The System Of Learning

Lecture 46 Double Loop Learning

Lecture 47 Applying The Two Types Of Learning

Lecture 48 Learning Blocks

Lecture 49 More Learning Blocks

Lecture 50 Final Learning Blocks

Lecture 51 The Importance Of Perspective

Lecture 52 Different Types Of Thinking

Lecture 53 Two Types Of Perspective

Lecture 54 The Inside-Out View

Lecture 55 Punctuating Sequences

Lecture 56 Escaping Negative Reinforcing Loops

Lecture 57 Section 3 Summary

Section 5: Plotting systems

Lecture 58 Drawing Conclusions

Lecture 59 Mapping Your Story

Lecture 60 Starting To Draw Your System

Lecture 61 Balancing Links

Lecture 62 Second Basic Plot

Lecture 63 Systems Behaviour

Lecture 64 Labelling Systems Diagrams

Lecture 65 Archetypal Patterns

Lecture 66 Natural Limits

Lecture 67 Leverage Points Of Limited Success

Lecture 68 The System Of Weightloss

Lecture 69 Closing The Gap

Lecture 70 The Story Of Personal Finances

Lecture 71 The Credit System

Lecture 72 The Consequences Of Solutions

Lecture 73 Addictive Solutions

Lecture 74 The Escalation Story

Lecture 75 The Monopoly Pattern

Lecture 76 The Tragic System Story

Lecture 77 Section 4 Summary

Section 6: Changing systems

Lecture 78 Using Systems Thinking For Progress

Lecture 79 Interpreting Feedback

Lecture 80 Issues With Changing a System

Lecture 81 Making Change Easy

Lecture 82 Time Delayed Consequences

Section 7: The history of systems thinking

Lecture 83 The Context Of Systems Thinking

Lecture 84 The First Developments Of Systems Thinking

Lecture 85 Man-made System Developments

Lecture 86 Concluding Systems Thinking

Lecture 87 Bonus Lecture

Anyone looking to fully understand behaviour and how it actually works to produce results.,Coaches that work with people and seek to find solutions to sometimes complex issues.,Coaches and therapists that want to maximize their efficiency, get more clients, get better results.,People with an open mid looking to understand the world and how it works.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 57m | 4.17 GB
Created by: Matthew Barnett

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