Indonesian for Beginners Level 2 A2

General Indonesian Language for Beginners Course: Level 2 (A2)
Indonesian for Beginners Level 2 A2
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Arga Wally


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Indonesian for Beginners Level 2 A2

What you’ll learn

Listen to, read, write and speak Indonesian confidently at basic A2 level
Use the vocabularies and grammar points covered in this course

Indonesian for Beginners Level 2 A2


A1 level of Indonesian language


Hi welcome to the Indonesian for Beginners level 2 or A2 in the CEFR.
We will try to build your Indonesian comprehension more deep in this course.
In this course, there are 258 new vocabularies and 51 essential grammar points needed to encounter your Indonesian learning to more advanced at basic level (A2). This course also has tips and notes article lectures for you to learn Indonesian cultures and as a prematerial before you watch the next upcoming video.
The focus of this course is to talk about personal life (hobbies, health, relationships, feelings, etc) and in work environment (permission, jobs, in the office, doing business) as well as Indonesian cultures in travel I and travel II.
As like the previous course, this course is designed to help you remember the vocabularies and grammar materials unconsciously by repeating lots and lots of phrases. Furthermore, there will be some hints and guidance that you can find in the first introduction section helping you how to best use this course.
At the end of the course, you will be able to listen to, read, write and speak Indonesian confidently at basic A2 level, so what you are waiting for just enroll this course and I will be fully guiding you until you finish.
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Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 First Things First! (Video Speed)

Lecture 3 (Must Read) ! How to get most out of the course

Lecture 4 Glossary

Section 2: Sports; Hobbies; Complement

Lecture 5 Tips and Notes 1

Lecture 6 Sports

Lecture 7 Tips and Notes 2

Lecture 8 Hobbies

Lecture 9 Complement

Section 3: Weather; Permission; Present Tense

Lecture 10 Weather

Lecture 11 Tips and Notes 3

Lecture 12 Permission

Lecture 13 Present Tense

Section 4: Past Tense; Future Tense; Measure Words II

Lecture 14 Tips and Notes 4

Lecture 15 Past Tense

Lecture 16 Future Tense

Lecture 17 Measure Words II

Section 5: Household; Comparisons; Transportation

Lecture 18 Household

Lecture 19 Tips and Notes 5

Lecture 20 Comparisons

Lecture 21 Tips and Notes 6

Lecture 22 Transportation

Section 6: Daily Life II; Travel I

Lecture 23 Tips and Notes 7

Lecture 24 Daily Life II

Lecture 25 Travel I

Section 7: Health; Relationships

Lecture 26 Health

Lecture 27 Tips and Notes 8

Lecture 28 Relationships

Section 8: Jobs; In the Office; Doing Business

Lecture 29 Jobs

Lecture 30 Tips and Notes 9

Lecture 31 In the Office

Lecture 32 Tips and Notes 10

Lecture 33 Doing Business

Section 9: “Additional” Structures; Travel II; Feelings

Lecture 34 “Additional” Structures

Lecture 35 Tips and Notes 11

Lecture 36 Travel II

Lecture 37 Tips and Notes 12

Lecture 38 Feelings

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 39 You’re finished!

Lecture 40 Bonus Lecture: Get Other Indonesian Courses for $9.99

Anyone who wants to learn Indonesian at basic A2 level,Anyone who have learnt at least 180 essential Indonesian vocabularies

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Udemy | English | 3h 24m | 847.28 MB
Created by: Arga Wally

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