Illustrator on the iPad MasterClass

Master the World’s best vector illustration tool in a completely new interface, designed for touch and Apple Pencil!
Illustrator on the iPad MasterClass
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Martin Perhiniak


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Illustrator on the iPad MasterClass

What you’ll learn

Master the most intuitive tool for creating vector illustrations, web and mobile graphics, logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging and billboards
Produce professional designs and illustrations on the go
Intuitive way of drawing vector paths utilizing the Apple Pencil
Drawing in symmetry with Mirror Repeat
Creating seamless patterns with Grid and Radial Repeat
Creating complex details from simple shapes using the Shape Builder
Using advanced typographic features like Type on Path with access to thousands of Adobe Fonts
Make the most of the seamless handover between the Desktop and iPad version of Illustrator

Illustrator on the iPad MasterClass


An iPad (almost all versions work, but no Android support yet)
An Apple Pencil (optional, but recommended for better drawing experience)
Creative Cloud subscription or individual subscription to the app
A desire to create amazing vector art 🙂


Illustrator has been the gold standard for creating everything from gorgeous web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging and billboards for decades. Until recently you had to have a desktop or laptop computer to use it, but now you can also create stunning illustrations and graphics on the go, by using Illustrator on the iPad.Mastering Illustrator on the iPad is perfect for youIf you are new to Illustrator and found the desktop version a bit overwhelming, orIf you are self-taught and need the skills to work more effectively and professionally, orIf you love the idea to work on logos, icons, illustrations anywhere on the go, with just your iPad and Apple Pencil!.Taking this course can be the perfect introduction to creating vector illustrations for anyone who owns an iPad. The refined, modern interface and support for Apple Pencil makes this robust creative tool easier to master than ever before.Course content updated with the latest 2022 new featuresHere are just a few of the reasons, why you need to try this new, re-imagined version of Illustrator:Intuitive way of drawing vector paths utilizing the Apple PencilSmart Delete and Simplify features for refining paths with easeDrawing in symmetry with Mirror RepeatCreating complex details from simple shapes using the Shape BuilderAdvanced typographic features like Type on Path with access thousands of Adobe FontsGrid and Radial Repeat for creating seamless PatternsFreeform Gradients for beautiful transitions and shading detailsThroughout this MasterClass, I have carefully selected each example to give you clear explanations as we explore the key techniques from simple to more complex. If you follow along with the exercises and creative projects within the course, by the time you finish, you will use Illustrator on the iPad like a creative professional. You will effortlessly find your way through the app, creating amazing vector illustrations for yourself, for clients, switching between desktop and iPad at the office or working in a cosy park.Thanks to Cloud Documents there is a seamless handover between devices and most of the techniques you will learn from this course will also apply on the desktop version of Illustrator.Since Adobe is frequently updating their creative tools you can also expect to see new features released often for Illustrator on the iPad. These will be covered as new lessons added to this course each time there is a new product update released.Existing and more experienced users of Illustrator may also discover hidden gems and workflows or catch up with all the new features released in 2022.By purchasing this course you will get all the examples as downloadable exercise files, so you can follow along and practice everything at your own pace.Take the next step in your creative career, enroll for this course now and let’s master Illustrator on the iPad together!


Section 1: About the Course

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Download Exercise Files

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 3 Creating a New Document

Lecture 4 Working with Cloud Documents

Lecture 5 Useful Settings

Lecture 6 Gestures and Shortcuts

Lecture 7 Artboards

Lecture 8 Import Options

Lecture 9 Pixel vs Vector artwork

Section 3: Drawing

Lecture 10 Pencil Tool

Lecture 11 Pencil Shortcuts

Lecture 12 Pencil Exercise

Lecture 13 Pen Tool Basics

Lecture 14 Pen Tool Shortcuts

Lecture 15 Pen Exercise

Lecture 16 Blob Brush and Eraser

Lecture 17 Shape Tools

Lecture 18 Precision Mode

Section 4: Editing

Lecture 19 Layers

Lecture 20 Selection Tool

Lecture 21 Direct Selection Tool

Lecture 22 Simplification

Lecture 23 Stroke Options

Lecture 24 Stroke Appearance

Lecture 25 Align and Distribute

Lecture 26 Mirror Repeat – Draw in Symmetry

Lecture 27 Grid Repeat

Lecture 28 Creating a Seamless Pattern

Lecture 29 Radial Repeat

Section 5: Working with Color

Lecture 30 Selecting Colors

Lecture 31 Swatches

Lecture 32 Color books and CC Libraries

Lecture 33 Linear Gradients

Lecture 34 Radial Gradients

Lecture 35 Freeform Gradients

Section 6: Working with Type

Lecture 36 Type Basics

Lecture 37 Text Formatting

Lecture 38 Type on a Path

Lecture 39 Outline Text

Section 7: Advanced Features

Lecture 40 Pathfinder / Shape Builder

Lecture 41 Compound Path

Lecture 42 Clipping Mask

Lecture 43 Outline view

Section 8: Publishing your work

Lecture 44 Handover to Desktop and Version History

Lecture 45 Quick Export as PNG

Lecture 46 Publish File Formats

Lecture 47 Livestream

Lecture 48 Upcoming Features

Section 9: Illustration Projects

Lecture 49 Halloween Pattern – Introduction

Lecture 50 Halloween Pattern – Tips Part 1

Lecture 51 Halloween Pattern – Tips Part 2

Section 10: 2022 New Features

Lecture 52 Blend Tool

Lecture 53 Transform as Shape

Lecture 54 Vectorising Raster Images

Lecture 55 Paint Brush

Lecture 56 Rulers and Guides

Lecture 57 Embedding Photoshop Cloud Documents

Lecture 58 Sharing Illustrator Cloud Documents

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 59 Conclusion

Illustrator desktop users who want to enjoy the freedom of working on iPad,Anyone new to Illustrator, who want an easier, more enjoyable way to produce vector art,Anyone planning to get into illustration and graphic design,Anyone who owns an iPad and likes to draw

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 54m | 1.28 GB
Created by: Martin Perhiniak

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