Improve your Handwriting Improve your Life

Increase your confidence and success in business and academic endeavors by improving your handwriting.
Improve your Handwriting Improve your Life
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Monica Fortunato OTR/L


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Improve your Handwriting Improve your Life

What you’ll learn

Learn the keys of fluid and legible handwriting
Learn new handwriting habits by using proven practice techniques
Increase your confidence and success in business
Improve grades and SAT essay scores

Improve your Handwriting Improve your Life

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printer for practice pages


Do you want to appear more professional? Receive higher grades? Be more efficient?  You CAN improve your life by improving your handwriting.  Even people with difficult to read handwriting have seen significant improvement with this method. This course easily and quickly guides you through the 12 Keys of fluid, automatic and legible handwriting.  Each Key is accompanied by specially design practice pages so you can quickly see improvement.  You will learn how to incorporate your new skills into your everyday life.There are bonus lectures on pencil grip, handwriting styles and tips for left handers.  Recommendations for continued practice and resources for supplies are also included. Are you: high school students looking to improve grades SAT test takers Medical professionals wanting clearer communication professionals using white boards or flip charts workers using handwritten communications – forms teachers homeschoolers anyone that wants more legible handwriting Then this course is for you! By practicing 10 minutes a day with guidance from this course, you will see improvement.  So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get started!





Lecture 2 Complete Set of Practice Pages for Printing

Lecture 3 Complete Set of Practice Pages for Cursive

Lecture 4 Start with the Benchmark!

Lecture 5 Bench Mark PDF (PRINT THIS)

Lecture 6 Analyze your Bench Mark

Lecture 7 How to become a handwriting Genius – How to use this program

Lecture 8 Print VS Cursive

Section 3: THE BASICS

Lecture 9 Setting up your Work Area

Lecture 10 Setting Up Your Work Area Checklist

Lecture 11 The Need For Speed

Lecture 12 Guided Drawing / Maze Practice Page

Lecture 13 Guided Drawing Directions

Lecture 14 Get A Grip – How to Hold A Pencil

Section 4: LETTERS

Lecture 15 The Error of Your Ways

Lecture 16 Letter Errors in Printing

Lecture 17 Letter Errors in Cursive

Lecture 18 The Error Of your Ways – Conclusion

Lecture 19 The Error of Your Ways Practice – for printing

Lecture 20 The Error of Your Ways Practice For Cursive

Lecture 21 Frequent Flyers

Lecture 22 Frequent Flier Instructions

Lecture 23 Frequent Flyers Practice For Printing

Lecture 24 Frequent Flyers Practice Cursive


Lecture 25 Extra Letter Practice

Lecture 26 Extra Letter Practice Page – Printing

Lecture 27 Extra Letter Practice Page – Cursive

Section 6: WORDS

Lecture 28 Sinkers and Floaters

Lecture 29 Sinkers and Floaters Practice Print or Cursive

Lecture 30 Line Guide Tool

Lecture 31 Even Up the Top

Lecture 32 Even Up the Top Printing

Lecture 33 Even up the top – Cursive

Section 7: OVERALL

Lecture 34 Size and Slant

Lecture 35 Size and Slant Practice Page

Lecture 36 Size and slant practice cursive

Lecture 37 The Capitals

Lecture 38 Capital practice for printed letters

Lecture 39 Capital Practice Cursive Letters

Lecture 40 The Name Game

Lecture 41 The Name Game Practice Page

Section 8: SPACED OUT

Lecture 42 3 Kinds of Spacing Out

Lecture 43 Spacing Out Practice Page

Lecture 44 Forms and Worksheets

Lecture 45 Forms and Worksheets Practice Page

Lecture 46 Numbers

Lecture 47 Print Numbers Practice Pages

Lecture 48 Cursive Numbers Practice Pages



Lecture 50 Increase Your Speed

Lecture 51 Practice Ideas – Resources

Lecture 52 Conclusion and Thank You

Section 10: Special Considerations

Lecture 53 Special Tips for Lefties

anyone wanting to improve the look their handwriting,anyone wanting brain exercises that focus on eye hand coordination,business people, medical professionals, students, SAT test takers

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Created by: Monica Fortunato OTR/L

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